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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-21-18

Lover Reborn

This is not the first time reading this book and it won’t be the last.
Tohr had my heart from the beginning he was always one of the brothers I liked most. I don’t know if it was the way he was with Wellsie or what, but he was just special and when Wellsie passed and Tohr did that poof thing, I wasn’t mad. I know a lot of people are made he left JM behind but he lost the love of his life in such a horrific manner. What good would he have been to JM at that time?

This book you know something was going to happen with No’One but I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out. She is punishing herself for her choices she mad in the past. He is punishing himself for not being there for Wellsie.

But they shared this connection, maybe because she was saved by him and Darius I don’t know or was it because he took care of her until she had Xhex. I guess we will never know but now with her showing up its got Tohr in a tails spin that’s for sure.

“It takes true courage to break through the past.”

How true is this quote for the book they both have to break through to get to the other side of their pasts.
We find out why Lassiter is hanging around and it breaks my heart. He is there to save Wellsie and their young get to the fade because she got stuck in the in-between.
I love all of Lassiter’s-isums... He has some of the very best lines.

“Sh -- it. I missed Maury, but I DVR’d Ellen.”

“I bought us all big mac’s.”

“Besides no Maury in heaven.”

“Plus this place has cable.”

Watching No’One become Autumn was sweet and I loved it. Her first feeding was something too.
Not only her connection with Tohr but also watching her be a mother figure of sorts and the relationship grow.
My favorite quote by Autumn.

“My daughter, my beautiful strong, worthy daughter.”

And come on the motorcycle scene with Xhex – EPIC!
So yes I cried at the end of this book it was emotional, you saw the struggle it was for both Autumn and Tohr to not only come together but find love. So when all was said and done and what happened, happened… I bawled, there I said it are you happy lol…

Now to Lover at Last people!

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-19-18

Blaze of Memory

I found this book to be a lot slower to get me hooked than any of the other books. I enjoyed their story but it isn’t my favorite.

The discovery we make at the end of the book is worth it though. That made me smile.

Again I am a fan of the narration now that I am used to it.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-18-18


Court is a character you are immediately intrigued by and boy is Maggie intrigued. But what I loved was so was Court, Maggie doesn’t see it… At least not at first.

Maggie’s fear of height, well I can relate. I think what I loved was that Court understands but shows her these incredible views but is also aware of her fear.

“Other people can check a single box. Not me. Guess I’m just trying to find my box.” - Maggie

Court really got her to think about what she wanted and even if she didn’t realize it right away. He helped her become the true Maggie. I kind of loved that.

‘His compliments nudged open a small place in my heart, and I smiled at him, grateful.’ – Maggie’s thoughts.

We need to seriously just take a minute and appreciate Court and all his physique… Sigh the way she describes him damn it’s such a clear picture in my mind. Is it wrong I want my hubby to grow a beard? Like RIGHT NOW... Giggles... Seriously…

This thought I kind of feel like could go both ways he saw her, but she saw him too.
‘But he also opened me up and made me find myself. He saw me, he made me see myself.’ – Maggie’s thoughts

Leslie can also make you like the second-hand characters just as much as the main ones. Ian and Matt are guys I would like to chill with. Ian is just the right amount of comic relief. And the girls are pretty awesome too.

I enjoyed the narration, Court's voice is lush and delicious, and Maggie’s voice is how I thought of her in my head. Though sometimes I feel like the narrator overdoes it. But you can get over that.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-18-18

Branded by Fire

I saw this pair coming from a mile away and I loved it!! Mercy seems soo growly, and claws but you can feel her want for something more. But she can’t surrender who she is and the “right” one for her needs to understand this about her.

So the attraction to the wolf really is something she fights not only is he the wrong kind of changeling but he is just as strong-willed as she is. So she knows he will challenge her cat but will it be too much? That is really the issue.

Riley thinks he knows what he wants but what he didn’t count on was that the wolf would connect with the cat like it does. And it worried him because he knows Mercy isn’t submissive at all and he always thought of himself with someone who was.

The struggle they go through and the attraction they fight and give in to make this book explosive.

I loved it and the narration was like the rest of them awesome now that I am invested and used to it.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-17-18

The Bitterroot Inn

I have to admit I was worried, the last 2 book were just ok for me. But I LOVED the first 2 and well I was invested in this series so I had to see how it was going to play out.

I am so glad I took the leap this book is as good as the first two in my opinion.

Maisy is a favorite of mine and someone I wanted to get her HEA from very early on. I am kind of glad she was the last book because she had time to grow as a character and we got to see it. Her book is everything I hoped it would be and more.

I loved Coby, he was the cutest little kid ever. I am a huge fan when authors add kids into the mix and not only that but when they are rooted in the story and not thought of as a side character.

When we meet Hunter you just have this feeling that he is going to mend Maisy’s heart and she doesn’t even know it yet. What hooked me was the way he was with Coby and you can feel the love he has for him right away.

Sigh so glad I listened to this book and the narration… Oh, it will sweep you off your feet. Fantastic choice in the narration.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-16-18

Hostage to Pleasure

Well I wasn’t expecting that!!!

Dorian is a character I loved right away; I loved how smooth he was. Though he couldn’t change into his leopard he never showed how much that had to have bothered him. He seemed to just accept it and who wouldn’t fall for a guy like that.

When we meet Ashaya you’re really not sure of her. She helped the kids, yes and she had enough feelings to want her son to get out. But she is a Psy and you just don’t really know them or trust them.

Her need to protect is so strong that is what drew me to like her. And then when Dorian couldn’t and wouldn’t let anyone else guard her. Well that was it for me, I knew then that they were meant to be and even if that meant the worst I felt like these two could make anything work. Especially when we get that first scene of Ashaya with her son.. Omg my heart melted into butter.

The bond Dorian, Ashaya, and her son have is so sweet. If I wasn’t sunken hook line and sinker before that would have cinched it for me.

Oh, that ending.. my heart will never recover, such joy.

Again the narration once you’re used to it you’re used to it and I can’t imagine anyone else narrating this series.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-16-18

Mine to Possess

What a great twist! Shocked it what comes to mind, somehow I never thought a human would come to play in these books but I am so very glad it did.

Talin is a strong-willed person and her struggle with what is happening not only to her but to the kids in her charge is what made me love her character. She is willing to do anything to get them back.

Clay is kind of dangerous but when he is around Talin no matter how mad he is at her from their past he is still a big softy when it comes to her and all he wants to do is make her safe/better. I loved this about him so very much.

I again am loving the narration now that I know what to expect.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-14-18


We have to talk about the narration first, I am a fan of Ava’s but she just brought something else to this performance I can’t explain it. But I loved it.

This story is real, and that is why it was so hard to put down. Her heart was all in and it was her head that needed to get in the picture.

For me, I am not an angst kind of girl especially if there is dramalama but I am happy to report no dramalama just the realness of life and the angst that goes with it.

This story will suck you in and not let you out till the very end and these are the books we all live for. You root for this person then your rooting for that person and in the end, you’re not sure who to root for but you're happy with the ending. That is exactly how this book chewed me up and spit me out.

A must read, really.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-14-18

Lover Unleashed

I love that Manny is human and that even though he gets the scenes that all these big warriors are something else he still stands up to V. That gets huge points in my book.

I love the connection between Manny and Payne is almost comes off the pages. Even before surgery, when Payne is scared out of her brain and Manny, is this solid support there connection is just so special.

Poor Manny his body wasn’t letting him just be… ‘he was done servicing it. So he had to tie it up’
Cough yeah poor little Manny.
After doing the surgery and knowing he was going to have to forget. Braiding his card into her hair was special and I felt bad when she had to leave it behind.
And oh god when his own brain wouldn’t let him forget it was starting to really affect him. Wow, that what hear breaking to read. You can’t be a surgeon if you're losing your mind.

We see a lot of V and Jane and coming to terms with things from his past and her essentially being a ghost and all that implies. V getting so upset with Jane is practically tells her to leave like that. Yeah, we get to see a lot with these two.

Layla’s acceptance of Qhuinn is utterly beautiful and brought a tear to my eye.

Omg and I have to say after V found Manny and Payne in the shower. Lmao doing the ping pong off the walls cause he was blinded! LOVED that lmao.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-14-18

The Outpost

I liked the story of Beau & Sabrina, I feel like he was there just when Sabrina needed someone like him.

Beau was the hero of this story for me; he was why I keep on listening. I liked Sabrina but she took more time for me to enjoy.

Mountain man & the city girl it works and getting the city girl to find and appreciate the outdoors is sweet and totally romance worthy.

I enjoyed the narration! Aiden Snow is delicious and well Ava Erickson is fabulous.

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