Dear Reader

  • by Michael Malice
  • Narrated by Marcus Freeman
  • 11 hrs and 42 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

No country is as misunderstood as North Korea, and no modern tyrant has remained more mysterious than the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il. Now, celebrity ghostwriter Michael Malice pulls back the curtain to expose the life story of the "Incarnation of Love and Morality". Taken directly from books spirited out of Pyongyang, Dear Reader is a carefully reconstructed first-person account of the man behind the mythology.
From his miraculous rainbow-filled birth during the fiery conflict of World War II, Kim Jong Il watched as his beloved Korea finally earned its freedom from the cursed Japanese. Mere years later, the wicked US imperialists took their chance at conquering the liberated nation - with devastating results. But that's only the beginning of the Dear Leader's story.
In Dear Reader, Kim Jong Il explains:

How he can shrink time
Why he despises the Mona Lisa
How he recreated the arts in Korea
Why the Juche idea is the greatest concept ever discovered by man
How he handled the crippling famine
Why Kim Jong Un was chosen as successor over his elder brothers

With nothing left uncovered, drawing straight from dozens of books, hundreds of articles, and thousands of years of Korean history, Dear Reader is both the definitive account of Kim Jong Il's life and the complete stranger-than-fiction history of the world's most unique country.


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Customer Reviews

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Simply brilliant!

The idea, the writing, the balance of hilarious sarcasm and sometimes surprisingly affecting accounts of the tragic events in the "Dear Leader's" life, even the performance of the narrator, all of it amounts to a work of genius. Even though this is a work of fiction, reportedly Michael Malice based all of the stories in the book on North Korean lore, on what the people there are taught in schools, on the official North Korean government statements or press releases, on many other published works of history (both in the Koreas and in other countries), as well as on what the western media knows about this reclusive, little known totalitarian regime. I couldn't stop listening to it. Highly recommended!
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- Couts A. Moseley

Great book

I read just, well listen, to just about everything about North Korea that audible has to offer and this is a very unique take - use the information publicly available about Kim Jong Il, about his amazing life and amazing achievements (according to the NK media) and write out an autobiography. It's more than just a joke book, it really does cover what is really known about his life and I think it does a good job of representing many ideas based on how the NK government claims to see it. The book is very entertaining and I learned a lot - and wow, what a sudden heel turn the book takes to close it out, a very strong ending.

If you read the description and find it interesting then certainly check it out. I do wish it covered more of Kim Jong Il's obsession with western culture, in particular in the 90s when he did things like bring over WCW professional wrestling just so a Korean could beat the evil American Ric Flair in front of 100,000 people who had no idea what in the world they were watching, it's one of my favorite things Kim Jong Il ever did.

The reader is a perfect fit for this book, excellent job.
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- Rodney

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-10-2017
  • Publisher: Listen and Think Audio