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Reviewed: 01-18-18

Excellent multi genre story with plenty of action!

I ran out of "Joe Ledger" , "Mitch Rapp", "Court Gentry" and "John Clark" novels. I prefer the present day /near future to past or far future (alien beings and space ships). I'm not necessarily Tom Clancy fan but rather a "John Clark" fan. I went on to "Bob Lee Swagger" novels next, then on to the author who should be the inspiration for all other authors in the spy/thriller/action/black-ops genre, the late Vince Flynn (he is greatly missed)! Vince Flynn writes about "Mitch Rapp" as most of you know. Once I finished the entire series, I read about Jonathan Maberry in a forum, he's generally a horror writer (vampires, werewolves, zombies). He had branched out into the Spec-Ops/Shadowy world of spies fighting terrorists or "James Bond" type villains with world altering objectives. The main character, "Joe Ledger" is a cop recruited by the "DMS" (Department of Military Science). He meets all sorts of people throughout the series including a vampire ex-terrorist/all female team who he works with from time to time. Joe ends up battling people who can't die, zombie-virus, mutants, killer drones and even bad guys with alien type technology. The "Joe Ledger" novels are uniquely written with excellent moments of comic relief. They are action/thrillers and move very fast but as audiobooks you receive the added bonus of having Ray Porter as the narrator.
This is how I learned of "ONSET", Ray Porter. I haven't been able to find any books that come close to my favorites. So I decided to base my search on narrators (Ray Porter).
Touchdown!!! I land on Glynn Stewart's "To Protect and Serve: Onset Series Book 1"!
Fantastic! it's very similar to "Joe Ledger" stories but there is more of a fantasy angle and quite a lot of nods to "Lord of The Rings". Glynn Stewart does an excellent job of blending magic, Elves, Mages, Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, etc with present day military equipment.

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