Forced by the Kingpin

  • by Celia Aaron
  • Narrated by Robert Coltrane, Rita Rush
  • 0 hrs and 41 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

This is a quick dose of dirty that can be heard in one sitting...
I've been on the trail of the local mob kingpin for months. I know his haunts, habits, and vices. The only thing I didn't know was how obsessed he was with me. Now, caught in his trap, I'm about to find out how far he and his local cop-on-the-take will go to keep me silent.
Warning: This book contains situations involving forced seduction and dubious consent.
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Customer Reviews

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First of all let me premise--sex when the other person is not interested is rape. I believe that many of our romance novels are filled with sketchy scenes of rape/ assault disgised as "love". (Snort)

To that end, when I know that I am about to listen to a scenario that I am looking for, I expect this. I loved listening tot he hot steamy dirty sex of Forced by the Hitmen so how could I go wrong. I love Robert Coltrane's rough dirty voice. Yet, this did not do it for me. I don't expect love from an erotic read. I don't even expect further contact, but I was disgusted by the fact that this woman was willing to sell her ethics for 25 million dollars. Sex can't be worth that much--can it? My only thought was that this should have been Getting With the Woman Who Sells Herself. This story was just too out there and too full of holes. I fast forwarded this audio. Not sexy at all. Waste of money and time!
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- Stacey

Too gruff, rough & unsexy

A lacking story. The setup of this tale was attempted but still lacking, which resulted in the story being so implausible that I couldn’t enjoy it, though I certainly tried to. Having to leave plausibility when you push the start button for stories is sometime required and is, thus, understandable when listening to fiction. But I still require a bit more. I require enough in the story to believe that—even at the end of reality or the height of ignorance or stupidity--it could happen.

In this story, Jessica, a crime reporter who writes about crime boss, Alexi, and his bought partner, police officer, Jackson, gets setup or tricked into an unexpected m/f/m rough sex act. Rough via language and force not spanking or any acts often associated with BDSM except for a temporary handcuff and panties stuffed into a mouth. At least, that’s the setup of the story at the beginning.

There was 1 longer sex scene and 1 shorter one. There is no m/m sex during the m/f/m sex. There is vaginal, oral, and anal sex. And plenty of focus on the fluid produced during sex. But I don’t like stories where males refer to a woman as a bitch. I get rough sex and the accompanying talk that can seem insulting or uncaring. But I don’t think bitch fits into that. And that doesn’t fall into the nasty sex talk category. And the way “bitch” is used is not as foreplay. They refer to Jessica as a bitch and call her that while forcing her (sort of pretend) to have sex. So it’s not to turn her on but to belittle and put her in her place. They also called her a c*nt. Not sexy. Also, the male characters consistently talked about sexing (using harder language) Jessica until she couldn’t walk and until she was raw. Again, the line between consensual rough sex and uncaring or brutal sex can be a thin, but the language used in this story crossed that line, I think.

There’s a slight twist in the story that eases concern for Jessica. Listeners don’t leave thinking that rape occurred. That is good, but the reaction of the men to the twist was so absurd and unbelievable. And all 3 of the characters were unlikeable people. So nothing mattered when it ended except that it was, thankfully, the end. On top of that, the ending was the dumbest ever. I can’t say more without giving away the ending.

The male narrator did a poor job distinguishing between Jackson and Alexi. Sometimes he would try to give Alexi a Russian accent, but it was poor and inconsistent. And the female narrator said so little, so the male narrator played Jessica’s role more than the female narrator. He did ok. But the male narrator always, always sounded gruff, so it was all so unsexy.

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- Kd

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-08-2015
  • Publisher: Celia Aaron