Visitors From Lanulos

  • by Woodrow Derenberger
  • Narrated by John N Gully
  • 2 hrs and 54 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

New Saucerian Press proudly presents the Visitors From Lanulos! Initially published in 1971, this book became perhaps the rarest UFO contactee book ever. Prior to its 2014 reissue, there were only a half-dozen copies remaining in the world's library system, with the rest trading for thousands of dollars each.
Woodrow Derenberger, the author of the book, claimed to have had a series of strange adventures beginning on November 2nd, 1966. While driving home from Parkersburg, West Virginia, to his suburban home in Mineral Wells, he suddenly found the highway blocked by a large gray object. Someone emerged from the object and walked to the passenger side window of his car. The man introduced himself as "a searcher", and offered words of comfort to Derenberger.
After noting that he would come again, the spaceman, who called himself "Indrid Cold", stepped back into the object and it rose out of sight. Derenberger went home and told his story to his wife. He then called the police and the press. Soon after, other witnesses came forward to say that they, too, had seen Cold talking to Derenberger by the side of the road. (In time, several locals would have their own encounters with Cold.)
Two days later while driving in his car, Derenberger began to receive telepathic communications from Cold, who described himself as from the galaxy of Ganymede; Cold also supplied some information about his life, including the observation that people on his planet (Lanulos) lived to be 125 to 175 of our Earth years.
This indispensable special edition of Visitors From Lanulos features introductions by John A. Keel and Taunia Derenberger-Bowman (Woody's daughter), an epilogue by the publisher, Andy Colvin, and a special addendum from Gray Barker.


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Customer Reviews

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Too often UFO 'documentary' writings are perfect in their believability and character profiles of the witnesses and authors. This book's author is less than convincing and less than perfect, in some, but not all segments of his story, which, in the final analysis, convinced me that his experiences were real, even if imperfect. In fact I am convinced that there is enough valuable information in Woody's book to merit a re-read, note-taking, and further research into related events. It is those imperfections that have led in part to my conclusion that the story is not a polished masterpiece written and edited to convince, but likely is a true-to-life narrative written by a 'real person' to tell his story as honestly as an uncomplicated man could in the 1960's when faced with these experiences. There is enough anecdotal and collaborative detail to launch another whole book based on precent day retrospective research around Woody's named friends, events, and sightings.
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- Michael A. Dalton

First person experience of alien ufo & other world

After listening to John Keel's audio collection Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind (Audible) and Graham Hancock's book Supernatural (Audible) - plus a couple of other books on UFO/Dimensional experiences, there were some portions of the story, plainly and well-told, that reminded me of those 2 audiobooks.

This book is almost entirely a first-person account, while the other books are overviews that dip into specifics and then analyze and make some conclusions or theories. So, those portions of Mr. Derenberger's experiences that made me think about what other authors have written were the most interesting.

The epilogue addressed some of the similarities I wondered about.

The narrator was good, maybe a bit "dry" or mechanical but very clear and clean in voice.

The book's tone is honest and sincere and has a bit of humor in it. Some of the information given to the author may not have been true, but the experiences related ring true.

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- Diana

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-18-2014
  • Publisher: Andrew B. Colvin