A Story of God and All of Us

  • by Roma Downey, Mark Burnett
  • Narrated by Keith David, Roma Downey, Mark Burnett
  • 13 hrs and 15 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Audie Award Winner, Inspirational/Faith-Based Fiction, 2014
Based on the epic miniseries...
A Story of God and All of Us is a sweeping narrative that dramatizes some of the most important events and characters in the Bible. The book is narrated like a fine novel, dramatizing the sweep of biblical events, making the men and women of scripture come alive in vivid detail and dialogue. All are historically and theologically accurate. A 10-hour miniseries on the History Channel will be based on the story, and the script has been reviewed by a number of Christian church leaders and seminarians for authenticity. The book will be released one month prior to the debut of the television series. Many prominent biblical characters will be dramatized in the story: Moses, David, Daniel, John the Baptist and, of course, Jesus. The book will reveal the prophetic significance of the empires that controlled Israel: (Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians and Romans) and how these figured into biblical prophecy, especially concerning the Messiah.


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Murder, mystery, betrayal & more!

We live in such a wonderful time for listening to books. And, there are so very many good ways to listen to the Bible and/or stories about the Bible, biblical characters, studies about Jesus and God. I enjoy these books, but even if they are not your "cup of tea" this book should please. For those not familiar with the Bible, it has sex, violence, blood, guts, intrigue, betrayal, love triangles, murder and much, much more.

I don't have television, so I cannot compare this to the mini-series that is currently running. I had read several things about the upcoming mini-series produced by Roma Downey (Touched by An Angel) and her husband Mark Burnett (reality series producer), with such talent and love of God it had to be a winner. So when I heard there would be a book, I signed up and waited. I will say I love Ms Downey's voice, so I was at first disappointed that she wasn't doing the narration, but, I believe they made the right choice.

You'll note in the description it lists three persons for narration, and indeed Ms Downey and Mr Burnett do narrate, but only at the beginning, when they explain about the book/series, the book itself is narrated by Keith David. He is good and does the book justice.

For anyone who has not read about the mini-series, it touches on stories from Genesis to Revelation, but only a few in depth. According to the producers, the reason for this was simply time and money. It would not be realistic to try to do the whole bible in a spectacular way, so they concentrated on doing just some of the stories in depth. From the book I can say that some of the stories will be familiar to most people, even those who've never read the Bible or stepped foot in a synagogue/church/etc. Some stories are not as well known, but all are done in a way that I believe even school aged boys would find exciting.

No doubt the mini-series with it's special effects will amaze the watchers just as Cecil B. DeMille's the Ten Commandments did in it's time.

In summary, I have truly enjoyed the book and feel it has something to offer for all.
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- EvesDaughter

Inspiring Re-Entry Point for Lapsed Bible readers

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

I would recommend this to anyone who has a basic knowledge of the Bible and is wanting to remind themselves of the major themes and stories. As a Christian I really appreciated the reminder of biblical history. This is not a substitute for the bible and there is some artist license taken but then that is never hidden from the reader.I found this more in-depth than the TV series with more of the meaningful undercurrent shown in the narration.I was inspired to go back to the bible and listen/read to Paul's letters after this.The Narration is amazing and Keith David does a great job.Kinda wish they'd done the whole Bible but an 100+ hour audiobook seems a little intense! Lamentations anyone?Overall a pretty great audiobook!

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- Alex (Knight Vert)

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-26-2013
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio