• by Peter Rawn Klein
  • Narrated by Mira Noire, Peter Rawn Klein
  • 4 hrs and 19 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Five local business men in Dover, New Hampshire, belong to a club called The Snowshoe Club. At a club meeting, these five men decide that they want girlfriends they can have sex with. One among their number, Elliot, the one in charge of getting things done, suggests that they might get one girlfriend and share her among the five of them. They agree that such a scheme would be a practical idea. They dispatch Elliot, who finds a college girl and commandeers her to their purposes.
Eva is young and beautiful; the men love her, but she tends to be a bit of a flirt. Elliot decides that a punishment may be necessary in order for her to correct this unladylike behavior. He ties her up and spanks her in front of the others. Her behavior improves, but the beneficial effect doesn't last. In less than an hour she is back to her flirting and teasing, walking in a way that causes her tits to jiggle, sitting in a way that causes her underpants to show.
Over a period of weeks, Elliot steps up the effort to correct her behavior. Eva becomes addicted to the punishments, and in particular, she craves the ravenous hunger in the eyes of the men during her torment.
After each punishment, Elliot unstrings her and lets the others go at her like hungry wolves. Only when they have had their fill of her, does he partake of the pleasure for himself.


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Customer Reviews

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Plundered My Wallet

The only thing that got Pundered here was my wallet. At times I felt I was in health class in high school. Almost no sexual act takes place without a lecture first. In order to do this correctly you put peg A into slot B. Do not touch slot C. This is the order in which to do this thing and that is why they call it a blank. The blank was first used back in blank by blanks. Chapters 1 and 2 were a set up for the rest of the book, no sex. We get our first sex in chapter 3. I was introduced to some words I have never heard used in that way, but I did find it exciting and thought, that it was a good start for a build up to a big climax. The problem was that after chapter 3, nothing really happened. You have these five guys who are to have sex with this girl, (they were called girls, when these guys were young back in the thirties). Never do they do her at the same time. They take turns.

The main character said he was in his mid fifties. I must have heard that wrong, cause I am in my mid fifties and I love thongs and panty hose. This guy only gets excited if she wears granny panties. He hates thongs. As far as I am concerned whoever invented thongs and whoever talked women into wearing them should get some type of medal.

Sorry dude, if you want to go down on a man, you are gay, not curious. If you want to wear women's underthings, I believe that is a whole different perversion.

Peter, who I thought said he was in his fifties, sounds to be in his seventies. Now on the other hand Mira has one hell of a sexy voice. She could get a reaction reading the telephone book, (do they make those anymore?). She also talks dirty. I love a woman who talks as dirty as I do.
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- Jim "The Impatient"

Refreshingly original

"Plunder" is different from other audio books in the erotica genre for three reasons: perspective, performance, and plot.

The story is written from the perspective of the narrator, a 50-something hard-edged New England bachelor. He is neither consumed with the prospect of getting laid, nor immune to the charms of young women. A professional group that he manages, comprised of older men, requests that he find them a courtesan who, in addition to serving the men sexually, would make recommendations about business ventures. The narrator worries about STD testing, potential pregnancy, practical transportation issues, and above all, the group's professional reputation. In other words, he's not your usual erotic hero.

The plot is organized around Eva, the college student who agrees to the unusual arrangement. She's a twist on the "hooker with a heart of gold" personae. Kinky, loving, and well-intentioned, Eva forges a unique relationship with each man in the group, being just want he needs to fit the situation. Perhaps her greatest asset is to understand that these are kind-hearted men who are just trying to live out the sexual fantasies of their youth, exploring the terrain that propriety, religion, and feminism denied them.

Peter Klein voices the male characters, while Mira Noire is Eva. Performed more like a radio play than an audio book, there is a greater sense of interaction by the characters. The voices do reinforce the age difference between partners.

"Plunder" is obviously a fantasy. Some of the storylines resolve themselves a little too easily, but that's ok. There's no guilt, no jealousy, and everyone comes at just the right time. That's the nature of erotica. But it's also a revealing look at the thoughts and fetishes of older men--not something you find very often in this genre.

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- kbunch

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-18-2012
  • Publisher: The Story Mill