Dark Bites : Dark-Hunter: Were-Hunter

  • by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Narrated by Fred Berman
  • Series: Dark-Hunter: Were-Hunter
  • 20 hrs and 38 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For years, fans have been clamoring for an all-in-one collection of #1 best-selling author Sherrilyn Kenyon's novellas. At their enthusiastic behest, we have delivered this brand-new short story collection, including stories previously exclusive to Sherrilyn's website, as well as an all-new, never-before seen Dark-Hunter story!
Sherrilyn Kenyon takes listeners from the Dark-Hunters to the demigods, from Dream-Hunters to demons, and everything in between. Dangerous and exciting, each story is one thrill ride after the next, proving time and again how Sherrilyn has captivated millions of listeners worldwide. Now, listeners are invited to go deep into Kenyon's rich and imaginative world and experience the heart-racing moments that never stop coming!


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Customer Reviews

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Freakin' loved it!!!

Would you consider the audio edition of Dark Bites to be better than the print version?


What about Fred Berman’s performance did you like?

Oh....My....Freakin'....God!!! The man's voice is sexy on a stick or yummy-goodness whispering sweet nothings all night long.

If you could take any character from Dark Bites out to dinner, who would it be and why?

Ash!!!! Always and forever!!!

Any additional comments?

I LOVE ME SOME SHERRILYN KENYON!!! Now with that being said, having all her wonderful short stories in one location and read by the wonderful Fred Berman...... (swoon). That man has the sexiest damn voice and just brings life and total hotness to SK's wonderful characters. As always, the stories are full of hope, heartache and heroes. From the first story, I laughed, I cried and I went through the whole gambit of emotions along with the characters. And it didn't stop there, each story is unique. Some are in her Dark Hunter world and some are from others. It's just like the title says but instead of Dark Bites, I'd say they are yummy, yummy bites of PNR goodness for new and old SK fans!

Included novellas:

From the World of the Dark-Hunters:

House of the Rising Son - (Aricles & Bathymaas: you can find more about them in Styxx's book). OMG I absolutely loved this story and now I wanna go back and read Styxx again but I warn you, it's a tear jerker but of course, so was Styxx. This story lays the ground work for Styxx's romance, so if you haven't read Styxx yet, read this first. If you have read Styxx, you're gonna wanna read it again after reading this. This is everything you love about SK's stories in a short, fabulous package. FREAKIN' LOVED IT!

Phantom Lover - (V'Aidan's story) that was first in "Midnight Pleasures" - This is a Dream-Hunter story, sort of. It's a lovely story about redemption and true love. It's about a woman whom has terrible nightmares and the hero who comes to her rescue only to need saving himself. I read this one when it was originally published but it was wonderful revisiting the story again. Still loved it!

Winter Born - (Dante & Pandora's story: Were-Panthers) that was first in "Stroke of Midnight" - As someone who frequents Comic-Con, this story has always held a tiny piece of my heart although it's set at Dragon-Con, LOL. It's wonderfully descriptive in describing all the wonderful characters present at a Con. It has the fabulous Ash and Simi as well as Were-Panthers reeking havoc. Just a great fun story.

A Dark-Hunter Christmas - (Gallagher's story) originally posted online - Again, this story holds a special place in my heart and has one of the best lines from Simi ever "We have three kinds of family. Those we are born to, those who are born to us, and those we let into our hearts.”. Just hits home, ya know? We also get to see how the DH's do Xmas as well as get some extra special Ash yumminess!

Until Death Do We Part - (Velkan's Story) originally published in "Love At First Bite" anthology - This is a classic Dark Hunter tale of one of Ash's Dark Hunters whom is a cross between the classic dracula and Romeo from Romeo and Juliet. I know right! Well unfortunately, his Juliet is also super pissed off at him and has been estranged from him for.....oh......five hundred years, LOL. You'll have to read it to find out what happens.

A Hard Day's Night Searcher - (Rafael's story) originally published in "My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding" anthology - Again, another DH story. This one is of Rafael, whom is an ex-pirate and he's had a major crush on a cute little OCD squire who's been sent to haul Rafael's own squire in before the counsel because his squire is as dumb as a door nail. Can Rafael make a deal to save his squire and spend time with his cute little OCD crush? Super cute novella with all the wonderful hi-jinks and fun as well as getting to know more about the squires.

Shadow of the Moon - (Fury's story: Werewolf) originally published in "Dead After Dark" - Fury meets his match and his mate! Ok, I love me some of SK's Were's and I know Savitar told Fury he had already met his mate but when this chick comes on stage, ugggggg! I'm totally not a fan of hers but I am his. Also I still want to just shoot her and be done with it but I did love visiting all the Were's again and Savitar steals the show again!

Fear The Darkness - originally a digital download for her fans. It is a little piece of Nick after his mother died. Just like the title indicates, this is Nick at his darkest moment. He's returned home after his long absence, only to find the aftermath of Katrina. It's very dark and depressing. It's really more like a couple of scenes that really don't go anywhere but just give you a glimpse of how depressed Nick is and how far he's willing to go for revenge.

Where Angels Fear to Tread - (Zeke) originally published in the "Blood Lite" anthology - Just a quick tale or beginning with the caveat: "Be careful what you wish for". The story or scene was so quick that I wasn't even sure what was going on or if it was part of the DH world. Anywho, it's nicely written but again, it's more the beginning of a story with not a lot of explanation. I don't know how else to explain it.

Redemption - A bonus scene from The Guardian - If you loved Seth and Lydia, you're gonna love this short scene. Savitar also makes a scene-stealing appearance as well. Definitely has that awwwww factor!

Unrelated Stories:

Love Bytes - originally published in "Naughty or Nice" - Loved this quick contemporary romance short story about a computer geek and his assistant. Super cute and super romantic.

Santa Wears Spurs -originally published in "All I Want for Christmas" anthology. Written as Kinley MacGregor - More of a historical romance based in the old west about a man torn between the woman he has always loved and his good for nothing brother. Not my favorite out of the bunch but I still liked it.

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- Carey S.

Oh no you did not! WTF?

I will start my review with the WTF happen? Shadow of the Moon, we finally get Fury's story on audio! Yeah right? Not! Here is my WTF? When did BRIDE become BREEDEE? Seriously!!! Fred Berman even narrated Bride and Vane's book so WTF happened to her name?!?! Then Fear the Darkness, which you can also buy on audible by itself (which I did narrated by Holter Graham!) is now read by Fred in this book. WHY??? Why mess with perfection!? Fred can't touch Holter's performances with a ten foot poll!

I must say I am disappoint with Audible, when they first listed this book and I reordered it, it said it was narrated by Holter Graham. I get the book and here is Fred. :( Not happy with that. While Fred is okay he hurts my ears. I listened to it on my Iphone and when I turned the volume up to drown out the kids all of his words seem to have S's in them that just ripped threw my ear drums. I also tried on my kindle and Mp3 player, same results. For me Holter is the man for these books! It just is not the same with out him. I really don't understand why they rerecorded Fear of the Darkness when it was already done with the best person possible. Now I wish I would of waited for the library to get a copy available instead of buying this book. I just cant listen to it again because of Fred's affect on my ear drums. Other then the S sound that seems to bang around in my head he does do a good job. But Holter will always be my favorite. Sorry Fred.

As for the stories themselves. I have read many of these before that is why I wanted this book so bad! Bathymass and Aricles story, well I figured that story out in Styxx's book so I really could of done with out it. My only question here is Why can't we figure out away to kill the sick SOB Apollo??? Seriously he must die like yesterday!!! I have never felt such rage in my life as I do when I hear this name. Let Styxx Kill Him already! This could be an EPIC book!!

Okay enough of my ranting. If you like Fred Berman's performances and love SK then PICK this book up NOW! The stories are great and worth the buy. I love that we get to see a little bit of some of the famous past characters like Zarek. OMG, he made my heart melt the links he was willing to go just to make sure his wife was happy. Awwwweeee! I can't wait to hear more of Sasha story either! Buy the book! Catch up with old friends and maybe even new ones for those of you who haven't read everything by SK yet.
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- R. Smith "For as much as I read and listen you would think by now that I would know how to spell lol. I read at least 5 books a week there are times I have gotten up to 10 in a week."

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  • Release Date: 01-21-2014
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio