• by Larry Johnson, Scott Baldyga
  • Narrated by William Dufris
  • 12 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

At first, the job as clinical director at Alcor Life Extension Foundation was an exciting change for veteran paramedic Larry Johnson: a well-funded research facility pushing the limits of modern biotech. But as he gained the trust of his eccentric coworkers and was promoted to acting COO, Larry was thrust into a nightmare world of scandalous controversy, gruesome practices, and deadly secrets.
One secret Larry unearthed was the full, tragic, never-before-heard story of what truly happened to the body of baseball icon and American hero Ted Williams. Compelled by this and other horrific discoveries, Larry began copying documents, taking secret pictures, and ultimately wearing a wire every day at Alcor. He started living two lives: "Alcorian" by day, whistleblower by night.
Beyond the senseless animal experiments, beyond the dumping of toxic chemicals and AIDS-contaminated blood into the public sewage system, these people saw themselves as the elite, the immortal saviors of mankind who would lead us into the future. Inside this cultlike mentality, anything seemed justified. Maybe even murder.
Then Alcor found out. The death threats began. Fleeing from state to state, Larry was stalked and threatened again and again. They chased him through the streets. They left death threats under his windshield wipers. They terrorized his family. Larry Johnson never wanted to be a whistleblower. But he knows this story must be told. Written in Larry's own memorable voice and verified by actual transcripts of his "secret recordings," Frozen reads like a medical thriller---but every word is shockingly true.


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Who To Believe

After hearing about Ted Williams I simply had to read this book and while I initially believed what the Author was saying, I have since come to have serious doubts whether or not a lot of it is true. Alcor made a statement on their website regarding this book and its allegations and in all honesty they raise some legitimate issues. In particular is the fact that the author has tried to profit from all of this on numerous occasions. If the information really is true then it is a shame that Mr Johnson has taken the route he has releasing it to the public. For example putting the Ted Williams pictures on a website and trying to charge people [...] a pop so they can see them is..., well lets just say that this in itself does so much damage to Mr Johnson's credability that you really have no choice but to paint all of his statments and accusations with this same brush. It makes Mr Johnson appear to be an opportunist and in all honesty if he is willing to do the website thing then why shouldn't we believe that he is capable of lying to increase the shock value of his book thus making it sell more copies?

Do I believe that some of it is true? absolutely. Why else would Alcor get a court order against Mr. Johnson prohibiting him from releasing any additional information. Obviously he has information that can hurt Alcor and he has proof to back at least some of it up. This, combined with his poor choices, is one of the reasons why I am beginning to have my doubts about some of his accusations. The fact that Mr Johnson has real info that hurts alcor gives him the ability to make things up and it gives people a reason for believing such statements after all if he is telling the truth on statement A, why shouldn't we believe him on statement B? Johnson knows that Alcors image is already going to be severely damaged so there will be very little reason for people to believe any denials coming out of Alcor. It basically gives him the ability to lie and get away with it. Whether or not that's what he actually did is anyone's guess. The fact that he was all about making as much money as possible on this can definitely be used to argue that this is what he did.

Again I have no doubt that some of whats in this book is true. Its just a shame that Mr Johnson was more concerned about making money than he was about actually blowing the whistle on this company. It winds up damaging his credability thus it damages the book itself. Had he simply released this info to the public without trying to make money, well lets just say his argument would hold a lot more water and I wouldn't be sitting here questioning everything I just read, at least not as much as I am now.

The bottom line is I now have very little respect for everyone involved including Mr. Johnson. In other words I don't know who to believe. I still recommend reading this book, the difference now is that I recommend going to your library and checking out a copy instead of buying a copy and thus putting more money into Mr. Johnson's pockets.
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- Lia "I love all genres of books. However, when I listen to audio books as I clean, garden, drive they are better with a lot of heat!"

Pretty good

I have to say that I did enjoy this one bec even though it's a true story,it read more like a spy novel and kept me wondering what was going to happen to the people running the cryo-lab.Those people sure are a pack of wackos.
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- Sherray

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-19-2009
  • Publisher: Tantor Audio