Moore's Law

  • by Arnold Thackray, David Brock, Rachel Jones
  • Narrated by Don Hagen
  • 24 hrs and 26 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Our world today - from the phone in your pocket to the car that you drive, the allure of social media to the strategy of the Pentagon - has been shaped irrevocably by the technology of silicon transistors. Year after year, for half a century, these tiny switches have enabled ever-more startling capabilities. Their incredible proliferation has altered the course of human history as dramatically as any political or social revolution. At the heart of it all has been one quiet Californian: Gordon Moore.
At Fairchild Semiconductor, his seminal Silicon Valley startup, Moore - a young chemist turned electronics entrepreneur - had the defining insight: silicon transistors, and microchips made of them, could make electronics profoundly cheap and immensely powerful. Microchips could double in power, then redouble again in clockwork fashion. History has borne out this insight, which we now call "Moore's Law", and Moore himself, having recognized it, worked endlessly to realize his vision. With Moore's technological leadership at Fairchild and then at his second start-up, the Intel Corporation, the law has held for 50 years. The result is profound: from the days of enormous, clunky computers of limited capability to our new era, in which computers are placed everywhere from inside of our bodies to the surface of Mars. Moore led nothing short of a revolution.
In Moore's Law, Arnold Thackray, David C. Brock, and Rachel Jones give the authoritative account of Gordon Moore's life and his role in the development both of Silicon Valley and the transformative technologies developed there. Told by a team of writers with unparalleled access to Moore, his family, and his contemporaries, this is the human story of man and a career that have had almost superhuman effects. The history of 20th-century technology is littered with overblown "revolutions". Moore's Law is essential listening for anyone seeking to learn what a real revolution looks like.


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Customer Reviews

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Interesting back story

As the audio book concludes, the life of Gordon Moore has been something of an era. We have gotten used to the exponential growth of microprocessor power, and it has been the invisible driver of the digital revolution. Though the improvements may soon be slowing down, just as Moore himself is. How great to know this history.
I tried to explain the appeal of this book to my friends. They started checking their watches, and we had a laugh about my boring nerdy listening habits. Hey, it's not going to be the book for everyone. Moore isn't exactly a swashbuckling Jobs character, though part of the appeal of his character lies in the contrast of his quiet, methodical conservatism to the tech characters we're more likely to hear about.
But if the topic grabs you, I think the book does it justice.
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- Daniel

Solid coverage on the life of Gordon Moore

This audio book is quite lengthy. it is unfortunate that the authors include a lot of repetition. The book does justice to describing the life of Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel.

However, the beginning of the book goes into excruciating detail regarding the ancestors of Gordon and his wife Betty. Instead of beginning the story with their childhood, or even their parents, the story goes back generations to early family settlers in California. The story also provides equally the same in-depth description about Gordon's philanthropy.

This is all great, but in my opinion (if that really matters) this book could have been condensed with regard to those two topics and could have reduced the recording to under 20 hours from the 24.5 hours it is. so if you love details, this is the book for you.

The book reminds me of two steps forward and one step back, in terms of its progress of telling the story on a timeline.

The details of how Gordon Moore, along with other Silicon Valley giants, weaved together the business empire of Intel. A great success story of American business at its finest.

Don Hagen does a good job of narrating this book. His voice is deep, clear concise and very soothing.

I have given this book a good rating, knowing how much research and care went into telling this very important story of a person who is really an icon in the electronics industry and a person who's hard work and dedication has enabled all of us to enjoy the use of our electronic gadgets, like this smartphone I am using to write this review.

Gordon Moore is rich in intellect and rich at heart for feeling the need to donate his extreme wealth to worthwhile causes. Gordon is a truly great person! And along with Betty, his wonderful wife, have enjoyed six decades of marriage together while raising two fine sons. They provide great role models within a solid family structure.
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- Donald Hill

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-06-2015
  • Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC