The Whuffie Factor

  • by Tara Hunt
  • Narrated by Karen White
  • 8 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Everyone knows about blogs and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. And they've heard about someone who has used them to grow a huge customer base. Everyone wants to be hands-on, grassroots, and interactive. But what does this mean? And more to the point, how do you do it?While The Whuffie Factor traverses the landscape of Web 2.0 and shows how to become a player, it is not just another book about online marketing. People see the huge business potential of the online world and the first impulse is: let's throw a bunch of money at it. To which Tara Hunt says: "Stop! Money isn't the capital of choice in online communities; it is whuffie---social capital---and how to raise it is the heart of this book." In the Web 2.0 world, market capital flows from having high social capital. Without whuffie you lose your connections, and any recommendation you make will be seen as spam---met with negative reactions and a loss of social capital. The Whuffie Factor provides businesspeople with a strategic map and specific tactics for the constantly evolving, elusive, and strange world of online communities. Tara Hunt reveals how social networking has more influence over buying decisions than any other marketing tool and how businesses can tap into the vast world of Web 2.0 to build an unshakable foundation for 21st-century-style online success.


Audible Editor Reviews

As marketing expert Tara Hunt wryly notes, organizations that succeed on the Internet tend to specialize in one of three areas: "Porn, luck, or whuffie". For those hoping to control their company’s online fate (without resorting to more prurient tactics), whuffie is Hunt’s clever catchall for an organization’s internet image, social capital, and networking prowess. In The Whuffie Factor Hunt shows listeners that the currency of Internet marketing isn’t money - its whuffie: an "open conversation" that invites people in and avoids the trust-killing aggression of spam. Decorated performer Karen White captures Hunt’s playful wit and laidback marketing savvy. As a multiple Audiofile’s Best Voices honoree and three time Best Audiobook of the Year winner, White is no slouch herself when it comes to effective communication.


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Customer Reviews

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My Whuffie May Go Down, But ....

I really did not care much for this book. Let me preface that by saying that Ms. Hunt does make a lot of good points and she covers a lot of ground. Here are my reservations: (1) there really is not much new here. Most of the content is covered in other books (David Meerman Scott, Seth Godin, for example); (2) the book really could have used a good editing: It could easily be 30% shorter. I found it very repetitive; (3) I really found the book preachy; Ms. Hunt espouses many extreme left coast views and, to me anyway, goes over the line about getting in your face about it (the word count for "community" is off the charts). The following is a minor point, but the narrator (who has a pleasant enough voice), has an annoying habit of very loudly inhaling to get a breath. After 30 minutes, it becomes really noticeable.
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- John "I'm a lawyer and mediator. I represent businesses in disputes with their insurers and in other complex litigation. I also assist machinery companies and manufacturers (primarily international) with equipment sales, non-disclosure agreements, and business issues. I also mediate commercial disputes."

Great Book

I never heard of this author before but don't let that or the title of this book throw you off. This book is contemporary and helped make sense of all of the noise known as Social Networking. Tara gives in depth history of the progression of the internet community. Not only did I buy this audio book but after listening I purchased the book as well. If you are looking to get ahead in your business and perhaps have tried a few things but haven't been successful this book will explain why. This is NOT a how to book but there is a ton of information to get you started. Don't hesitate click "Buy Now" and finally get started.
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- John

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-06-2009
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio