Frat House Troopers

  • by Xavier Mayne
  • Narrated by Peter B. Brooke
  • 8 hrs and 10 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

State trooper Brandt's new assignment to infiltrate a sex-cam operation puts him in a very uncomfortable position, especially since he'll have to perform naked on camera for his audition. Fortunately his partner and best friend, Donnelly, has his back - whether that means helping Brandt shop gay boutiques for sexy underwear or offering Jager and encouragement while he researches porn.
Despite his mortification, Brandt gives the audition his best "shot" - and becomes an overnight sensation. But to meet the man behind the operation, he'll have to give a repeat performance, this time live on webcam opposite the highest bidder. Donnelly makes sure to win that auction for his partner's sake, but their plan has a flaw: faking it is not an option.
In the aftermath, Brandt is a humiliated mess trying desperately to come to terms with what he's had to do for the job and his own mixed feelings. But Donnelly has been on a journey of discovery of his own. Suddenly everything the two men thought they knew about themselves and each other gets turned inside out. Meanwhile, they still have a case to solveā€¦but it may not be the case they thought it was.


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Customer Reviews

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Good but not smex!

Ok.. I like a book with smexy all in it...well at least apart of the story...

This was a m/m romance and it was sooo funny that I was seriously laughing out loud...the story was great...kept me entertained...but not smexy time... well take that back... at the end..but just it didn't meet my smexy I good book, just don't expect smexy time!
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- Candateshia Pafford "I really enjoy the world of books! Narration just add layers to that world... don't u think? :)"


Any additional comments?

If you hate spoilers, STOP READING NOW. Click away! Click away from this review!

Allow me a moment to first say this before I begin my rant:

Peter B. Brooke's narration was wonderful. He brought out the humor and passion in this. I really enjoyed his narration. 4 Stars for the narration.

And now for my rant: This story makes absolutely no sense to me.

The plot: State Trooper Ethan Brandt is tasked with going undercover in a sex-cam operation in order to shut them down on tax Revenue code 164.32 - not paying taxes on personal services rendered.

Problem #1 Can someone explain to me how someone jerking off on camera is going to get a business's tax information?

Why wouldn't you just fabricate some way to into the office to work? Or get your tech guys to send a virus and have your "undercover" guy show up to fix the computer and get your info that way? Also - there's no warrant involved so there's no coverage there, and the higher ups tell Brandt they'll make sure to get the video, if he has to do one, stopped. How? Once you do that and it's on the internet - it's out there. Finito. No going back.

Problem #2 Every guy is STRAIGHT. Full on, don't even try to tell him differently, STRAIGHT. Even the ones with boyfriends.

There are two sets of men in this story - the full on camp gay guys, like Bryce and Nestor (I love you Bryce!!) and the "I'm so straight a ruler is jealous" straight guys - even though they're attracted to, kiss, date, or sleep with other men. Apparently no one has ever heard of, or believes in, bisexuality.

Problem #3 Brandt infiltrates the sex cam mansion and becomes very friendly with Nick, one of the guys who works there. I swear to God, I thought Nick was the love interest right up until - out of nowhere - Brandt's police partner, and best friend, Donnelly declares his feelings.

Suddenly, within a weekend Brandt and Donnelly are 69ing each other, there's rimming, and they're declaring their love. This from two guys who, a WEEK prior, literally couldn't stand to look at a penis on a website.

Then, with only one homphobic diner experience behind them they are accepted by one and all without a second's hesitation.

Problem #4 Everything wraps up sooo conveniently, and it's all kittens and rainbows. Kittens and rainbows, people.


Yes, it has some heat (which was pretty awesome), and it's got humor (which was pretty darn funny), and it's got a nice HEA...but so many problems.

On the plus side, I loved Bryce. For Bryce I'm giving an extra star.

So, let's see...4 Stars for the narration, minus 3 stars for all my problems, plus one star for Bryce...

2 Stars

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- Belen "I'm an unabashed fiction fan: mostly M/M, Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Thrillers, Action, NA/YA genres."

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-18-2014
  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC