Walk of Shame : Walk of Shame

  • by Victoria Ashley
  • Narrated by Alexandra Shawnee, Beckett Greylock
  • Series: Walk of Shame
  • 15 hrs and 22 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

My name is Slade Merrick and I'm a f--king sex addict... I've been told it's a problem. But I see it as a passion; something that I'm good at. And who the f--k stops something that they're good at? They want me to seek help; get my cock in check. Don't judge my lifestyle. You're no better than me. Just admit it, you like to f--k too. Sex is what I do best; my own personal high, so I embrace it instead of being ashamed. When I'm not f--king, I'm slinging drinks at Walk Of Shame or stripping my way into your bed; another thing I'm good at. Every woman's darkest fantasy brought to life. So, am I stopping? F--k no. Sex is beautiful, raw, and erotic and I get off knowing I can have it with anyone I want... with the exception of her. Aspen. She walks into the club swaying those hips, instantly drawing my cock to attention. She's pure perfection. That is, until she opens that mouth, drawing me in and for the first time in forever I want something more than sex. I want her and she hates it.
Hemy (Walk Of Shame #2)
My name is Hemy Knox and I'm a f--king heartbreaker... I've hurt the one person that means the most to me in life; the only woman I have ever f--king loved. I let the drugs, alcohol and wild life take over; consume me. I got her where I wanted her and ripped her f--king heart out. Since then, I've spent countless nights having dirty, meaningless sex with a multitude of people; only leaving them wanting and begging for more with no regrets. Some may even call me the devil; soulless. They look and judge, but there is one thing they don't know; no one does. I want more than this life of stripping and sleeping around; the never ending party. I want love and everything that comes with it; that high that never ends. The problem is... I only want it with her. Onyx. She refuses to be mine... again. She's smart and it's a mother f--king pain in my ass; guarding her heart while ripping mine right out of my chiseled chest. I can't say that I blame her. I always was a dumb ass when it came to the emotions of a woman, especially her. She wants to see me suffer as much as I made her; watch me wither and f--king die at her feet. She wants to crush me until I'm no longer breathing and I will let her, because it hurts far less than not having her as mine. I will stop at nothing to make her mine again.
Cale (Walk Of Shame #3)
My name is Cale Kinley and I'm a f--king virgin...Well, with the exception of my tongue. The countless things I can do with my tongue are bound to leave you breathless and begging for more, but more...is something that I can't give. It's a choice. My choice. There's a reason for that. A very good reason, and that reason is her. Riley. She's the only woman that I want to bury myself deep in. The one woman I have wanted since I was old enough to f--k. I never got my chance though, because she left. She had no choice and it stung like hell.


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Customer Reviews

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Oh, What A Shame.... It Was Over Before I Knew It!

WOW! Victoria is one talented erotic romance author! Her Walk of Shame series delivers on some very sensual, erotic, teasing sex scenes with three extremely hot dirty talking alphas! They're confident, cocky, and know how to please. Victoria doesn't just stop with amazing sex scenes! She writes plots that will suck you in, sink it's teeth in, and not let go. There's loss, heart-ache, struggles and some of these characters will hit rock bottom before they rise. When it was all said and done, these alphas and their HEA made me swoon. I loved ALL three stories!

Victoria "WOWED' me.... again! I have listened to everything she has brought to audio and loved it! I can't wait to see what she brings next, it's an automatic download for me!

I L O V E D! the narration! Beckett Greylock brought his A-GAME and delivered a stellar performance! I loved his voice, male characters, and he brought the erotic scenes to life! I've listed to other audios narrated by Alexandra Shawnee, and she does a FABULOUS job. She brings the emotions to life! I especially like how she protrayed the female's emotions from the angst to pleasure.

If you like your romances hot, steamy, erotic with sexy alpha characters who are slightly damaged and broken, then you don't want to miss out on this one!
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- Cheri

Puts 'Magic Mike XXL' to SHAME!

Three novellas: Slade, Hemy, and Cale. These guys bar tend and strip for the male stripper club Walk of Shame. If you've ever been to a male strip club you know the guys are hot as hel*.

Slade's story is about recovering from a personal tragedy.

Hemy's story is about overcoming his demons from child abuse which lead to him running off his one true love due to drug and alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism.

Cale, a virgin, (only in fiction do you have a male stripper virgin) story is about a second chance at true love.

There are many scenes with detail description of the guys stripping on stage. There's also a lot of detailed sex. I don't listen to novellas unless their in a series like this one but I can tell you these stories are not shallow.

The three guys are close, Slade and Cale are room mates, they cross over in to each others story.

This is my second book by Victoria Ashley and I want more.

Alexandra Shawnee and Beckett Greylock gave an enjoyable performance.

Worth a credit/$$. Absolutely worth a credit but I purchased the series for $4.86. The best book purchase I've made so far.
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- Vicki

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-22-2016
  • Publisher: Audible Studios