• by Neil Peart
  • Narrated by Brian Sutherland
  • 15 hrs and 45 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

For 30 years, drummer, author, and songwriter Neil Peart had wanted to write a book about "the biggest journey of all in my restless existence: the life of a touring musician." Finally, the right time, and the right tour.
In the summer of 2004, after three decades, 20 gold albums, and thousands of performances spanning four continents, the band Rush embarked on a celebratory 30th Anniversary World Tour. The "R30" tour traveled to nine countries, where the band performed 57 shows in front of more than half a million fans. Uniquely, Peart chose to do his between-show traveling by motorcycle, riding 21,000 miles of back roads and highways in North America and Europe - from Appalachian hamlets and Western deserts to Scottish castles and Alpine passes.
Roadshow illuminates the daunting rigors of a major international concert tour, as well as Peart's exploration of the scenic byways and country towns along the way. His evocative and entertaining prose carries the listener through every performance and every journey, sharing the bittersweet reflections triggered by the endlessly unfolding landscape. Observations and reflections range from the poignantly, achingly personal to the wickedly irreverent.
Part behind-the-scenes memoir, part existential travelogue, Roadshow winds through 19 countries on both sides of the Atlantic, in search of the perfect show, the perfect meal, the perfect road, and an elusive inner satisfaction that comes only with the recognition that the journey itself is the ultimate destination.
The inner workings of the tour, the people Peart works with and the people he meets, the roads and stages and ever-changing scenery - all flow into an irresistible story.


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Customer Reviews

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Enjoyable, even for a non-fan of Rush

I was aware of the band called Rush, but didn't care for the little bit of their music I had heard in the past.

I had never heard the name 'Neil Peart' until a month ago when I listened to 'Ghost Rider'. I wouldn't call Ghost Rider an enjoyable book due to its central tragedy, but it was certainly well written and compelling.

I used my next credit for 'Roadshow'. This is a much more enjoyable book. It was interesting to learn how a big traveling music show operates.

I do have a little bit in common with Mr. Peart, we were both born in 1952 and we both like touring motorcycles. I've always been a shy person around strangers, but I can see I'm Mr Outgoing compared to this author.

Mr Peart's relationship with his fans is interesting. He appreciates them, but he's also very frightened by them. So frightened that immediately after a show ends he usually runs to his bus and 'gets of dodge' as quickly as he can.

The 'my fans scare me' theme runs throughout this book. Another theme is the authors love/hate relationship with the United States. I think love is winning out.

And of course, as a long distance rider I found the motorcycle stuff fascinating, and there is a lot of motorcycle in this book. It certainly would be nice to not worry about the cost of frequent visits to BMW dealers to fix all the little problems that come with a shiny red GS.

I have a Yamaha FJR sport touring bike, similar to the author's BMW, except faster. My Yamaha never breaks down, so I don't have to opportunity to become best friends with Yamaha dealers all over the country. ;)

I wish Mr Peart was not so quick to bash people based on their outward appearance, accents, or religious beliefs. His elitist attitude can be bit off putting at times. Still, keep in mind that the author really bares his soul in his books, showing the bad alongside the good.

We can appreciate his frankness in sharing some less than perfect sides of his personality.
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

The narration and production values of this audiobook are excellent. Brian Sutherland voice seems perfect for the job. I've watched some interviews with Mr Peart, and noticed that Mr Sutherland's voice is almost indistinguishable from that of Mr Peart.

Since reading these two books I've tried to listen to some Rush music. It's just not for me, with the exception of Mr Peart's drum solos. I don't know if he's the best drummer in history, but he's certainly the best drummer I ever saw!
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- Jim In Texas!


Reading any of Neil Peart's books is rather like eating potato just want more.
What an interesting man and what a fascinating life. His adventures unfold like a map..he not only shares what he has accomplished but shares his thoughts , feelings, humor and observations. He does not seem to filter anything and has a sense of when he has used enough words. He certainly has not rested on his laurels nor has he allowed himself to think he breathes only the rarified air of one as famous and accomplished as himself. He has a wonderful way of sharing with the readers his views and beliefs without trying to be preachy or trying to convert the reader to any of them. Here is a man who is always on a quest for knowledge and experience...his life has not been without tragedy...he has suffered some of the worst experiences that can befall any human...parent or spouse.
Getting to the end of any of his books is (just have to say it) a Rush. Thank you Neil for sharing your life's experience and inviting us in.
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- C.S.Kelly

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  • Release Date: 05-31-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios