Millionaire University

  • by Craig Beck
  • Narrated by Craig Beck
  • 6 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

I am sure you have heard it said that wealth and abundance have nothing to do with your background, gender, or location. However, this undeniable nugget of wisdom is just the tip of the millionaire's iceberg.
The harsh reality is there is a careful balance of wealth and poverty in the world. If you act in one way you will become rich and have everything you desire. Act another way and you will stay among the majority who struggle to cope with never quite having enough.
The truth is it doesn't matter who the president is, what the economy is doing, or any other peripheral element that could be used as an excuse. People become millionaires regardless of the external environment.
No matter what changes on a political or economic level, the balance of wealth and poverty will remain the same. The 80% majority will remain poor and the 20% elite will get rich and keep getting richer.
The question is, which group do you want to be a member of?
People in the 80% will never buy this audiobook, ever! Why? Because they will see this description and immediately decide that it sounds too good to be true.
Meanwhile, people in the 20% understand that extreme levels of wealth have nothing to do with life being fair, luck, or even hard work. Becoming a millionaire is a question of mindset and religiously following a precise system.
The blueprints for a house are direct instruction, not merely building suggestions. If followed to the letter you will get what you aimed for, a house. Likewise, this book is a blueprint for extreme wealth and abundance. Over 50,000 people are testament to the results of following the Millionaire University blueprint, and they are all in the 20% of life.
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Customer Reviews

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Undoubtedly Brilliant Author, but. . .

If you could sum up Millionaire University in three words, what would they be?

Phenomenal read and very clear, precise explanations on what to do and how to get where one 'wants' to go moneywise.

What did you like best about this story?

The anecdotes bring his reasoning to indisputable clarity.

What do you think the narrator could have done better?

STOP LETTING HIS CONTEMPT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP BLEED THROUGH INTO HIS WORK!!! Craig's utter disdain for Trump couldn't be masked even though he harps on the fact that he isn't even a US Citizen/voter. He makes numerous negative connotations towards President Trump (who's only been in office less than two months with virtually every allegation against him disproven or proven to be false) yet he doesn't utter a word about the travesty of President Obama or Candidate Clinton when there's so much more factual, proven evidence of misdeeds and wrongdoing! It wouldn't be such a big issue had he not come out early in the book and pretend to be neutral towards the US politics when he clearly isn't.

Any additional comments?

I hope his future works refrain from political commentary! It takes away from the remarkable work he creates. If Trump supporters were like anti -Trumper's, he would find himself and his books subject to a bitter, no-holds-barred campaign to ruin him. . .but we're not.

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- Greatestmnalive

Very powerful, very clear

No beating around the bush Craig get's straight to it and gives clear solid advice. His style is unique and If you want to live a more wealth filled life then this is a good starting place.

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- S Severn

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  • Release Date: 03-04-2017
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