Forbes, June 23, 2014

  • by Forbes
  • Narrated by Ken Borgers
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Publisher's Summary

Welcome to Forbes for June 23rd, 2014 from Audible. This edition contains seven feature articles. In the cover story: The Forbes 2014 Investment Guide: The Best Advice of All Time. We've rounded up the 20 finest market minds - dead or alive. Be warned: You just might get rich.
Also... "How Much Will You Earn on Your Stocks and Bonds?" There are better ways to come up with a forecast of future returns than to extrapolate the recent past. We’ll explore some formulas for stocks, bonds, and the funds that own these things.
Next... "Kumbaya for Value Investors and Quants" - a fast-growing money management firm has achieved a kumbaya equilibrium between managers who practice the art of deep value investing and math nerds who are immersed in the science of quantitative analysis.
Then... "Winning an Insiders' Game in Stocks" - Charles Biderman, founder of TrimTabs Investment Research, says ordinary investors can improve their odds by watching what the insiders are doing.
We'll also tell you about The Cure for Regulation Destabilization - Federal regulation amounts to $1.86 trillion a year, more than the world's tenth-largest economy. That’s why wrestling down federal spending and taxation won’t suffice anymore. Regulations are equally as punitive.
Followed by: "Rethinking Mass Production: Why Making Things One at a Time Is More Efficient". A Michigan engineer's radical idea - to build parts one at a time - could overturn a century of factory work and save industry billions of dollars.
And in our final story... "Advice to Grads: Get Healthy and Invest". Successful people look at a dollar of money or a minute of time and think in terms of investing it, not consuming it.


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  • Release Date: 06-23-2014
  • Publisher: Forbes