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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-20-18

Will She adjust to the changes or run again?

Brooke came to the East Coast to escape the memories from the other side of the country. She left her family to have some time to recover. She didn't intend to meet a man who would make her tremble in a good way every time she saw him.

Liam tried to resist Brooke. She had a boyfriend. Not good enough for her. Who would let a woman like that be so far away and visit only once in so many months? Still, he didn't poach. When he finds out he's made a mistake, will he give in to what they both want?

There are so many life changes for Brooke to adjust to and people to meet. Will the changes be good ones including Liam, or will she be unable to cope and run again?

A novella of love and family.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-12-18

The best one yet.

I am so darn happy about the ending of this one! But, I can't tell you why. You just have to listen. 
Lucy Quinn did an excellent job of creating a triangle. One that would have to eliminate one or both men interested in her. If Cookie can't choose, will she have to give up both Hunter, her former FBI partner who is always ready to back her when the bad guys need a real badge, not just the skills from a former agent? How about Dylan, the island handyman with a talent for much and a casual competence for whatever is needed?
While Cookie is deciding there's a small thing like a body part landing in someone's spiked wine, a dead body, and a major theft ring. Oh, there is more going on. Cookie's mom has a whole ... better listen to find out about it. Besides I'd never want to spoil this one.
A great story. Fast-paced, humor, danger, old and new characters, and a mystery as well as romance. In other words, it has it all.  The narrator once again is a pleasure to listen to. She creates unique voices for each character and has a pleasant tone.
The best one yet! Don't miss it.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-10-18

Heart of the Witch

This is a great series. A family of witches, a town where witches are normal residences. Sisters who love, have baggage, as well as powers. You'll find humor, sadness, intrigue, family and friend loyalty, and romance. The narrator does a great with her characters both male and female. Too often there is something lacking in the voices of the opposite sex of the narrator. Not in this one. They are all unique and clearly male or female.

Sisters have all returned home to be with their father who is fighting cancer. A family tragedy and desertion by their mother, all play a part in their efforts to regain their family unity. Meanwhile, love is in the air. For Noel, the desertion by her husband three years ago make it difficult for her to give in to her feelings for Drew. Divorce doesn't change the pain and her daughter's difficult adjustment.

Will a possible murder be another obstacle to keep Drew, Deputy Sherriff, and Noel apart? Is there a threat to the two females he cares about? What about the police department? Is there an internal problem?

Warning: unless you are willing to listen or read the next story—don't listen to the final chapter. I did and I can't wait. One more sister. Another unique problem. An even bigger problem—with Mr. Super Hot in the offing.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-30-18

Radar Deception

Melanie and Green. An unlikely couple you might say if you've read the other books in the series where you meet them. Yet, they have a connection, one that they don't know about or understand. Everyone thinks Melanie is mourning the loss of Lance. While they only had one night, he died protecting her.

She has a secret that keeps Green from following through with the burning attraction for her. His past of blame for the loss of his wife in childbirth has kept him from being with any woman. However, telling you her secret would be a real spoiler. You need to read to find out. Let's just say that the attraction, need to protect, secrets, and threats from the evilest of villains seem to make it seem impossible for them to have an HEA. Will they live to find out?

The world of Psi-Ops, the characters, the narration, the interaction between them all make this wonder few hours of entertainment. While this can stand alone, be prepared to want to read more, much more.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-16-18

Soul of the Witch

Abby returns to Keating Hollow, after ten years. Not a happy choice. Her father is undergoing difficult treatment for cancer and she needs to help with the family. She left with a heavy heart. Her return is mixed with joy seeing her family and friends and constant reminders of the reason she left. This is a small town full of witches with different powers,

Seeing her high school sweetheart gives more confusion. He is still hot and pulls to her yet he moved on, didn't he? Besides she has--had--a boyfriend. Where does that leave them? What secret pain does she carry that inhibits her healing powers?

I love the audio. The narration is amazing. Ms. Zackman transitions from character to character giving each a separate personality. The storyline will bring humor, tears, family loyalty and closeness, as well as showing all the different kinds of love. A wonderful world of witches. In the end, I am so glad this is a romance because I know they will end together. Won't they?

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-15-18

Anyway You Bury It

Cookie doesn't like being estranged from Dylan, the best-looking handyman ever. She's determined to fix it. Something, usually a dead someone, always seems to get between them just when things start to heat up. No exception this time. With the lack of experienced policing, she's at it again. She and her ex--partner. Dylan isn't going to be happy to see her working with Hunter again.
Between solving the murder and trying to figure out how she feels about two men, Cookie is busy. That's not counting her BFF and hippy mom's interference. The Who-Done-It hits close this time. Can they find the culprit? If she does will she live through it? She's gonna need to make her mind up about one of those guys so he can keep her warm. Will she?

Another Secret Seal Isle experience. The characters are still being characters. The men are still hot and the little town just lost another resident. Lucky you get to Listen and enjoy. The Narration is perfect for these characters and the storyline one that will keep you listening to the end.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-11-18

Fan favorite visit to dragons.

I love to revisit characters I've grown to care about in previous stories. This is my all-time favorite. The Mckenzies, Finn & Arabella and the triplets and so many more.

The excitement stems from multi sources, as we can always expect from Ms. Donovan. We've got births, frenzies, surprise visitors, precocious dragon babies, those dragons and their internal input, and of course, a McKenzie dinner.

We get to experience the love of mate and family, the stress of leadership, and the joy or hijinks of siblings and mates. This is one book that is best experienced after reading other Lochguard books as the disclaimer suggests: "This isn't a stand-alone story. Please listen to Healed by the Dragon (Stonefire Dragons fourth book) first. I would highly suggest enjoying the other books in the Lochguard series as well."

The narration is spectacular. The different accents, transistion between accents and characters! Loved them all.

When you finish the audio you'll heave a big happy sigh. It's just one of those stories.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-30-18

Craved by the Dragon

As a total fan of the books and audios, I worried about a new narrator. No need. Gary Furlong is great. His accents are understated so totally believable. The story is one that will capture your heart. A strong alpha dragonman has no memory of his life or the dragon who has always been a part of him. Amazing world building. Only one woman has no expectation for the return of memories. While they are paired to aid each other, can they find a new life together? Will the efforts to correct the effects of the poison that took his dragon and former life be found?
Each book from Ms. Donovan is a marvel. Her world of dragon shifters is filled with strong men and women sharing their bodies and minds with unbelievable creatures of strength. The politics of this world where they try to live in peace with humans is as complicated as the world we live in today.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-12-18

Walk on the Dead Side

Any book that has me laughing out loud on page one has got to be a winner! I'll just let you listen to find out what had me laughing. Cookie/Charlie is one lucky lady—or is she? Two hot guys. Both interested in her. All she had to do is choose one. Not so easy. At the end of the last book, she thought it would be Dylan, her handyman. They just couldn't seem to make it through date number one. Another case interrupts their date. Drugs. When it escalated she had to call in her ex-partner from the FBI, Hunter. Man number two. While she is out trying to solve the case and ignore the feelings Hunter is generating in her, Dylan could be cooling off.

The steam is more of the tension kind, there is a good love triangle working. You get characters you want to win but you can't choose between the guys either. Poor Cookie. Danger, twists, unexpected culprits, and an ending you won't guess. Another good offer from the team of Lucy Quinn. I recommend it.

The Narration is great. Just enough New England accent not overdone. Each character has a unique tone and flavor. Great job.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-11-18

Second time around

Good start to the series Logan, one triplet brother in a security business they start to honor their murdered father, finds his teenage love again. He thought she'd dumped him while he was away. Iin the army. What he learns is right up his line. Is he too late to get her back or even save her?

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