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Reviewed: 02-22-11

Gawd Awful

Initially, very briefly, a WikiLeak inside story seemed interesting. In order to save you the cost of the audiobook, here is my synopsis. The theme: imagine if the Heaven’s Gate cultists meet up at Jonestown, put on Darth Vader Costumes, and hold a Star Trek convention. To that degree, maybe, it is interesting that the driving force apparent for the author is primarily a cult of personality for its leader. The plot: 1) The greatest, most super duper, smartest, awe inspiring brilliant super being ever—ever—is Julian Assange, formerly known as super hacker “Mendax”. 2) The author drools his deepest, flamingest admiration for Mendax, I mean Assange. 3) Mendax fires the author from WikiLeaks, leaving him smitten and so mad. 4) The author pens this audiobook to expose Assange as a terrible person: 9 hours and 32 long minutes of vacuous whiney drivel. Rating: No Stars

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