• by Sally Hogshead
  • Narrated by Sally Hogshead
  • 8 hrs and 41 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

What triggers fascination, and how do companies, people, and ideas put those triggers to use/ Why are you captivated by some people but not by others? Why do you recall some brands yet forget the rest? In a distracted, overcrowded world, how do certain leaders, friends, and family members convince you to change your behavior?
Answer: fascination, the most powerful way to influence decision-making. It's more persuasive than marketing, advertising, or any other form of communication. And it all starts with seven universal triggers: lust, mystique, alarm, prestige, power, vice, and trust.
Fascination plays a role in every type of decision making, from the brands you choose to the songs you remember, from the person you marry to the employees you hire. And by activating the right triggers, you can make anything become fascinating.
To explore and explain fascination's irresistible influence, Sally Hogshead looks beyond marketing, delving into behavioral and social studies, historical precedents, neurobiology and evolutionary anthropology, as well as conducting in-depth interviews and a national study of a thousand consumers, to emerge with deeply rooted patterns for why, and how, we become captivated.
Hogshead reveals why the Salem witch trials began with the same fixations as those in Sex and the City. How Olympic athletes are subject to obsessions similar to those of fetishists. How a 1636 frenzy over Dutch tulip bulbs perfectly mirrors the 2006 real-estate bubble. And why a billion-dollar "Just Say No" program actually increased drug use among teens, by activating the same "forbidden fruit" syndrome as a Victoria's Secret catalog.
Whether you realize it or not, you're already using the seven triggers. The question is, are you using the right triggers, in the right way, to get your desired result? This book will tell you how.


What the Critics Say

"[T]his slight but practical work packs a big punch." (Publishers Weekly)
“Can you dissect ‘fascination’? Sally Hogshead says, ‘Yes.’ Fascination is arguably the most powerful of product attachments—and this pioneering book helps us approach the word and the concept in a thoughtful and also practical manner.” (Tom Peters)
“This is a transformative work, a beautifully written book that will forever change the way you see the world. I loved it. Let me be really clear: you need to buy this book, devour it, absorb it and then buy copies for your colleagues. A lot of copies.” (Seth Godin)


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Customer Reviews

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Hog your Head with Fascinate!

I purchased Sally's book after listening to an entertaining (and fascinating) interview conducted by Mitch Joel over at TwistImage, that featured the captivating Ms. Hogshead.

So far, I've listened to the complete audio-book twice, and the application section four times. And no, I'm not dense--this is simply great insight worth reviewing a few times.

Get this one point from the book: YOU ARE FASCINATING!

I cannot begin to describe the impact this work has had on my annual planning, future dreaming, and most importantly, the foundational certainty it provided to my personal brand. For quite some time, I have known that I had a couple of primary traits which symbiotically act as a singular catalyst when I 'get it right'. I've taken numerous personality tests that always seemed to fall short in their applicability.

It seems my Fascination triggers are: Prestige and Vice...isn't that great?! I know, you look at those two and go, "Wow, he must sell drugs in designer bags." or, "OMG, his hero must be Don Johnson!"

Do not be alarmed--read on. Now, I know why I enjoy setting new standards for competitors and gain a sense of awe when I witness an authentic brand, and why I just flat-out love to win (Prestige). The same holds true for my irreverent, but great sense of humor and timing, as well as an innate distrust of the 'way its always been done' (Vice), and why I am compelled to create a better way.

Buy this book before all the audio files have been downloaded!!! Take the F-Score test at Sally's website. Finally say hello to: what makes your soul sing; which facets of your personality are compelling; the authentic characteristics of your fascinating personal brand.

This book has even helped my marriage! My wife and I are polar opposites, and we know how to appreciate that now. Her triggers are Trust and Alarm. Buy the book and figure out what I mean.
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- Lanie Evans

Not Fascinated at all...

I suppose if you read a lot of business and "brain" type books, you will not find much new material here.

I didn't. I wasn't fascinated. Didn't care for this book.

Chris Reich
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- Chris Reich "Business Physicist and Astronomer"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-10-2010
  • Publisher: HarperAudio