• by Will Durst
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Publisher's Summary

This is a complete, unexpurgated presentation recorded for XM Radio at the DC Improv. Possible side effects of listening to this recording may include but are not limited to: SEDITION, SEVERE BRAIN DAMAGE, PARALYSIS, PARTIAL AND TOTAL PARALYSIS, NEAR DEATH, DEATH, TAXES, ANTHRAX EXPOSURE. Tracks:
1. "Martha"
2. "Governator"
3. "Animatron"
4. "$20M"
5. "Intern"
6. "WMD"
7. "Korea"
8. "Evildoers"
9. "Dems"
10. "Verizon"
11. "Looting"
12. "Gotagun"
13. "Shields"
14. "Doubles"
15. "Rather"
16. "Dialysis"
17. "Mullah"
18. "60s"
19. "Rainman"
20. "$600B"
21. "Taxes"
22. "Uniter"
23. "Coalition"
24. "Moron"
25. "Economy"
26. "Bacon"
27. "Frisco"
28. "TMO"
29. "Tourism"
30. "Majority"
31. "Q & A"
32. "Oxies"


Audible Editor Reviews

Among the most prolific political commentators of our time, Will Durst’s delivery of yesterday’s news is as timely as ever. For one thing, anyone pleased with America’s newfangled scourge of anti-smoking laws might want to keep an eye on their own civil liberties - "The health police are gonna come knocking on your door," says Durst, adding that bacon, bleu cheese, and chocolate are next. Elsewhere, Durst observes that if President Bush wants to stop gays from having sex, "What better way than marriage?" The beleaguered Bush makes for easy fodder: Durst wryly notes that if the Iraq War is going according to plan, "It must be a really shitty plan". As for weapons of mass destruction? They’re everywhere - "That’s all McDonald’s makes".


What the Critics Say

"A modern day Will Rogers." (The Los Angeles Times)
"Heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory." (The San Francisco Chronicle)
"Hysterical hybrid of Hunter Thompson and Charles Osgood." (The Chicago Tribune)


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Would have rated it a 0 if given the option

Waste of time, breath, money.........nothing useful in ANY way. Not funny, Not informative, Not entertaining, Not worth anything.
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  • Release Date: 06-28-2007
  • Publisher: Laugh.com