• by Neil Strauss
  • Narrated by Neil Strauss
  • 8 hrs and 20 mins
  • Abridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Terrorist attacks. Natural disasters. Domestic crackdowns. Economic collapse. Riots. Wars. Disease. Starvation. What can you do when it all hits the fan? You can learn to be self-sufficient and survive without the system. "I've started to look at the world through apocalypse eyes." So begins Neil Strauss's harrowing new book: his first full-length work since the international best seller The Game, and one of the most original-and provocative-narratives of the year. After the last few years of violence and terror, of ethnic and religious hatred, of tsunamis and hurricanes - and now of world financial meltdown - Strauss, like most of his generation, came to the sobering realization that, even in America, anything can happen. But rather than watch helplessly, he decided to do something about it. And so he spent three years traveling through a country that's lost its sense of safety, equipping himself with the tools necessary to save himself and his loved ones from an uncertain future. With the same quick wit and eye for cultural trends that marked The Game, The Dirt, and How to Make Love Like a Porn Star, Emergency traces Neil's white-knuckled journey through today's heart of darkness, as he sets out to move his life offshore, test his skills in the wild, and remake himself as a gun-toting, plane-flying, government-defying survivor. It's a tale of paranoid fantasies and crippling doubts, of shady lawyers and dangerous cult leaders, of billionaire gun nuts and survivalist superheroes, of weirdos, heroes, and ordinary citizens going off the grid. It's one man's story of a dangerous world - and how to stay alive in it. Before the next disaster strikes, you're going to want to read this book. And you'll want to do everything it suggests. Because tomorrow doesn't come with a guarantee...


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Customer Reviews

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Interesting but not great

Neil Strauss writes a moderately interesting book that would have been much better if he hadnt wasted a large part of the book justifying his paranoia about the country by bashing George Bush. In the beginning he clearly establishes his qualifications as being incompetent at anything but writing about music for the New York Times. In the book he chronicles his journey in which he undergoes several years of impressive training to go from total incompetence at practically everything, to being an accomplished survivalist. If you are a committed Bush basher, you may find this book worthwhile. I ended up fast forwarding through a lot of the book to get past the political whining to get to the part that finally became interesting. If you are wanting to read a book to learn skills for surviving a possible catastrophic event, "One Second After", "Patriots", or "Alas Babylon" are much more enlightening.
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- Brad Andes

Awesome and informative book

Fantastic read. This book covers so many different topics from knives, guns, and all types of survival philosophy. It was interesting to see the transformation of Neil Strauss in his search for survival skills to survive in the (what if). Like his other best seller the Game, Neil Strauss dives into a topic and goes all the way leaving no area unchecked exploring topics from all angles and uses things that are applicable. These things he covers on a deep level studies them, and according to the book masters them. Everything from financial melt down natural, disasters, intruders and whatever it may be. He is by no means an expert in any particular field of survival but his unique research abilities give him a awesome overall perspective that helps readers identify areas and expand there thought process to find thorough ways of reaching there own goals. The only part of the book that I found as a turnoff is mainly a difference in political view as the book is very anti Bush and pro Obama. He seems to think that Obama would do a better job in fixing US security than Bush. However he does not look at the possibility that the Liberal agenda might target many of the areas which he uses as survival means like the ownership of weapons and concealed carry. Overall I give the book a 10, the good made up for the bad in my opinion.
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- Amazon Customer

Book Details

  • Release Date: 09-01-2009
  • Publisher: HarperAudio