God's Debris

  • by Scott Raymond Adams
  • Narrated by D. C. Goode
  • 2 hrs and 44 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

God's Debris isn't a conventional book. It is written on three separate levels by Scott Adams, better known as the creator of the Dilbert comic. What is less known about Adams is that he's a trained hypnotist.God's Debris is what happens when creativity and hypnosis intersect. On the surface, God's Debris is a simple fictional story of a delivery man who encounters an Avatar who knows literally everything. The Avatar reveals the truth about God, reality, science, probability, human perception, and even social success. Adams uses a writing trick to make the Avatar's answers appear more persuasive than they should be.The second level of the book involves arguing with your friends about what parts the Avatar got wrong. Some of what the Avatar says is consistent with science, and some of it is pure fiction. See if you can tell which is which. You and your friends will come to very different conclusions.The third level of the book is the most provocative, but it won't have the same effect on all listeners. The story is designed as a very subtle hypnotic induction, with the intent of giving some (but not all) listeners the sensation that the Avatar's words actually contain the wisdom of the universe. For some listeners, especially those under 30, God's Debris can be a mind altering experience. Fair Warning: Because of the hypnotic writing style, listeners tend to have strong reactions to the work. If you are in the top 5% of the population in terms of scientific knowledge, or philosophical reading, there's a good chance you will have an angry reaction to God's Debris. But if you are more of a seeker than a know-it-all, your experience could be something special.


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God's Debris - A beautiful tale

Described by the author as "thought experiment" this short book discusses ages old philosophical problems and conundrums in a dialog between a common delivery man and an old "sage", calling himself Avatar.

Their dialog starts with a question: "If you toss a coin a thousand times, how often will it come up heads?", and, by and by, they enter into enchanting philosophical discussion about the eternal philosophical problems of humanity. Do we have free will? If we do, how it relates to brain? What are consequences of God's free will? Why there are so many religions? What is the true nature and cause of physical universe? What is the meaning of evolution? and so on ...
In the discussion, the delivery man thinks like common, media influenced, educated person, while Avatar speaks as the one who knows everything, as a sage.
In some sense the "God's Debris" illustrates a kind of collision of modern practical mind and ages old philosophical thought.

Many of the explanations given by the sage are just plain baloney. The concept of the universe as the God's Debris that came into existence after G-d "decided" to stop his existence, the concept of gravitation and inertia as probability, and many others are examples.

What is beautiful though, is that it just does not matter if these concepts are true or not - the essence is in bringing the common man higher in his awareness - moving him from level of scientific thinking to the "5th-level" where he recognizes that our mind is more delusion generator than "an engine" of truth...

The true virtue of the book lies in its atmosphere; atmosphere of realistic irrationality - is I could call it this way. The books ends in surprising, yet anticipated way - but I will try not to spoil it for its future readers...
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- Mirek

I'm lucky I found this book ;-)

Short and worth more than I paid for it in time and in money. It reminded me of Douglas Adams without the humor.
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- Paul

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-16-2009
  • Publisher: Scott Adams, Inc.