Get-It-Done-Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

  • by Stever Robbins
  • Narrated by Stever Robbins
  • 6 hrs and 8 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Want to conquer your e-mail inbox once and for all? Need help getting organized and staying focused? Start listening! Millions of people already benefit from the innovative, time-saving tips that Stever Robbins dispenses each week in his number-one-ranked Get-It-Done Guy podcast. Now he’s come up with a nine-step plan to transform even the most overwhelmed into an overachiever. You will learn to:

Beat procrastination by speed dating your tasks: You’ll face anything if it’s just for three minutes; schedule small, finite periods of time for those tasks that seem too overwhelming to get started on.
Give your technology a performance review: Our smart phones, PDAs, and computers often make less work in one area while making much more work in others. Review your technology to make sure it’s delivering on its promise.
Cut out the small talk: Small talk builds superficial relationships, which is a grand waste of time. Ask better questions to make instant connections that’ll benefit you for years to come.

Written in the uniquely humorous style Stever is known for, Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More will help you break the bad habits slowing you down and holding you back. Work less and do more - your free time is waiting!


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Customer Reviews

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Thanks to your work, now I can't sleep, Stever!

This is a superb audiobook. I listen to many, and do not use effusive praise lightly. I usually listen to audiobooks and podcasts before bed, to help me relax before sleep. Get-it-done-guy is one of my favorites, and the 10 minutes or so usually offered is a great break from my day. Stever tickles my funny bone like he put "make this girl laugh" on his life map. But now that I have so many hours of his humor, all in one place, and it is so good - both well written and educational in a "stop what you're doing and reorganize your life right now" kind of way - how is it that I am supposed to get any sleep? I keep giggling out loud and waking up my husband, who then listens himself and then chuckles so loudly that I still can't sleep, even though husband has stolen the earphones. What the heck!?! Here is the part of the review where I would say that Stever is a cross between "insert business guru here" and "insert comedian's name here", but he is such an original that comparisons are useless. Go get an episode of the podcast. Any will do. If you do not laugh, go buy a "How to get a sense of humor" audiobook instead. If you laugh, or change your life for the better, or - most likely - change your life for the better while figuring out how to invest in the Depends brand so you can listen to more, then you should buy this audiobook. Possible also while buying the hard copy so you can use a highlighter for the good parts. S'what I did, and look how happy I am. Well, except for the not being able to sleep part...
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- M. Kawaguchi "An eclectic wordist. YA? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Humor? Yes. Yes, please. I like what ifs, relatively happy endings, and strong narrators."

Both useful and humorous

I have listened to several "Get Organized" books and Get-It-Done-Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More is by far the easiest to listen to. Stever has a way of presenting useful tips and tricks to help you become more productive without making it a bore to listen to. I actually laughed out loud at times while listening!
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- Eric

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-14-2010
  • Publisher: Macmillan Audio