Dying to Wake Up

  • by Rajiv Parti, Paul Perry, Raymond Moody Jr. MD PhD
  • Narrated by Steve West
  • 6 hrs and 31 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A rare glimpse into heaven, hell, and previous lives.
Dr. Rajiv Parti's near-death experience brought him on a journey through the afterworld, leading to a spiritual awakening that transformed his career, his lifestyle, and even his fundamental beliefs.
Before his near-death experience, Dr. Rajiv Parti was a wealthy man of science with a successful career as the chief of anesthesiology at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California. He demanded the same success from his son, whose failures provoked episodes of physical abuse from Dr. Parti. All in all, Dr. Parti was the last man to believe in heaven or hell - that is, until he saw them with his own eyes.
When Dr. Parti had his near-death experience on the operating table, he first watched his own operation from the ceiling - even recalling a joke told by his doctors during his surgery. He was greeted by archangels and his deceased father, who led him through the tortures of hell and revealed the toxic cycle of violence that has plagued his family for generations. He even reviewed the struggles of his previous lives, which in many ways reflected those he still faced in the present. Finally he experienced heaven. From the angels he learned lessons of spiritual health that they insisted he bring down to earth. To do so, Dr. Parti knew, he had to change his ways.
After his near-death experience, Dr. Parti awoke a new man. He gave away his mansion, quit his career, opened a wellness clinic, and completely turned around his relationships with his family. To this day he still converses with angels and spreads their wisdom to the living.
In this remarkable true story of spiritual transformation, Dr. Parti provides rare details of heaven, hell, the afterlife, and angels. In sharing the lessons and eternal truths from the divine that changed him forever, Dr. Parti offers his audience the opportunity to attain peace and live better lives here on earth.


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Materialist experiences Spiritual wake up call

This is a very easy listen, the personal story of a very materialist science-type getting a paranormal wake up call. The "what goes around comes around" message is woven throughout as Dr. Parti recognizes that pattern in (t)his life.

His Near Death Experience (NDE), which is also an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), is fascinating and very detailed. Dr. Parti tells the story so that a first time reader about NDE gets a good introduction and overall explanation. Yet, his personal experience and the message given is unique to readers already familiar with pther NDE, OBE and Past Life books.

The book itself is an awakening experience. How deep and far depends on the listeners - methods for inner exploration and meditations are shared within the story, but we have to do our own work. Dr. Parti is working on a new method of healing with Consciousness and that part is a little nebulous. It doesn't come in a prescription bottle.

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- Diana "Practicing Idealist, Dabbling Realist ;)"

I believe, but it is hard to place

Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

Yes, for those interested, because he does give a detailed NDE and life changing experience. His changed life says much about his NDE.

Any additional comments?

Though I believe all that Rajiv relates in his book, without any doubting, I do not know how to place it. The only thing I've found concrete in this life is what I've found in the Bible; when I look either to myself or the world, I have seen that it is true in all that it says, about myself and the world.

I just finished this book today, and I had not planned on writing a review, but I immediately began reading in the Bible where I had last left off, which was Acts 4. The second verse explains Peter and John's soon-to-come troubles, "...they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection from the dead." This brought to mind what troubled me about the book, that it was spiritual, but not religious; it was not grounded with a definitive future, other than there is one.

In his story, I wondered where Jesus was and why there was only this "light"; and Rajiv wondered if it was Jesus, until He is introduced later on. He dealt with angels throughout, but they seemed out of character for angles that are mentioned in the Bible; though perhaps not out of character for the Apocrypha. What especially caught me was their humor and lack of... solemnity (it reminds me of the Gospel of Judas where he has Jesus laughing in the National Geographic portrayal).

The glory of God and Jesus in the Bible is unmistakable, but I did not see it in this story. The subjects of righteousness and sin, life and death (eternal), heaven and hell are sharp in the Bible in a grave or serious sense as God views it, but that was lacking here.

So, I believe he experienced all that he said he did, it just does not match the only concrete thing I can compare it to, which limits how much I can take to heart. If I were to lump this story into a lot, I would put it with those of Muhammad or Joseph Smith, where I believe angles did visit them (see Galatians 1). I need more input to settle the matter.

I left the book with the impression that man and personal relationships are to be highlighted, not God and the judgement to come. That seems to fit well in our age of Facebook and equality without distinction. The Bible emphasizes repentance and turning to Jesus as the only source of salvation. This book emphasizes a good turning, just as many religions do, but not to Jesus. If you're looking for that in this book, I did not see it.

PS: For the non-religious/spiritual persons, I absolutely recommend this book to you. However you chalk this story up in the end, I believe you will see that it is a true story and matches, to some degree, other NDE's you might have read about. We only get one shot in this life, and I'm trying to get it right, as you may be also, or else I doubt you would be here now.

Note to Rajiv: If I could ask him a question, it would be that he would ask the angles, on their next visit, if Jesus is God's only Son, and if He came in the flesh and died for the sins of man. If I could ask two questions, I would ask him to have the angles tell him a joke.

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- Amazon Customer

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-23-2016
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio