Maiden and the Monster

  • by Michelle M. Pillow
  • Narrated by Mason Lloyd
  • 10 hrs and 55 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Vladamir of Kessen, Duke of Lakeshire Castle, is feared as a demon in the land of Wessex. The Kings have granted him a title of nobility in exchange for his part as a political prisoner. Discontent, he bides his time in his new home until war will once again rip through the land. But boredom soon turns to devious pleasure as the daughter of his most hated enemy is left for dead at his castle gate. Now the monster bides his time plotting revenge.
Lady Eden of Hawks' Nest doesn't know what to think of the man who saved her life, but she can't wrench her thoughts away. His words are those of a tyrant, true to his vicious reputation, but his touch is that of a man, stirring passion and lust when there should only be fear. It would seem the infamous monster is not as monstrous as he appears.


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Customer Reviews

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I wish I had a Monster!

I read the other reviews before getting this book. Some of them almost made me not get it! I do not write many reviews but the ones bashing this story and sequence of events are making me feel like I have to write one.
This is a wonderfully told story, as usual the couple are in love with each other (secretly of course - lack of communication) but they are over the top in lust with each other, mutually attracted to each other in a very heady sexual attraction, which is a very good thing if you have ever had it in your own real life!!!
I felt the author and the narrator created many beautiful/sexy and sensual love making scenes. You can actually feel the attraction between these two as it is so powerfully written!

Little Spoiler: This story takes place like in 850AD So yeah, people's views were a little bit different then those of today and what women could endure. Other reviewers thought the speed and position of the loving making unreasonable, but so would being beaten near to death and yet the heroine survived that....I would rather have a handsome man making wild passionate love to me!! LOL
So if you are not a prude...give this book a try as I am off to find another one by this same author as her story was WONDERFULLY TOLD!!
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- Tracey R "Baby of the 60's, Mother to 4 grown children and 2 little grand-daughters! Starting reading romance novels while babysitting in the 70's."

Good story, Improbable romance

Were they on drugs? The only plausible explanation for the ease and willingness with which the H and h moved into a physical relationship—even being rightfully wary and even frightened of each other—is that they were each under the influence of some substance. Unfortunately, they were both sober. At the beginning especially, Vlad’s and Eden’s behavior consistently make little sense. And the author’s attempt to explain their sexual magnetism fails. It was unfortunate b/c I liked the start up until the sexual attraction started about 1.5 hours into the book. And, overall, I liked the story, just not the depiction of the romantic relationship within it, which was the primary reason I purchased the book. Thankfully, as the story went on, ignoring the implausibility, continuity and poor start became easier. There were very hot sex scene, including explicit language; the story was not replete with them. But the ones there were not short. Unfortunately, however, the author completely overused and misused the concepts of sexual wetness and constant erections. And Vlad was a bit of an ass in his treatment of his virgin wife as he introduced her to sex. And she was far too willing to do anything. These were serious detractions from the erotic aspects the author tried to create. Eden’s behavior in the bedroom, from the very first, seems implausible for the historical times and her advanced political station, being Lady Eden and having lived somewhat of a cloistered life.
Finally, the supposed twist revealed in Vlad’s past was too common to gothic-like stories, so it was a bust. And the ending was first good, with great tension, and then it returned to being implausible.
So, overall, I don’t regret trying this author this once, but I will buy no more of her books. It had some good parts—the overall story—but not worth repeating or hoping her other books are better.
The narrator was great. His brogue was superb.

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- Kd

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-22-2013
  • Publisher: The Raven Books