Discover This Computer Game: Scalp the Market

  • by Mel Hardman
  • Narrated by Mel Hardman
  • 2 hrs and 2 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

It always surprises everyone...that something this good could have been around since 1997 and, still, the general public hasn't even heard about it! Most people [usually] are accidentally introduced to it by someone who is, themself, an 'e-mini trader'.
So what is an e-mini? That's their first question.
Mel Hardman takes his reader/listener on an exciting journey of discovery as he describes what the e-mini is; how it resembles one BIG computer game and how anyone can now participate in the same game the stock market 'Insiders' play every day. Rather than long-term 'investing' all of their advertising would have you believe, they [themselves] spend their time day-trading via their computers.
E-mini traders 'scalp' the market.... in and out each trade in but a couple of minutes; never holding a trade open overnight.
Thanks to the Internet and the PC...and the e-mini the general public can now participate in the same game, turning it into their own little daily ATM-like cash-flow machine. The e-mini, in fact, was created because of the a financial instrument with which first-timers could afford to learn to trade.
It's fun to watch their expression when people hear about e-minis for the first time.  Their expression turns from being keen interest, then to excitement when they learn what a dramatic change e-minis can make in anyone's life. Most e-mini traders set a daily goal for themselves of $500 dollars, which is rather easy to reach. Mel's book tells you all about e-minis! He has designed a 'Road Map' for his readers/listeners.
Even if you've never thought about getting involved in the stock market before, you'll find this book about E-mini Trading fascinating. Take a couple of hours and listen as Mel describes the 'journey' of going from a total novice about the stock enjoying a $500 dollar-a-day home business that can be accomplished in about 2 hours each morning.
Just let your imagination ponder on some 'what ifs'. Then, if you like what you hear and learn, you can get the whole Discover How To Trade E-minis For A Living book from Amazon or iTunes.


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  • Release Date: 01-23-2013
  • Publisher: Mel Hardman Productions