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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-07-18

Evil and Red Shirts Beware

David Baldacci's fifth installment of the Will Robie series continues to thrill and enthrall me. Then add to that the brilliant duet narration performance of Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy and you are treated to what feels like a full sensory experience. Thank you!

As for the title of this review, think about it after you finish this exciting tale.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-16-18

Cute story

A nice feel good story but nothing that would distinguished it as great.
I would have liked the narrator to have a larger range of voices. Her timing and rhythm were good which is a huge plus in her favor.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-13-17

Spicy Neighbors

Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe is the story of your typical next door neighbors who also enjoy a bit of spice in their love life. Too bad all my neighbors are downright vanilla. It is mainly told by the male lead and feels very much like you are sitting in the living room being told a juicy story.

Narrator Elliott Daniels uses inflection well for each character and is excellent at staying in character. His female vocal range could use a little improvement but this definitely did not distract from the story.

I enjoyed listening to a story about people my own age for a change. It was also quite a treat to meet the fascinating author JF Silver and his muse, his wife, at a book convention where I entered into a raffle and won this sexy, fun audiobook.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-02-17

Learning To Love

Looking for a steamy romance? Decadent Dreams by Nicole Garcia and narrated by Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross delivers. This book ranks up there with the better Romance/Erotica writers and gives you all of the basics and then some, including a good story, endearing characters when they are not being idiots (and even then you still like them….though I did have an overwhelming desire to slug one of them), finding love and overcoming your past, and family with a side order of danger, mystery and suspense. Many thanks to Ms Garcia for the opportunity to listen and review this wonderful romance.

I adore Phoenix (Phe) and Domenico (Nico) and appreciate that the story goes beyond the crisis by taking a slight jump to the future at the end. I so hope Giovanni (Gio), Josh and Derek also find their happy beginnings. Nana and Nico’s dad are also wonderful additions to the story. As a side note, you may wish to invest in a jar of hot fudge.

Decadent Dreams is a Duet narration, meaning that the male narrator (Wen Ross) reads all of the male character parts and the female narrator (Kai Kennicott) does the same for the females throughout the book. This is as opposed to Dual when the narrators alternate reading chapters vocalizing all of the characters in their chapters. Duet is definitely my favorite type of listening especially for romance and erotica books.

As always the narration team of Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross are superb. They both do an outstanding job giving the characters the perfect personalities and improving upon wonderful books.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-31-17

Cupid’s Cure

Cupid’s Heart is an enjoyable short story about a god falling in love but not feeling worthy of the love from the human female, Valentina Hart. Luckily Cupid has two friends, Somnus and Hercules, to help him get into trouble... errrr figure out the direction his live and love should take.

I am a mythology fan and this book in addition to as the wonderful cover art drew my attention and purchase. This is my first experience with the writing style of Nicole Garcia and I am impressed. As a side note I enjoy reading other people’s reviews and the one by Pam Audio-Fanatic had me in fits of giggles.

This book is narrated by the ever wonderful Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross in the DUET style where the male narrator takes on all the male characters and the female narrator does the same for the females. I adore this format as the narrators can play and react off each other much like on a movie, play or television. Thank you both for the wonderful talent and heart you bring to this story.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-31-17

Preshea, a Young Lady of Quality

Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger gave me just what I wanted, more information on a student from the Finishing School series. A few of the character stories carry over into The Parasol Protectorate and beyond, but it is always a treat to find out what the rest of Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality have gotten up to.

Lady Preshea Villentia was a thorn in the side of the lead characters in the Finishing School series. Here she is the star, giving us a brief history of her activities since graduation up to her final assignments from an always well-dressed Vampire we all love and adore. While trying to carry out her assignments she meets Captain Gavin Ruthven. After the untimely deaths of her four husbands is she willing to try again with this intriguing Highlander?

Gail Carriger has created my favorite Steampunk world and characters and she continues to expand the universe with her new offerings. Her writing, story lines, and humor are outstanding. I was excited to receive this wonderful story in exchange for an honest review. Do be warned that this book should only be read or listened to by someone who “has achieved their majority or has a -very- progressive parent or guardian” as reviewer Kailee Bruce says. That said, the scenes are well written and do not dwell over long as to make the non-erotic reader uncomfortable.

To compliment this wonderful story is the perfectly selected narration of Suzanne Lavington. She brings just the right touch of sarcasm and heart to the characters and is magnificent in a wide range of both male and female voices.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-29-17

The Sumage & The Wolf

After listening to The Sumage Solution by G.L. Carriger, narration by Kirt Graves, twice and my continued thoughts about the story and characters, the more I adore this first edition of the San Andreas Shifters. Then finding out that this present day story has its roots in the wonderful Steampunk world she (yes the author is the same, Gail Carriger) created in The Parasol Protectorate and other series, enthralled me even more. Thank you for the opportunity to review this wonderful story.

Max is wonderfully snarky, hopeful, and looking for love, though he is not holding his breath for its appearance. He works at the mostly dull DURPS (DMV for supernatural creatures) as a sumage, cleaning up other mages' messes and doing general paperwork. If you have a bit of patience, you will learn all about sumages and other magical creatures and talents and it will have been worth the wait. On one of the rare more exciting days at DURPS, in walks this stunning, easy going, quiet, beta werewolf, Bryan. Let the games begin.

Narrator Kirt Graves brings all of the characters, male and female, to life by giving them unique voices and personalities. His timing and rhythm are wonderful. I admit to extending my sleep timer multiple times because I could not put the story away not only because of the wonderful writing, characters and story line provided by Ms Carriger but also due to the fabulous narration.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-29-17

Road Tripping with the Clan

I know better than to start a new Celtic Brooch series book before bed, I do…. really. Sadly I could not wait to listen so ended up staying up most of the night. It was so worth it!

In this installment a hidden message painted on Kitherina (Kit) MacKlenna's portrait is discovered by James Cullen Fraser, son of Elliott and Meredith. This leads to a great adventure that involves the entire clan. Needless to say there is a wide range of the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly as ‘adventures’ to the past are never straight forward. Like with previous books there is a wonderful mystery or two....or three to solve along the way.

Katherine Lowry Logan’s story is as always outstanding and full of surprises in addition to being superbly written. I find her stories send me on an emotional roller coaster, loving every minute… some after I find a tissue.

Teri Schnaubelt’s narration is as always outstanding. She expertly portrays the wide range of female and male voices, giving them distinct personalities and vocal patterns. She is definitely one of the most versatile narrators out there.

I cannot wait for the next installment, the Diamond Brooch.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-01-17

A Father's Sarcasm to Brighten Your Day

I very rarely read Personal Memoir books nowadays but I won this in a book group contest and having heard so many fabulous comments about it from others, I had to take it out for a listen. I giggled and laughed my way through Bill Stoke’s parental challenges and many of the stories reminded me of growing up with my dad and grandfather.

I originally was only going to listen to a few at a time but I ended up getting totally addicted and listened to the entire book in one sitting and then re-listened to some of my favorite parts again.

This book was originally published in 1968 and includes a vignette of short stories, some previously published in the Wisconsin State Journal in Madison. They are written from the view of a frustrated but apparently entertained father living in small town America and include everything from hand washing sagas, to buying school supplies, organizing tools, nagging at everyone to turn off lights, and so many others. Many of these stories still apply to today’s parenting and grandparenting. I kept calling my daughter to tell her about the parts that triggered a memory of her youth.

The cast of narrators is off the charts fabulous. I have listened to each and everyone one numerous times and totally enjoyed their ability to bring the sarcasm and creative story telling only an exhausted parent can display to this book. In addition to their vocal talents they all have a perfect handle on the timing and rhythm needed for each and every story. Kudos and more to Sean Runnette, James Foster, Stefan Rudnicki, R.C. Bray, Xe Sands, and Joe Hempel!

Thank you to the many fellow Facebook book group members for their glowing reviews and recommendation of this book and others by Bill Stokes. I would have missed a real jewel if I had ignored you. And thank you most of all to Bill’s grandson Paul for making this audio version possible. It is more than a labor of love as it is a truly fabulous tribute to a one of a kind writer.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-01-17

Oh My......

I wanted to make sure I did a good job on this review so I listened to it again, and again, and again and I still find myself blushing and feeling very warm. Now what I am doing? Oh, right the review.

Abby (Abigail Bern) is a professor who desperately needs to publish or perish. She decides to write a paper on BDSM society and ends up volunteering as a receptionist at the Dark Haven private BDSM club with all of its extra duties to do her research. Xavier Leduc (My Liege) is the owner of Dark Haven and finds the new receptionist intriguing.

The book is written from two points of view (POV) and the experience greatly enhances the listener’s/reader’s enjoyment. I feel in love with the characters, though I occasionally wanted to slap them both upside the head. Both Abby and Xavier are written perfectly and we get to see the emotional walls of both open up.

From the start through the finish it is addicting with a much saner exposure to BDSM in a club as well as in the home. Abby’s fantasy towards the end was more than steamy (I say as I am turning the ceiling fan on again and it is the middle of winter during a cold spell).

My Liege of Dark Haven is not only sexy and passionate, it has some fabulously humorous moments interspersed. I got several weird looks when I would spontaneously burst out in laughter one minute and blush a few minutes later. Yes, in hindsight I probably should not have been listening to this while grocery shopping.

This was my first exposure to the tantalizing, titillating, and wonderful writing of Cherise Sinclair. Since listening to My Liege of Dark Haven the first time I admit to indulging in three more of the books from this series and one from the Shadowlands series. They will not be the last. Mistress Cherise’s writing does a brilliant job at gently bringing the reader/listener into the story as a full participant.

This is a Duet narration, meaning that the male narrator reads all of the male character lines and the female narrator does the same for the females throughout the entire book. This is as opposed to Dual when the narrators alternate reading chapters vocalizing all of the characters in that chapter. Duet is definitely my favorite type of listening especially for romance and erotica books.

The narration team of Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross is perfect! They both do an outstanding job giving the characters the perfect personalities and went above and beyond in making me feel like I was part of the story. They are now in an elite class of readers I cannot get enough of. In addition to purchasing and listening to additional stories from Dark Haven I have purchased an additional book because of their narration even though I am unfamiliar with the author.

Many thanks to Sinclair, Kennicott and Ross for adding heat and heart to my ears. I will be revisiting this story soon as well as many others from all three of you.

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