Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

  • by Matthew Dicks
  • Narrated by Matthew Brown
  • 10 hrs and 57 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Imaginary friend Budo narrates this heartwarming story of love, loyalty, and the power of the imagination - the perfect read for anyone who has ever had a friend...real or otherwise.
Budo is lucky as imaginary friends go. He's been alive for more than five years, which is positively ancient in the world of imaginary friends. But Budo feels his age, and thinks constantly of the day when eight-year-old Max Delaney will stop believing in him. When that happens, Budo will disappear.
Max is different from other children. Some people say that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, but most just say he’s "on the spectrum". None of this matters to Budo, who loves Max and is charged with protecting him from the class bully, from awkward situations in the cafeteria, and even in the bathroom stalls. But he can’t protect Max from Mrs. Patterson, the woman who works with Max in the Learning Center and who believes that she alone is qualified to care for this young boy.
When Mrs. Patterson does the unthinkable and kidnaps Max, it is up to Budo and a team of imaginary friends to save him - and Budo must ultimately decide which is more important: Max’s happiness or Budo's very existence. Narrated by Budo, a character with a unique ability to have a foot in many worlds - imaginary, real, child, and adult - Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend touches on the truths of life, love, and friendship as it races to a heartwarming...and heartbreaking conclusion.


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

A Brilliant Book

I could not stop listening to this book, both the story and the reader were exceptional. Matthew Brown was able to capture the inventive and creative personalities of each imaginary friend and to make the childlike personalities sound "normal" rather than contrived. The innocence of Max and all the imaginary friends shone through. The author was able to take the serious subjects of autism and child abduction and combine them with a fantasy background that was brilliant and magical. The insight into an autistic child's thought process were excellent, as well as his parents struggles and those of the caring teacher who tries so hard to help Max learn and relate to his peers. The imaginary friends belong in a Spielberg or Scorcese film, I truly hope that happens one day as I would love to see them come to life. I believe this story will appeal to young and old alike and would be a great YA read. I can't wait to share this touching, magical,inventive and brilliant story!"
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- Taryn "Addicted to Audible!"

Simply difficult

This is a story of a little boy. The little boy's name is Max. Max is special and smart but he is different from other kids. Max has an imaginary friend named Budo. Nobody else can see Budo. Max gets into trouble. Budo finds ways to help Max. Budo can talk to other imaginary friends. Some adults that seem nice are really not nice. Max has trouble knowing when he is in danger. Budo must find a way to save Max. If you like very short sentences, then you will like this book.

Seriously - that is how the entire book is written and read. I thought "ROOM" was about as simple and close to a child's writing as a book could get but this book drops down several more levels and the story isn't strong enough to make up for it. I found myself wishing that an adult would take over parts of the story to break the monotony of the robotic child-like delivery but that didn't happen.
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- Kim "Addicted to audiobooks & podcasts. 5 Stars=I Loved It, 4 Stars=Enjoyed it Thoroughly, 3=Kinda Good, 2=Bad/Boring, 1=Complete Waste of Credit"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-21-2012
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio