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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-19-18

Geneva and Mark

This is the first book in a series about some retired navy seals who form a company called Brothers in Arms. There are three partners in the company and this book concentrates on one of them, Mark. Two of their friends are dead, supposedly by their own hands but when Mark and the rest of the team start to investigate there are lots of things which don't add up. Then a reporter arrives on the scene to talk about how the Military could do better by its ex-servicemen and women. Here own brother has committed suicide because, she feels, the military failed him.

Geneva is a strong woman and she and Mark are instantly attracted to each other, they start a relationship, only sex says Geneva but Marks wants more. Then their investigations start to bring forth unwanted attention from the people behind his two friends deaths and Mark finds himself in danger. Can his team save him?

I loved the connection between Geneva and Mark, I liked how they fought but came together again. There is a lot more I could say but that would involve spoilers - so sorry not going there. What I can say is I am now looking forward to learning more about the other two members of Brothers In Arms. I liked how Leslie built the story and really enjoyed Sean Patrick's narration, he did it very well.

I was given a copy of this book as a gift and am vountarily writing his review.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-15-18

The Truth Will Out

This is the second book in this series I have listened to, and I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first one Xmas Conquest. The two books are total stand-alone stories although they each feature a different "West" brother. This book is all about Jordan who is a highly successful trader in Boston. He's single, sexy, handsome, tattooed and rich but he has a secret. He's a reformed 'bad boy' with a past he's far from proud of. What he has he has achieved for himself.

Laci a beautiful woman, she is a school teacher who lives with her younger sister Jackie, there is a nine year age difference and she has been taking care of Jackie since shortly after her own graduation and now Jackie is about to go to college herself. Because of this she has never really had a boyfriend or dated, she has always told herself she hasn't had time.

One evening whilst Laci is out running she is attacked and dragged into an alley, she fights back but her attacker is so much bigger and stronger, then all of a sudden she is saved - Jordan who happened to be passing heard her screams and comes to the rescue, he knocks out her attacker and takes Laci for a coffee.

When Jordan asks Laci out, he wants to take her to dinner, she says no - the same excuse she has always given "I don't have time to date" but Jordan doesn't give up and she eventually gives in and so starts their relationship. They are each what the other needs but Jordan is not proud of his past and keeps it a secret. As their relationship deepens he knows he has to tell her, but when is the right time?

I would love to tell you more but that would involve too many spoilers and I don't want to do that. What I can say is that this story has great chemistry, hot sex, and incredible chemistry. The characters are well defined and Harper Lauren makes you feel like you've met them. The book is beautifully narrated by Ainslie Caswell who brings all the characters to life so well.

I was given this book as a gift and I am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-13-18

Truth, Love & Forgiveness

This book was an uplifting tale of life in the old west. The characters were very well written and described and the storyline had no difficulty holding my attention. This book when finished left me with a warm glow because good triumphed over evil and goodness and love won the day.

The story centers around the lives of Jake and Evangeline, and their lives together on the Double M Ranch.

Jake has been writing letters for a year to a woman he believes to be Evangeline with a view to her coming west and being his wife. He doesn't really trust women having suffered rejection in the past. But over time has begun to think that Evangeline will make him a good wife and help him bring up his orphaned nice.

Evangeline is a very strong woman, she has had to be, she trained and qualified as a doctor and has in the past worked with her brother, also a doctor. But when her brother hired someone else as his partner she decided to make a change in her life. At this time she discovered that her own nice has for the last year been writing to Jake pretending to be her in the hope of helping her aunt find happiness. Evangeline decides to make the trip and put her trust in God.

Jake and Evangeline marry but agree to take the time to get to know each other before becoming intimate. Once they reach their home and start their lives together there are many instances when they have to put the trust in God and hope things will work out for the best.

There are many factors in this story, deception, impersonation, cattle rustling, fraud, murder, and kidnapping. The flow of the story is very good and all the characters are very well developed. Whilst I enjoyed the writing style of the author what really made this book for me was the narration. Meghan Kelly brought every single character to life and each person was instantly recognizable by the voice given to them by Meghan Kelly.

I would love to tell you more about the story but to do so would mean giving spoilers, which I never do, and so you will have to take my word for it that if you enjoy books of this genre you will certainly enjoy this one.

I was given this book as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-09-18

The Story Continues

This book picks up where the first book "Rebirth" left off, you could listen to this book without having listened to Rebirth because the author does fill in enough background information that you would know what was happening. But personally, I think I got a lot more from this book having listened to the previous book first.

Jackie may be very young in years but in her short life she has had to endure much and she has learned well. Jackie who is a cheetah shifter, a healer and a magic user is now the life mate of Garrett, her vampire lover, and trainer and they are incredibly happy. Garrett having defeated his maker in the first book is now in control of his own nest and is trying to integrate them into the lives of his team.

Jackie and Garrett travel to Faerie to celebrate the Midsummer Solstice with their allies. Whilst she is there the fae lord, Kenit, who had previously asked her to be 'His Lady' again propositions her and she refuses him very publicly. This means that Jackie has made a very powerful enemy. But she has also made herself some powerful allies amongst the fae, who she will need in the coming weeks.

Jackie and Garrett are asked to help find a missing fae on their return home and they agree. This action brings them into contact with a pack of wolves, who are helping Kenit imprison various members of the Fae High Council's families. Jackie also meets a young girl who was adopted by the pack leader who is also a cheetah, but hiding this from the pack because a cheetah is a shifter to be feared, they can access magic!

The storyline of this book is excellent, exciting and in places very dramatic, featuring, shifters of many varieties, vampires, wolves, witches, a wizard and the fae.

The descriptive writing of Gayle Parness and the narration by Reba Buhr made this book so engrossing that I found myself totally immersed in the story and resenting having to stop listening. I would love to tell you more about the story but to do so would mean giving spoilers, which I never do, and so you will have to take my word for it that this is one of the best series of books of this genre I have read or listened to in quite a while. I now plan on listening to book three in this incredible series.

I was given this book as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-05-18

Charlotte and Tajael - Can He Stay in the Light?

I am an angeling of the light, Protector class, assigned to Guardian Duty… and I am Tempted. I really enjoyed getting to know Tajael and learning about his struggle not to succumb to the showdow realm. He has been tasked with guarding a human scientist whose work could effect the whole of humanity.

I’m a scientist, a physicist, a woman of reason… and I don’t believe in angels. So says Charlotte but that's before she meets Tajael the angel who has been tasked with keeping her safe. Charlotte is a truly good person, she stops every night to talk to and sometimes feed a homeless man. She has a strong character having survived an abusive marriage.

Tajael is feeling very tempted, he is so attracted to Charlotte so he asks his mentor for help but this help is refused, Taj fears that there is an ulterior motive behind his orders to protect Charlotte - Marcos wants more Anglings to build an army for the light, but if Taj beds Charlotte will he fall into the shadow realm?

Charlotte thinks that the handsome man who saved her from a co-workers unwanted advances is a near neighbour and she begins to fantasise about him, little realising that he is an angel. As the relationship between these two develops their attraction is incredible! Their chemistry is tangible.

In this book there are angels, demons, vampires and even a dragon. The storyline is very well developed and has a wonderful conclusion whilst leaving the door open for more. The story is wonderfully narrated by Greyson Ash, Patrick Garrett who do an incredible job of bringing Taj and Charlotte to life.

I was gifted a copy of this book and am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-03-18

Nikki and Indiana

The sixth book in the Stargazer series is every bit as good as the previous five. Nikki has watched as her friends Honey and Addy fell in love with Remington and Kit all the time refusing to accept her attraction to Indiana. The reason for her refusal is that she is hiding a secret - and what a whopper.

Indiana learns her secret but promises to keep it. When her secret was revealed to her friends she thinks that it was Indiana who betrayed her but it wasn't yet despite this they do eventually find their own happy ending.

I'd love to tell you everything that happens but that would totally spoil the book, what I can say is that this book wraps up ever so nicely any outstanding issued raised in the previous two. I will say that Indiana's secret power is one that I'm sure Nikki will find very useful going forward.

The writing style by Tasha Black is excellent and the storyline is both enjoyable and easy to follow. The Aliens are all so lovely. I really like their innocence and loyalty to each other and their mates. The narration by Mason Lloyd is excellent

I was given a copy of this book as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-02-18

Rebecca & Jared

This was a book I had no trouble listening to the plot had a enough action and romance to satisfy that part of my soul and enough action and adventure as well. The research into pre civil war life in the south was quite good although I did have a couple of little niggles. Rebecca is bringing up her sisters baby as her own, never having been married but is not ostracised by "polite society"? Jared's plantation is put at risk by fraudulent IOU's, surely as he can prove he didn't sign them Oak Hill would be safe? Would a young single mother put her life at risk to reunite a stranger with her family?

Niggles aside I did enjoy the book. The storyline is both romantic and paints a picture of life at that time. Rebecca and Jared meet at a mutual friends wedding, Jared is there because he is a friend of the groom and Rebecca is there as a friend of the bride. Jared having shown no interest in any woman since becoming a widower finds Rebecca both interesting and attractive. They talk and agree to meet again.

Their love story builds slowly but steadily and I for one really liked them as a couple. The characterisation by the author is well done, you feel you are really getting to know all the players in the story. This is not just Rebecca & Jared's story it features her aunt, who undergoes a total character transformation during the book. It features too the town doctor and Rory, Jared's disreputable cousin.

As the book progressed I found myself totally immersed in it and I so wanted everything to work out. The blurb tells you what to expect and I have told you a little more, I would love to add to the review but I really don't want to spoil this book for you. What I will say is that there are twists and turns to the story and it is beautifully performed by Karen Rose Richter, the nuances she brought to every character and the inflections in her voice so added to my total immersion and enjoyment of this book.

I was given this audio book as a gift and I am voluntarily writing this review which contains only my own personal opinions.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-02-18

Hailey and Tim - Will She Stay?

This book about Timber and Hailey, we met Timber aka Tim in the previous book when he and his brothers arrived on this island paradise to work security for their friends. When Tim meets Hailey she is running, she got up that morning thinking she was going to be a Bridesmaid at the wedding of her boyfriend's sister. She had been planning on breaking off her relationship with Jonathan but didn't want to spoil his sister's wedding for him. So she enters the wedding space to find she's been ambushed, for want of a better word, Jonathan goes down on one knee and proposes so THEIR WEDDING can take place now!

This plan has been concocted by Jonathan and her mother (a really greedy, selfish piece of work in my opinion, she tries to tell them both NO but they won't take no for an answer the only option left to her is to RUN! Run she does straight into Tim who helps her ESCAPE and offers her a place of safety. Tim has already recognised her as his fated mate but how to convince her.

Hailey is invited to stay with Tim and help him fix up a property belonging to Boon, another bear shifter, did I mention Tim is a bear shifter? Whilst they spend a week together working on the property and getting to know each other Hailey is falling for Tim but Tim is holding back, could Hailey love a shifter?

When Hailey is attacked by a wolf shifter working for Jonathan Tim and his brother Connor save her but she is so frightened by the experience that Tim feels he can't tell her what he is. So despite a deep love on his part he decides to keep his secret and loose Hailey. But once again Destiny steps in and forces both their hands, the truth comes out in the most dramatic way, Anna Lowe never does things by halves, I was on the edge of my seat wondering how Tim and Hailey were going to survive this part of the story. I loved this book I loved getting to know Hailey and watching her character grow and I adored Tim, I can't look at a door frame now without thinking of him - you will know why when you listen to this book. I can't really say anything further without giving out too many spoilers, if you have read the blurb you know what to expect but whatever your expectations - this book will exceed them. I loved it

Aloha Shifters is by far my most favourite series to date, this book is the second book in Pearls of Desire, a follow on from Aloha Shifters but I personally think of it as one series. The writing style of Anna Lowe is so very good and easy to follow along, her descriptions of the places and the people make you feel like you've met them and the depth she gives to all her characters is just incredible her words paint a picture and that picture in painted beautifully by Kelsey Osborne who does the most amazing job of narrating this book. I can't praise her or Anna Lowe highly enough. Bring on the next book I say!

This book was given me as a gift and I am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-31-18

How It All Began

This book was enjoyable, I admit to enjoying being immersed in the TerraMates World, this book was like a flash back to how it all began, why TerraMates was formed in the first place and having been to the future so to speak this was a fun read.

Origins has an unpredictable plot full of twists it's basically a story about what happens when two "pen pals/best friends" from different worlds meet. They are very different and so are their worlds, Sophie is from earth, an earth which is incredibly over populated and even more polluted. She has just signed up to be single and childless for life - that's the only way she sees of tackling the population problem on earth. Kheelen lives on Biyaha, a water planet, which is drastically underpopulated and has a law that you have to marry by the age of 25, if you don't well you are simply "disappeared"!

Sophie has just had a promotion and before starting her new role she decides to take a vacation, she visits Biyaha to finally meet Kheelen and 'help' him find a wife, this visit will be a surprise and as we all know not all surprises are appreciated. What happens next is a complex story about changing feelings, having to make decisions that go against everything you thought you believed and facing opposition from all sides.

The characters were well written and their connection was well done, I liked them most of the time but at others I wanted to bang their heads together - when you listen to the book you will know why! It is a rollercoaster, featuring a jailbreak, an overbearing mother, even a scorned fiancee and there is even a secret island hideaway. But it also features a growing love which in the end can not be denied. As I have come to expect from books by Lisa Lace the chemistry is very well done, being palpable at times and the sex is steamy.

I'd love to say more but it would spoil the story for you, so I won't. What I will say is that it was very well narrated by Paul Brion and Kelly Morgan which really added to my enjoyment of this book.

I was given a copy of this audio book as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-25-18

Braxton and Kate

Werewolf Braxton Devereaux is an innocent man/wolf accused of a murder he did not commit, even the one person who should know he is innocent thinks him guilty. If you spill blood Pack Law justice is swift and unforgiving and Braxton finds himself on the run from Pack Assassins sent to carry out his death sentence as well as the human police who also think he is guilty. Braxton's only hope is to find the real killer and prove his innocence.

Kate Wolph is struggling to hang on to her bed and breakfast, which she inherited from her mother this is proving difficult. On the day she finds out that her home and business are soon to be repossessed by the Bank she meets Braxton. Their meeting is short but it makes an impression on both of them.

Braxton is shot by a silver bullet but somehow lives and crawls in wolf form to Kate's home, she thinks he's just a large wolf but she calls a friend who is a vet to help him. She realises her mistake when in the place of a wolf she finds a naked Braxton.

I don't want to tell you anymore of the plot because it would totally spoil a very entertaining, sexy and often funny story for you but what I will say is that the story is very well written with very good descriptions of all the characters involved. The chemistry between Braxton and Kate is super hot, the sex is steamy, The story also features Damon and Ava who were the main two characters of By The Light of The Moon, the first book in this series and introduces us to some very interesting 'guests' at the Bed and Breakfast.

The narration was very well done by Jeffery Kafer who also narrated the first book he brought every single character to life!

I was given this audio book as a gift and am voluntarily writing my review.

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