High Moor 3: Blood Moon

  • by Graeme Reynolds
  • Narrated by Chris Barnes
  • 10 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The war has begun...As the humans make their move against the werewolf threat in their midst, and civil war threatens to break the pack apart, John and Marie struggle to free the only person who can unite the werewolf factions against their common enemy: Marie's brother, Michael. However, their efforts may be for nothing. As tensions mount, the Moonborn prepare to combat the human aggression with an assault of their own; an attack that could spell doom for both man and werewolf alike.


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Not. Twilight. This. Is. Brutal. Gritty. Horror.

Quite fitting that Blood Moon was released right before Christmas, as it is a Christmas story afterall. Meaning that it is Christmas time in the story and I was as giddy as when I was a kid after Santa came, when this was released. However, it has been a very long time since Moonstruck, High Moor book 2, was released. Going into this listen I was afraid that Graeme Reynolds wasn’t going to be able to create the same adrenaline pumping werewolf slaughter magic or that this third book would have a completely different feel than the others.

This book picks up right where the last book leave off. Now everyone, including the government, knows of the existence of werewolves, they understand how dangerous they are. Detection devices have been installed in most of the European airports to help deter the monsters form crossing the borders. Europe is in werewolf lock-down. This is it, the war between humans and lycanthropes ensues.

Reminder. This. Is. Not. Twilight. This. Is. Brutal. Gritty. Horror.

This is a seriously violent and brutal werewolf story. There are no love triangles, steamy sex scenes, none of the bull crap that many seem to associate with werewolves and the paranormal. This is a horror novel through and through. This is a story about an unknown species trying to escape the reach of humans. Reynolds was able to show the true character of the human race. How we fear what we do not understand and we must rule over everything no matter what.

One of the things that is sometimes lost in horror stories is the importance of character development. Reynolds did not miss this point. His characters were expanded in depth and weight throughout. Somehow he was able to do this with the large amount of them in this book. I look forward to hearing what comes next for Reynolds because with High Moor he has made me a fan of his imagination, as sick and twisted as it is.

All my worries were for not. Reynolds was on point. Bringing all of the carnage I expected him to bring to the party.

One of my favorite laugh out loud lines, “That’s the worst ideas since the Star Wars prequels.”

This is one of Chris Barnes’ most dynamic performances to date. So many characters with so many different accents. German, English, British, even from other countries. Being able to keep all of this straight is mind boggling, an easy thing to do for the listener, but I would guess not so much for the performer. He was even able to use the same voices that he used almost two years ago with the last book. Barnes was able to inject emotions in the appropriate places without pause, at times this was done very subtly. I am so happy that Reynolds kept with the same narrator for the entire series, I don;t think many authors understand hoe truly important this is to the listener.

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The Best Werewolf Series. Period.

High Moor 3: Blood Moon picks up right where Moonstruck left off. Daniel moves in with John and Marie, and together, they have to rescue their pack alpha and Marie’s brother Michael from a military hospital.

Thanks to the actions of the now-deceased Connie Hamilton, all of Europe knows of the werewolves’ existence and in order to survive, a battle ensues between werewolf and human. Ports are closed and airports have special anti-werewolf security devices installed. There is no escaping Europe for the werewolves and whether the beasts are to be studied, killed or captured, all are at risk.

As Michael is held captive by the military, Lukas and Krysztof begin their ploy to help Krysztof take over as pack alpha. After he becomes the alpha of the pack, Daniel is given a mission. When he finds Marie, Michael and John, his orders are to kill them.
Things begin to unravel for our werewolf friends as Daniel, along with other werewolves, plan a brutal attack on the town of High Moor and Michael and Marie try to stop the pack from tearing itself apart.

I won’t go into any more plot points, because I truly feel you need to experience this for yourself. It’s that good. Reynolds does a tremendous job of putting us right into the action in the final installment of the High Moor trilogy, and this book has everything that made the first two great: gore, violence, lovable (and not-so-lovable) characters, hyphens, plenty of “f-bombs, “and more than enough action throughout. If you’ve grown to love these characters half as much as I do, go into this book knowing that no one is safe.

I was a little concerned about this High Moor audiobook. It was a long time between the release of High Moor 2: Moonstruck and this third and final book in the series, Blood Moon, and I was afraid the narrator, Chris Barnes, after recording several other books in the interim, would have a hard time getting back into the heads of these characters after such a long hiatus. My worry was completely unfounded.

There are a lot of characters in High Moor 3. Some are British, some are German, and some are from other countries. Barnes nails each accent of each character perfectly. Michael, John and Marie sound just as I remembered them, and even Daniel, Lukas and Krysztof are perfect. The listener is never left wondering which character is speaking at any given time. Barnes brilliantly adjusts the volume and pacing of his narrative to match the scenes in the book and you feel everything the characters feel.

The end of the book was sad when I read it. I cried and I’m not one who cries easily. When I heard the raw emotion emanating from Chris Barnes as he read the end, well, let’s just say he upped the emotion factor 10-fold.

Werewolf fans and fans of brutal, gritty horror need to listen to this book. It will be the best 10 hours you've spent in a very long time.
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- Dawnzilla "Dawn"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-18-2015
  • Publisher: Horrific Tales Publishing