Hallowed Ground

  • by David Niall Wilson, Steven Savile
  • Narrated by Joe Geoffrey
  • 7 hrs and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

"She died," Chessie said. "She died, rose, and nearly died again. She comes. The crows know her - the crows guide her. She follows the sound of a crying child. She follows the drag of un-kept promises on her heart." - Chessie - Hallowed Ground
"They came in the night with their creak-wheeled wagons and patchwork tents, rolling down through the gulch and up the other side to pitch camp. In Rookwood, they called it 'Dead man's Gulch,' and in Rookwood, names were important. If you walked too far through that God-forsaken, dust-drowned ditch, you were bound to drag your boots through bones. If you felt something sharp dig into your heel, it could be a tooth taking a last bite of something hot and living. The Deacon stood in silent shadows watching their progress, occasionally glancing up into the pale, inadequate light of the waning moon."
When a man known only as The Deacon set up camp outside Rookwood, a murder of crows took to unnatural, moonlit flight. The crows came to Rookwood; trouble soon to follow. Things were already strange in that God-forsaken town, but no one could have predicted the forces and fates about to meet in a dust-bowl clearing in the desert. A Preacher. A Demon. An Angel. A Gunslinger.
From Steven Savile, International bestselling author of Silver, The Last Angel, and The Sufferer's Song, and David Niall Wilson, Bram Stoker Award-winner David Niall Wilson, author of Deep Blue, This is My Blood, & Heart of a Dragon, comes a tale of the old west, magic, enlightenment and damnation readers have said is like Stephen King's The Gunslinger meets Daniel Knauf's Carnivale


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Customer Reviews

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Oh No!! Not another Raven or is it a Crow?

I don't know if these guys were trying to imitate Stephen King or Cormac McCarthy, but they failed to do either. I am not a fan of the Gunslinger series but it is a lot better then this and Blood Meridian is much better then either.

At the beginning I thought this might be pretty good. It was very descriptive and had some strange characters, but the story never really got going. After a while it became tedious. They also seem to think, saying Raven and or Crow (of which there is a lot of discussion of the difference between the two) is very very scary. I stuck with listening to the whole book, even thought half way through I kept telling myself to quit, even with one hour left I wanted to quit. I so wish I had the eight hours back that it took to listen to this.

Five out of the seven people that rated this gave it three stars are less which should tell you something. I believe these authors have it in them to write something entertaining if they will just try a little harder.

It is not the narrator's fault he is pretty good.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

I will give it an Interesting

Would you try another book from David Niall Wilson and Steven Savile and/or Joe Geoffrey?

Since this book seemed to be the first of a series, I would give another a shot. This one wasn't bad at all, had some really good parts, but really seemed to be the start of something, not a complete book in it's own right.

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

either made the book longer to develope the characters further, added some more meat to the plot (wasn't really lacking, but more would have been better), or have a second book to keep the story going.

Any additional comments?

While interesting, and pretty a pretty good concept, the story seemed to be lacking something, either some more material, longer story... something to make this seem more than a short story that got away from the authors. Still, I am not sad that I listened, it was pretty good, but not as good as it could have been in my opinion.

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- R. Sumner

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-30-2011
  • Publisher: Crossroad Press