5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-13-13

A truly incredible voyage

The greatest minds of fiction could not have created a better story. I bought the book as a filler non-fiction title to feed my history curiosities, but this title quickly pushed my other titles aside.

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1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-20-13

Worst narration ever. avoid.

My first time ever to quit on an audio book. This is not a review of the story because I only got a few hours into it. The narration is awful and unlistenable. Every sentence the same. Loud then trails off. It is bad enough that it is monotonous and it adds influence to the wrong words in the sentence, but the deal breaker was that sometimes I couldnt hear the final word of the sentence.

I tried to power though it, but I just could not do it. Very sad, because I had been looking forward to this book and I guess I will have to read it the old fashion way or else be denied this story forever.

Too bad I bought this one more than a year ago, but just now listened so no refund.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-18-13

Not ice, not fire, something lukewarm in between…

What did you like best about A Feast for Crows? What did you like least?

First of all I am rating this on a relative scale. The series is a classic. If you read the first 3, you are gonna read this one and the next one and the next one… but nothing is resolved! This is just a filler book. Side plots are started and some are concluded but some are just dropped. Main story lines feel as if they have been dropped. Pretty disappointing; not Martins best work. Dotrice was good as usual, but it doesn’t seem like he did his homework in regards to his pronunciations. He pronounces characters names completely different from what he did in the previous 3 books!

If you’ve listened to books by George R. R. Martin before, how does this one compare?

First 3 books are much better. No question.

What three words best describe Roy Dotrice’s voice?

Good but inconsistent.

If this book were a movie would you go see it?

Books are always better.

Any additional comments?

Listen, it is still a book in the magical world Martin has created. So read the book but have the next book ready to roll; not because of any major cliff hangers, but just because you may feel a little unfulfilled.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-25-11

Need a break from the series? take it now

The first two books were great, this was is okay, but starts out really slow. Not much happens the first few hours, just more recap on what happened in the first two books. Any character or event that's tied to something that previously happened each gets a 10 minute recap. This might actually be good if it has been a while since you read the first two books, if not, the first quarter or so of this book is pretty boring.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-08-11

Worth the read

I have really enjoyed this series. Has a little bit of scifi elements, but for some reason I don't feel like I am in a scifi world, which is a good thing. I like its historic link; I might like it even more so, if i knew more about ships, specifically historic ones. The book is steadily entertainment. For the most part, I am not so drawn in that I am up all night, but also never feel so board I want to set it down. There are no crazy, shocking plot changes, but also nothing that feels too obvious. I will say that for a series of several books, the characters aren't develop as well as they could be. There are characters that are very involved that i dont feel like I 'know' yet.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-28-11

Solid, but with same old flaws

Like the rest of the Codex Alera books this one is entertaining, but still has the issues of many of the other books. If you have read all of the way to book 5 you probably are in to Butchers new world. Princeps' Fury has plenty of military and battle scenes and less of the love scenes which I enjoyed. The characters still sometimes act out of character and the antagonist seem to just evolve to something worse as the scenario needs it. It seems with this series when I am in the middle of the book I always feel I need to take a break. By the end, however, I always pick up the next book. I also like that Kate Reading does the entire series, she does a good job and is consistent.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-13-10

Entertaining but not great

The fantasy setting of the book is new and fresh. The rape scene was pretty horrifying though. The book is entertaining, but it is cheaply done. The bad guys are illogically bad when then need to be and the good guys are way over-the-top good at times. The characters’ personalities are all over the place. The romantic interactions are kind of lame. I love you! No, I love you more! etc. All things said, I enjoyed the book and the new fantasy world. If you listen to a lot of books and need some filler books, this series is a good choice.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-05-10

What I expected, nothing more

This is obviously a classic and if you are reading it, you probably know what you are getting into. I did not like the prologue though. As someone who has never read the book, I did not want to hear analysis of the book BEFORE I read the book. The social, political, and historical context provided in the prologue, however, was useful. When you apply the satire to today’s politics, the correlations are scary.

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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 02-26-10

Average L'Amour, bad Narrator

3-4 star story, but the narration brought it to two. The story was your typical L’Amour, maybe too typical. I thought it wasn’t one of his better. I felt like sometimes he was trying too hard to establish something. In my head I was saying, “Okay, I get it already!”
The narrator was just poor. Good voice, but the pronunciation of sentences was awful. He totally emphases the wrong words! Very annoying and sometimes bad enough to where you can’t understand what’s going on.
Okay overall. Worth it if you have a few credits lying around, but there are better narrators and better Louis L’Amour stories out there.

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