Carson Hill Ranch Box Set : Carson Hill Ranch

  • by Amelia Rose
  • Narrated by Valerie Gilbert
  • Series: Carson Hill Ranch
  • 12 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Book 4 – Fighting For Love
When a twister rips through Carson Hill Ranch and demolishes almost everything in sight, the family has a long road ahead of them as they try to pick up the pieces and put them back together. As brothers Anders and Joseph rush in to save the women they love, the end result tears apart the Carson family in ways that no one saw coming.
Book 5 – Wishing For Love
Seamus Carson has practically grown up with Gracie and has always seen her as the kid sister that fate denied him. Will Seamus and Gracie admit their feelings for each other, or will they continue to deny themselves until the day it almost tears the family apart?
Book 6: Dying For Love
/b> Crystal Stapleton has everything a princess could want: ski vacations, a suite to herself in her parents' mansion, even her own Prince Charming. Too bad there's a mean streak lurking under the surface of her fiancé, one that her parents refuse to see. With her father's prodding to marry a well-connected and wealthy man and her mother's constant ugly domineering attitude, Crystal is prepared to do as she's told, regardless of how unhappy her future will be.
But a chance two week stay at Carson Hill Ranch brings her not only a new found sense of freedom and joy, it also brings her face to face with the decidedly good looking and very unattached Jacob Carson. The more time she spends in Jacob's presence, the less certain she is about the future her parents have laid out for her.
Will she accept the freedom a cowboy like Jacob can offer? Or will she do what she's expected to do, no matter how much it hurts her heart?


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Cowboy Romance

Any additional comments?

Book 4:
in this installment we follow Anders and Jasmine on their return trip to the farm after a national disaster. Anders was not quite sure of what to expect bringing Jasmine back with him, however we quickly find out it is not an issue. this book has more ups and downs than the others do simply because of this National disaster. I truly enjoyed this book and love this series since each book Builds on the previous characters and more than formally introduce us to the other characters. I think the narrator did a fantastic job with this series. Each character has their own unique voice and Tempo which truly brings the story to life. I cannot wait to listen to the next book in the series.

Book 5:
this is book 5 in the Carson Hill Ranch series. Each book is about a different brother and his choice as far as career as well as the hunt for the perfect woman to marry and raise his family. And this book it not as clear-cut as the rest we tend to have more real life events happen which makes the book seem more realistic. I quite enjoyed the tornado scene in the tension of looking for everyone and also the positive outlook of rebuilding. I have to say I absolutely love this series based on the narrator. Valerie Gilbert has such an amazing talent at giving each character their own voice and style which she continues to build on through each book. overall this is a great series if you're looking for a life lesson on ranching or if you're looking for the classical Romance, this book is not rated R. it is the true love fairy tale type story that still has reality thrown in.

Book 6:
this is Jacobs Story. little did he know and Crystal and her family decided to show up and rent one of the cabins that he would be falling in love. Jacob is really simple and doesn't speak much but has no problem defending a woman's honor. crystal is there with her fiance who likes to be extremely rough with her and is very abrasive verbally. what's crystal is free from her fiance she realizes how nice Jacob is and how quickly she has fallen in love with his family. the story doesn't have a whole lot of interaction between Jacob and Crystal which I found somewhat odd. the narrator did a fantastic job with this story bringing the characters to life and keeping the reader entertained. I cannot wait to read more from this narrator!

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- Lauren Alumbaugh

Well done Amelia Rose..

Any additional comments?

- Book 4 – Fighting For Love

Emma and Joseph are "Nearly Weds".

Emma was on her way to visit a friend when a Tornado hits.

The storm rips just about everything away.. and for people who have suffered from natural disasters, I'm sure they can relate.

The most important aspect of these storms is that family and friends survive, material things can be replaced at a later date.

This story was full of "twists and turns", literally, and I highly recommend this book as well as the entire series.

- Book 5 – Wishing For Love

Seamus and Gracie, the male and female, have known each other forever, at least it seems that way.

For the longest time Seamus has looked at Gracie as the younger sister that he never had, until one day he sees her in a different "light" and wonders if his family would reject him having amore meaningful relationship with Gracie.

I thought that the two main leads were sweet together and made a perfect match.

This story was good but I wish it was just a little bit longer and had more page time with Seamus and Gracie, other than that, this book was a good addition to the series.

- Book 6: Dying For Love

This book is a continuation of the Carsen family's life stories with growth and more adventure.

Crystal, the female lead is about to marry a man who hides his meanness from everyone but her, she needs to get away for awhile to clear her head and ends up at... you guessed it, the Carson Hill Ranch.

This is where Jacob, the male lead enters the story and they are drawn to each other and deiced to spend a little time with each other.

Soon Crystal will have a huge decision to make.

The books are stand alone but I think it would be preferable to read the entire series in order.

I can't wait for the rest of the series to be added to!

Well done Amelia Rose..

Narrated By Valerie Gilbert

"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

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- jean doe

Book Details

  • Release Date: 10-24-2014
  • Publisher: Gold Crown