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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-20-18

Very good book

The story is very engaging ,with interesting characters & a very believable world. The main character Thor is a little prideful, very naive & too corny at times. However, he is a likable character that you want to see succeed. His corny behavior stems from his being overly grateful for any little compliment, attention or assistance and his self deprecating manner. There were more than a few contradictions in the story such as, after the brothers man friend stabbed his father , the eldest legitimate prince saw that his door was opened & ran to shut it, making sure a beam was locked in place on the door. They heard a loud knock on the door & guards burst through the door.... This was not a breaking down of the door, but a pushing open of the door. How can that be when it was barred shut by a beam like device?? There were several obvious contradictions like this. However, the book was so good, I really did not care too much about these small inconsistencies. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series, to see the unfolding of Thor’s magic , his true lineage, and the man he will become. 5 stars for this book bundle.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-27-17


I love this audio bible. I can’t look at the Bible in the same way after listening to this. It brings greater meaning & understanding to each word. The Dramatizations & tasteful music allows me to delve into & feel the words of Yahuah. Certain chapters, especially in the book of Psalms are so tremendously beautiful and well done, they brought tears to my eyes. This audio bible is perfect in every way except one: it would be perfection if the true name of the most high, (God- is a title not a name, the same goes for Lord) his son ( Jesus/ Iesus- is a false pagan name )& all the biblical persons, places & things were included in this bible. Right now I just speak out the real names while I am listening in order to give the verses power. Besides restoring the names, this Bible is highly recommended, it will give you joy.

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