The Best Man

  • by L.A. Witt
  • Narrated by Zack Andrews
  • 8 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The first Wilde's book. Go back to where it all began....
Jon Beatty thought he'd found the best man for him until Craig walked out. To add insult to injury, Craig's got a new lover - a woman - and wants Jon to be a different kind of best his wedding.
Reasoning that the only way to get over one man is to get under another, Jon heads out to Wilde's, the night club on Capitol Hill famous for its hot clientele and hotter bartenders. Jon just wants to get drunk and get laid, and bartender Liam Sable is more than willing to help with both.
Their one night stand turns into a rebound fling, but as Jon moves on with Liam, Craig starts having second thoughts about the break-up. His tiresome antics are the least of Jon and Liam's worries, though. The least annoying, and the least dangerous....
Note: This book was previously published.


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Customer Reviews

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Predictable and repetitive

I usually rate L.A. Witt's work very highly, but this book was disappointing. About 40% of the content could have been cut directly with no other changes, without damaging the story the at all all. Another 10-20% could have been cut with minor rewrites. There is enough here for a short story, but it is padded out.

There is very little to the story, really. Witt adheres strongly to the cliched tropes of romance novels, which is a pity. The 'twists' in the story are flagged well ahead, so you know what is going to happen from early on. Then there are seemingly endless scenes of the couple in lengthy and usually pointless dialogue, which contributes neither to plot nor character, or else having sex again and again. It wasn't long before I was fast forwarding through the many boring sex scenes. When their eyes met and their breath caught, again, I began to groan. The book could have accommodated maybe two of these scenes, but it felt like there were about 20.

As with so many romance novels, the dialogue between the lovers that is supposed to show us the spark between them is usually cringe-inducing. The two flirt and banter and laugh out loud. Except the lines are not funny at all. These could also be cut, which would only improve the book book because the long scenes of dialogue make the reader feel the neither of these guys is attractive at all, given what they find amusing. They also go into detailed conversations about unimportant things, like traffic routes and their work and their opinions on driving styles and so on, that are completely superfluous.

The narration might have been OK, though certainly not great, if it weren't for two very annoying and often repeated things: the over-use of an echo effect, and the addition of giggles or chuckles to lines of dialogue that were not meant to be funny. He managed to read fluently and without mispronouncing words, which is unusual. However, there was no differentiating

**** Possible minor spoilers below ******

On the other hand, there were lots of potentially much more interesting paths that were not taken with the other characters. Liam has an identical twin. Why? Nothing is made of that, apart from the fact that in the past they had impersonated each other. That could have been used to develop the plot. Craig, the ex-lover who is about to marry a woman, is cheating on her with men that he picks up at the bar where Liam works. Nothing more is made of that. Why not? Why is he picking up men at that particular bar, if it isn't going to result in something? It seems like it was a plot line that was cut. I find it baffling that these and other potential lines were introduced but not developed. The book had potential, but failed to reach it.
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- Ben

❤️Zach Andrews ❤️

I am head over hills in love with Zach Andrews voice! My god, I'm not into erotica past one or two scenes but this man, this Zach Andrews voice was incredibly sexy -fanning myself with a sigh- I think I actually listened to almost every sexy scene. -giggles- wow, what a voice!

I've read this story a while ago so I knew I'd love it, but Zach Andrews gave this story that mature, incredibly deeply, unbelievable sex appeal, warmth, calmness, and excitement to Liam and John characters that truly made this story worth 5 stars for me! And that's that's including all the erotica, which was way more than what I enjoy in my romances.

You're giving just enough of a romance tale for Liam and John, dealing with questionable exes, and confusing misunderstandings, and some beautiful tender moments that completely makes up for all the sex.

So, if erotica is your thing, you get that in abundance, but if you love romance that deal with character driven emotions you'll be just as happy.

-groans- Zach Andrews... -dreamy sigh- nuff said.

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- HaloLove "🌺 Lover of Amazing Stories 🌺"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-07-2016
  • Publisher: Lori Witt