How to Stop Drinking Wine

  • by Craig Beck
  • Narrated by Craig Beck
  • 4 hrs and 20 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Are you addicted to wine o'clock? Has that little relaxing treat become a daily routine? Have you tried to cut down and found you can't?
Craig Beck is a well-regarded family man with two children, a lovely home and a successful media career; a director of several companies, and at one time the trustee of a large children's charity, Craig was a successful and functioning professional man in spite of a 'two bottles of wine a night' drinking habit. For 20 years, he struggled with problem drinking, all the time refusing to label himself an alcoholic because he did not think he met the stereotypical image that the word portrayed.
He tried numerous ways to cut down; attempting 'dry months', banning himself from drinking spirits, only drinking at the weekend and on special occasions (and found that it is astonishing how even the smallest of occasions can suddenly become 'special').
All these 'will-power' based attempts to stop drinking failed (exactly as they were destined to do). Slowly he discovered the truth about wine addiction, and one by one, all the lies he had previously believed started to fall apart. For the first time, he noticed that he genuinely did not want to drink anymore. In this audiobook, he will lead you though the same remarkable process.
The Craig Beck method is unique:

No need to declare yourself an alcoholic.
A permanent cure, not a lifetime struggle.
No group meetings or expensive rehab.
No humiliation, no pain and 100% no 'will-power' required.
Treats the source of the problem, not the symptoms.


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Customer Reviews

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Game Changer

I can't believe I'd never heard of Mr. Beck or his approach before finding this audiobook here. This is a total game changer for me. I'm a high-performing professional woman who had, what seemed like, a "dirty" secret. Since I'm in the healthcare industry, there was no way I was going to talk to my doctor about it. Over the past years, wine had become a must-have each night. I'd go to different stores to pick up a bottle on a daily/near daily basis, so that I didn't get a "reputation." I'm not sure how well that worked... In any case, I haven't craved wine (really) since I finished the book (actually, it was a bit after starting it). I love that I have a whole new way of looking at alcohol - what it is, and what it is NOT. I've followed up with one of the hypnosis recordings and have listened to it each night since. I can't tell you how relieved I am to NOT have to stand in front of strangers and tell everyone in my life about my problem. Without any guilt! I feel absolutely wonderful. I've already shed some weight and I feel confident that I'm on the road to a healthier life than would have been, with a happier marriage and SOOO much more time back. It was Mr. Beck's calculation of the amount of time he lost from his life and loved ones when he was drunk that made me realize that I'm not only adding years to my life, but so many more special moments starting NOW. Highly recommend this.
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- Pepper

Read this and say Goodby to Alcohol

I tried everything I went from hard liquor to wine thinking less alcohol grade and the natural process of wine could satisfy my drinking problem just to to find out that is even worst.From $150.00 hypnosis sessions to other way of trying and errors this reading worth your attention. The supplements recommend in this book especially the 5htp will help you get thru alcohol issues and problems and I can only add the benefit of the b12 vitamin to aid in such difficult process.Wish you success in trying.
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- HenryMar

Book Details

  • Release Date: 06-17-2014
  • Publisher: Viral Success Limited