My Body - His

  • by Blakely Bennett
  • Narrated by Katie Jean Ferrell
  • 7 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Jane Stiles is successful in business but bored with her socially mundane existence. One night at a party, she meets an intense and compelling stranger named Luke. This fateful encounter prompts her predictable life path to veer into uncharted territory, sweeping her along on a frightening erotic journey into the world of bondage, domination and submission.
Jane had never experienced genuine desire, and now passion consumes her life, robbing her of free will. Her new lifestyle creates an emotional chasm between her and her old friends. Will they understand why she has abandoned her high ideals and long-term plans for a traditional wedding.
What society considers right or wrong no longer matters. Prepared to surrender everything to Luke, she wonders if her everything will be enough. She now needs his discipline as much as she craves his love and approval. How far down this dark path is she willing to go?
Jane's pilgrimage into domination and discipline has created a war between her mind and her body, and her body is claiming victory.


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Customer Reviews

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Ok... here I go...

First... Narration needs to be tackled first and foremost. The narration was bad, yes... but literally after the Japanese restaurant scene which is like chapter 2 I think.. you totally don't even notice it... Well I take that back... You do notice it...but the story kinda makes you not really care, a little... not a lot... but a little to continue... it is just so strange. The female voices don't really change that much and the male voice change only slightly... You can tell that the male voice is different from the female voice, but it is not a sexy, romantic male voice that just pulls you in. It is just bad narration.. In other words... I am guessing the narrator is new to narrating...

Ok.. Second... the story is written so strangely where I was so fixing to stop listen because I was kinda of getting bored. Even though chapter one opened up with a sex party I was still bored..Then by chapter 2, when Jane was going to say no to Luke, and he shows up and whisked her away to a Japanese restaurant...I got so intrigued, that I had to keep listening. But here is the problem with that. Right after, I got so pissed off at Luke, on how he treated Jane, I wanted to stop listening, plus the narration was just so freaking bad, but hen something else would happen, and then dang...I just had to continue. Well this kept happening right up until the end.. The very freaking end... until Luke pierce Jane's nipples and she walked down the idle naked to their beach wedding, then it ended..Just like that.

Now I am a bit pissed off... because honestly, it was a good story, and I am just so utterly in state of blah! I really don't know how to feel.. I liked it but I didn't...Jesh!

So Yes to Credit, No to Buy... Yes to Sale.. Overall this is a 3.5, for storyline, 2.5 for narration, and 2 for a cliffhanger ending... so there you have it...

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- Candateshia Pafford

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-02-2013
  • Publisher: Fanny Press