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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-14-18

GREAT book, good narration

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book.

Flynn joins Blaine's paranormal research group, and they visit an abandoned hospital. Things get real creepy and the guys are faced with a possession, a haunting a tragic love story and a twist I did not see coming!

Another one of those books that kinda creeps up on ya and you have no idea, not a single clue about how its all gonna go down!

While there is immediate attraction between Blaine and Flynn, it takes a while for them to act on it.

The story of Room 204 builds at an even pace and there were points where I had to rewind, and double check that Blaine had in fact, called Flynn David. The story of Room 204 (that's how I heard it, with a capital R, if that makes sense!) did not play out how I was expecting it to!

It's a little . . . fluffier. . . than other books I've read of Michael (Three Wishes) but it is a DreamSpun Beyond and they are generally so. Just enough heat and passion between Blaine and Flynn to keep the heat level high, but not scorching. Right for this book.

Kenneth Obi narrates.

Mostly, I enjoyed Obi's narration. His reading voice is clear and deep and he got over the emotions of Blaine and Flynn in all the right ways, in all the right places.

His voice for the 204 ghost comes across as really REALLY nasty in some places, though, and that is probably why I did not see that ending coming at me.I thought the ghost was going to be a bit more vengeful.

And the voices Obi gives to Blaine and Flynn are far too similar for my crappy hearing to make out the difference between them, so I struggled a bit keeping up with conversations between them

BUT!!! I will give Obi another go, as this is the first of his work I listened to.

5 stars for the book
4 stars for the narration
4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-14-18

excellent narration of a great book.

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the audio version of this book.

Brock never got over Eric leaving him, but he understood why Eric needed to go. When Eric calls, 9 years later, Brock drops everything and calls upon his considerable resources to find Eric's 3 year old daughter , who has been kidnapped. But having Eric and Josie under his roof, to keep them safe, has Brock thinking about all the things he missed out on.

I loved this!!

Brock loved Eric, never stopped so of course he's gonna help him find his daughter! I loved that, right from Eric turning up at his office, Brock is calling him baby. I don;'t usually, so it surprised me here that I did love it! I think it surprised Brock too, the first time he did it!

Brock makes no apologies for his wealth and power and he pulls no punches in using both to keep Eric and Josie safe, and in finding out who is doing this.

But we don't get Eric, at all. This is told entirely from Brock's POV in the third person. And I really REALLY needed to hear from Eric at key points along the way: when Josie is first discovered gone; when he walks into Brock's office and when he finds out just who is behind it all. This is the only reason I gave the book 4 stars, because Eric is not given a voice, and he needed one.

I loved the supporting cast, especially Max and Gordon. They have a tale to tell, not least because of what goes down here!

Jeff Gelder narrates. This is the first, as far as I can see, that I have listened to of his work and I was very impressed. His reading voice is deep and even, and his voices consistent and easily identifiable in multi person conversations. Loved his voice for Josie, who sounded just like a 3 year old should, with all the funny things they say. Gelder gets over all of Brock's emotions in all the right places.

I cannot fault the narration. Gelder is firmly on my to listen list!

4 stars for the book
5 stars for the narration.
4.5 (rounded down to 4) overall.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 02-28-18

4 star book with 5 star narration!

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted both the ebook and audio file of this book.

This is book two in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Andrew and Joel from book one take part here, and I loved that, but you don't need their story to follow this one.

Gilbert is in town for Andrew and Joel's engagement party. He fins solace in Walden, the man who catches his eye at the gym. But it will only ever be sex for Gilbert, right? He doesn't do relationships. Neither does Walden, but it creeps up on them both and neither wants to walk, or commit. But they both have a dark past. Can they overcome that??

I said in my review for book one, The Palisade, that I was looking forward to Gilbert's story, and I was not disappointed.

His past, the one he ran from town for, smacks him in the face every time he comes back to town. And he hates being in Lavender Shores for that reason. But he won't let Andrew, his best friend, down. Meeting Walden, and then discovering his profession, and then Gilbert STILL not being able to walk away, is a shock to his system. Walden's past has a darker undertone and one that could well have been a deal breaker but Gilbert is like...and??

I loved how both men fought hard against their feelings! Loved that they battled with their innermost desires and insecurities. Loved that they were able to overcome it all.

Again written in the first person, from both men. Because I KNEW this going in, I was aware and able to set my mind in the right place, cos lord knows, I say it often enough that i don't like first person books!! But because I KNEW that, I really did enjoy it. And you do get a better sense of the person in the first. Not sure I would have got it all from a third person book. huh. Check me out! Might actually be getting over it!

I've filed this on the Over 18 shelf, because there are some darker undertones, and some might find them difficult to read. Nothing is described in great detail, but you are told about them.

I have book three, The Veranda, to read shortly. That is Donovan's book, Gilbert's therapist. I loved their interaction here. I look forward to getting into Donovan's mind!

Creeping up to 4 stars

Audio Review

Kirt Graves continues to narrate this series. And he is growing on me!

He manages to get across things that I miss when reading, the depth of his emotions is powerful and comes across amazingly well. I do find, more and more, I'm enjoying LISTENING to first person books, and that can only be because of the outstanding narration of those books.

Graves voices for Gilbert and Walden are just what I heard in my head (do you do that? hear people talking in your head when you are reading?? ) when I read this book. When Joel and Andrew pop up, the voices are consistent from The Palisade. I had no trouble keeping up with multi person conversations.

When Walden tells Gilbert what he did, Graves manages to pull out all the stops and I cried at that bit! I knew it was coming, of course, but I wasn't prepared for it, actually hearing it in Walden's voice.

I cannot wait to see what Graves does with Donovan and Spencer (book3) but I'm especially keen to get my hands on Lamont and Tyler's story (book4)

4 stars for the book
5 stars for the narration
4.5 stars overall

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-19-17

3 good stars, upgraded to 4!

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Heir to a coffee shop empire, Joel is in Lavender Shores to secure a property for their flagship store. Andrew was only supposed to be a bit of fun while in town. But then the overnight stay turns into a weekend, and Joel finds himself in far deeper with Andrew than he ever imagined could be; Joel knows when he leaves, and he HAS to leave, it won't only break Andrew's heart, Joel's will be shattered too.

First person, multi point of view is not my most favourite way for a book to be written but I quite liked it here. Didn't love it, but I liked it. It got me a little more into both man's mind.

While It's very clear that Joel is hiding something from Andrew, it's not immediately clear what that is. I liked being kept waiting.

I'm not one for declarations of love so early on, and it happens here. Put me off a little bit, to be honest.

BUT! major points for not shortened Andrew, not at all!

A really easy read, one of those you can fall into, and lose the world around you, and before you know it, you've finished the book and it did not seem like the 200 odd pages listed on Goodreads. A touch long for a usual hangover cure book, but it landed in my queue just at the right time to be classed as one. I've filed it as such.

I have book two to read shortly. I am looking forward to that because there are hints here to what happened to Gilbert, Andrew's best friend. And I want to know more. I'm thinking, from those hints, that book might have a little more bite.

3 GOOD solid stars.

Audio Review.
Kirt Graves narrates this book.

I tried to listen to another of his work and I did not like it. Not because of the narration, that was because of the other book. So I was a little wary going in, but I am so glad I gave him another chance!
I am finding, much to my surprise, I am loving listening to first person/multi point of view books! Strange because I don't usually like to READ books written like that. But I LOVED Graves' narration here!
His voices for Andrew and Joel were clearly different, and each chapter was told in the respective voice required. Graves reading voice is deep and even, and other voices are clearly defined, and I had no trouble following multi person conversations. He managed to get across all the emotions that I maybe missed reading. Because I found I enjoyed this book so much more by listening to it!
And because of that, I'm upgrading my original star rating for the book from 3 to 4 stars.
4 stars for the book,
4 stars for the narration
4 stars overall.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-25-17

so freaking awesome, and such awesome narration!

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book.

I usually write a blurby bit but for this one I'm gonna jump straight in, with an apology up front if I gush too much.

So, I went on holiday, and there I am, poolside, listening to this book. Oh, I CANNOT separate the book from the narration, I simply can't!. So, I'm poolside. I'm thinking this is good, I like this. Then I really don't like this, its making me cry! Its making me cheer, and making cry again, and its making sit straight upright, and shout, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! And its making me cry again. And people came up to me, asking if I was okay, cos let me tell ya, I was bawling my bloody eyes at this book!!

Brett's heart break at losing Walt 3 years ago jumps off the page from the very beginning. His battle with himself comes over with every letter and song he wrote after Walt's death. It comes over with every emotion as Nick J. Russo narrates them, and reads the letters and songs. Brett's fight with himself to give in to love again, to let someone else in, after so much heart ache comes at you, in random places along the way, that just breaks your own heart for him!

JT, the kid, has attraction for Brett from the beginning, and I loved that he lets Brett take the time he needs, that JT is so patient with Brett and his yoyo-ing back and forth. Loved how JT himself was so heart broken when Brett found out what JT had done.

As I said, I simply CANNOT split the narration from the story itself. I have no doubt, none at all, had I READ this book, it would still have been a 5 star read, but so much of the emotions can't be portrayed when reading. THAT can only come from a highly skilled narrator, and Russo is such a master at his craft. I have listened to his work before, and loved all of them, but this one has to be my all time favourite.

Its the way Russo reads Klein's work, because, without HER words, Russo wouldn't be able to give over such emotion and heart break, and such joy again, once Brett finally, FINALLY lets JT in.

There is, at the very end of the book, a song Brett writes for JT. I don't usually use bits from books in my reviews, but I felt the need to do it here. These words touched me, possibly more so than the rest of the book, no idea why, but they did, and they NEEDED to be included.

SO I give you...

A Song For The Kid, by K-Lee Klein

One hundred miles from Dallas
On a ranch southwest of town
An old heart battered and broken
Was somehow saved and found

They had nothing much in common
A burnt-out musician and a college boy
One from California
And the other Southern as a belle is coy

But an interfering mama
And an old cowboy with a quiet way
Saw fit to toss them together
And the rest is history as they say

Well, the musician he was stubborn,
Determined his heart would never beat again
But the kid was kind and patient
Didn’t give up on what could have been

I was lucky to find true love once
When I was barely that California boy’s age
Self-condemned to toss my heart and soul
Beside my lover in his dark, lonely grave

But now I understand the meaning
Behind it’s better to have loved and lost
Because there’s room in my heart for my beloved departed
And for the new feelings that kid has caused

So it’s with a hopeful heart and willing spirit
I’m begging for a lot more time
Because there’s nothing as important in my life
Than needing that kid to be mine.

And though I don’t believe in marital bliss
Or in ceremonies trumped up for show
If you’ll take my hand I can promise you
I’ll never let you go

I don’t have a whole lot to offer
Someone with so much potential drive
Just a bare-open, battered heart
And an old guitar with a long-ago country vibe
But I can vow to love you
With every inch of my soul
With this bandaged heart
And just one important goal

Please be my partner in life
My friend at my side
The one I turn to during the day
The one I hold at night

I wanna make you feel as loved
As the warmth I have inside
I wanna hold you so close to me
Our hearts beating side by side

I promise to love and honor
And try to see things your way
I promise, Darlin’, to love you
Forever and a day

So please be my partner in life
My friend at my side
The one I turn to during the day
The one I hold at night
’Cause without you I’m cold
I’m shut down and alone
I can’t seem to function
And my heart turns to stone

So please be my partner in life
My friend at my side
The one I turn to during the day
The one I hold at night
I’ll hold back the sun
Or steal the moon from the sky
I’ll sail you round the world
And together we’ll fly

So will you be my partner?
Will you be the love at my side?
Will you be the one I turn to all day?
Will you be the one I hold at night?
I love you, kid, with all my heart
From morning to night, from dusk to dawn
All I need is a chance
For our hearts to become one
Let me show you how much love
You make me feel every day
I’m completely in love with you, Darlin’
So please—what do ya say?

And FIVE full stars for the book AND the narration. I cannot express who much i freaking loved this book!!!

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and now I'm blubbering again, just reading the song words!!

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-25-17

excellent narration, loved the book

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my AUDIO copy of this book.

William hires Mike's fishing boat twice a year to just get away from it all., from the job he has begun to hate. Running the family business was never what he wanted to do. His time on Mike's boat is precious, because it's MIKE he comes for, not really the fishing. Mike looks forward to William's visits, because he has had feelings for William since that first time. But he could never act on those feelings. Living and working in a small town has major draw backs and he has his daughter and his mother to look out for. It takes a hurricane for these men to act on their feelings and there is a lot of water to cross before they can be truly happy.

Andrew Grey has a way of writing that no other has, and I LOVED this first book in a new series.

William has feelings for Mike and vice versa. One bolt of lightening, one heated look and its only a matter of time before they finally give in to their feelings. I understood Mike's hesitancy to out himself, he has his daughter and his mother to look after but it had been so very very long since Mike allowed himself to feel, to have a connection to a man, and he really couldn't fight any more. And its beautiful, their coming together, really it is!!

I love William's mum and dad turning up on his "vacation" and Mike's reaction to William telling his parents of their relationship was a priceless moment! I also love the unexpected turn of events for his parents, and how that made William see them in a different light.

Couple questions I am left with though. It never fully explains about Mike's friend in the Navy, and what happened to him. While I can piece it mostly together, I would like to have had the full details. And the coin Mike's daughter found? What happened with that.

Bonus points for not shortening William to Will, not once!

AUDIO review.

Greg Tremblay narrates.

And, really, need I say more? I mean, the man could narrate the bloody phone book, and I'd love it!

I love the way Tremblay has with voices. William and his parents are very proper and upper class, and Mike, his daughter and mom are much softer, smoother voices. It makes for easy listening, because I don't have to concentrate too hard on making out who is speaking and I can just lose myself in the narration.

Tremblay's reading voice is clear and even, and you can feel the emotions coming off each man. A true joy to listen to.

5 stars for the book
5 stars for the narration
5 stars overall.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-24-17

awesome narration of an awesome book!

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book.

Devon finds Chase, tied to a St Andrews Cross, in his club, being badly whipped and Devon sees red. After taking Chase down and looking after him, Devon gets some of why Chase was being punished so harshly, and again sees red. Because the man who has held Chase as nothing more than a slave and prisoner for 7 years, is the same man who beat Devon to a pulp when he was just starting out in the lifestyle. What started as a case of after care, quickly becomes something much more, for both men, but Devon knows, to keep Chase safe, he is going to have to let him go.

Don't you just LOVE it when a book totally surprises in ways you didn't see coming!!

I knew this was going to be a painful listen, both physically and emotionally, but i didn't fully understand just how painful it was going to be.

Written from both Devon and Chase's point of view, we get it all. We get deep into the emotional scars Chase from his 7 years at the hands of Kingston. We get deep into Devon's psyche as a Dom and a Master, but equally, as just a man, who finds himself letting go of the one man who could make him whole, just to keep Chase safe.

I was shocked how it all went down with Kingston, but given the level of madness that man possessed, I don't think either Chase or Devon would have been really safe had it gone down any other way.

And I love loved LOVED that it was CHASE who pushed Devon to come get him! Loved that Chase corned Devon, come get me, or I'm moving on. And THAT was what Devon needed to hear, to make him see that that he needed Chase in his life, his bed and his heart.

First I've read/listened of Ms Sutherland's work, hope it's not the last!


John Anthony Davis narrates.

This is, as far as I can see, the first of Davis' work I've listened to. Other than a tendency to pause in random places, in the middle of sentences, I loved the way he performed this book.

His reading voice is deep and clear, and I had no trouble catching everything he said. His voices are distinctive and easily definable, making it easy to know who was talking without being told. And it seemed to me, while very VERY young sounding at the beginning, Chase's voice became older in the time he was with Devon. Like he grew up really quickly. I liked that, might just be me though!

Davis pulls off the intense emotions in this book incredibly well. It was painful listening, I can only imagine how painful reading it would be.

I will certainly look for more of Davis' work to listen to.

5 stars for the book
4.5 stars for the narration, but only because of the random pausing

rounded up to five stars overall.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-19-17

awesome narration of an awesome book!

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO file of this book.

I usually write about the book, then the narration but I'm finding more and more, doing it the other way round or being unable to split the two.

I cannot split the two here.

I LOVED this!! It is both the first of Z. Allora (author) and Jonathan Waters (narrator) I have listened to and together they make for compelling listening!

Zack wanted to be seen by Andrew. His first thought when they meet was "His. Serve. Kneel" (more on this little bit in a mo) But Andrew thinks Zack is too young, and being not quite 18, he is still. When Andrew denies Zack what he needs, Zack hides his submission, and becomes the perfect Dom. A charity auction gives Andrew the opportunity to show Zack that somewhere along the line, his feelings grew to something he can no longer fight.

Waters narration is, quite possibly, the best I've listened to for quite some time. His portrayal of Zack, as he grows, as he learns his craft, as he constantly fights his feeling for Drew, is stunning. Zack has these one liner thoughts "His. Serve. Kneel" and at first, I found them annoying, BUT!!! once I got over that, I did actually look forward to not knowing when they would pop up.

Andrew, too, has these, but they aren't as common as Zack's and, are very different. Waters voice for Drew is perfect.

I loved all Water's voices for the various characters, and it made for very easy listening in multi person conversations. His reading voice is clear and deep and even, with a hint of an accent I could not put my finger on from where.

I loved the way Allora spins a tale. This is, I think, the first in a series, and there are a couple of characters who piqued my interest. And I'm also intrigued by the guys in the band that Zack and Andrew's brothers play in. I want to read their stories too!

Putting both Allora and Waters firmly on my wish lists....

5 stars for the book
5 stars for the narration
5 stars overall

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-13-17

best one of three!

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book.

Book three in the series, but you don't need the others for this to make sense. I loved book one, book two was not quite as good, but this one?? THIS BOOK?? By far the best of the three!

Why?? I can only assume that Abe Behr himself, as the only voice in this book, that made this book for me. He shines, he really does.

Usually I'll write a separate bit for the book and then a bit for the narration, but I can't split it here.

David Ross' portrayal of Abe is just brilliant. He gives us Abe's slow growing affection then attraction to Jeff. Abe's dawning knowledge on who is pulling a fast one with his company. Abe's realization that he, and indeed, his brothers, need a life outside of Behr Construction. And we are shocked when Abe stands up and announces to the town meeting what he does. I loved that bit, because we had no idea what was coming!

Also, I usually prefer my male/male books on the more explicit side. HOWEVER, this one is, again, like one and two, totally clean. And you know what?? I'm really REALLY enjoying that they are just so.

I gave book one 5 stars because I thought it too cute, and book two got 4 stars because I really didn't like Fredi so much. I think I loved this one a little more than book one, but not because it was too cute. I loved it because it carries a little more emotion, it delves a little deeper, because Abe got to the grand old age he does, and was still a virgin. Because I did not see that coming, I tell ya, I really didn't!

5 stars for the book
5 for the narration
5 overall

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-13-17

not quite as good as book one

Any additional comments?

Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the AUDIO version of this book.

Max needs helps remodeling his cabin. It's just brown and shades there of. Fredi takes up the challenge. And they both get more than they bargained for.

This is book two in the Foothills Pride series and you don't need to have read/listened to book one, What's In A Name for this one to make sense. I have and I loved that one, it was just too stinking cute!

But this one didn't quite hit that mark and I don't know why!

It is, again, told in the 1st person, single point for view, and it's Fredi who gets a say/
I also think it's because Max didn't have a say. And Max really needed a say, he makes such life changing decisions here. I needed to know why he approached Fredi, to know why he came out as he did. I just NEEDED Max, and we don't get him.

Again, totally clean, but I'm not missing it! However, the bigots in the Foothills are getting restless and they turn deadly here.

Still, a great little short, 98 pages, hence the hangover tag.

David Ross again narrates.

While enjoying listening to this for the most part, Fredi's voice grated on my nerves. I've no idea why, I guess some voices just do.

David Ross' voices for Jimmy and Guy are consistent from their book, and I had no problem defining who was speaking in multi person conversations.

Ross' reading voice is clear and even, and apart from Fredi's voice, I liked how he portrayed Fredi and Max.

Just shy of 3 hours listening time.

4 stars for the story (because we don't get Max)
4 stars for the narration (because of Fredi's voice)

so, 4 stars overall.

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