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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-21-18

Another great addition to the Hart Family Saga

I love this series by Rachelle Ayala. It is one of her sweeter stories. The Harts are a large family and this is the story of Cait, the oldest Hart sister. Cait is the only redhead, the other two sisters have blonde hair and blue eyes, the boys are brunettes. Cait has always felt like she didn't belong and tried to become an actress when she was young, getting into some trouble with her high school sweetheart. Brian and her married young at the courthouse, now planning both her sister's big weddings she feels a bit left out once again. Her and Brian's relationship is different, more of an arrangement between them. She understands Brian's autism and need for alone time, besides they have a secret.
Brian goes away at Christmas to the Hart family cottage and to do something he needs to do, another secret he has, one Cait doesn't know.
I absolutely loved this story. I had my doubts I was going to like Brian after reading other books he was in, knowing how he treated Cait. BUT, once I found out why, I felt for him and was eager to see how this story would turn out. I wasn't disappointed. There is a lot of drama, a touch of mystery, some suspense, a sweet romance, a feisty boy, and cute chows!
Jennifer Groberg does a great job at narrating this story. She makes the story interesting and keeps you wanting to listen.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-17-18

One true love

I liked the bang-up way the book started with a wacky charity party that introduces Levi and his upstart Event planning business. We also meet his asshole ex and his new boyfriend. We meet Levi's mother Ruby and his best friend and business associate Valerie. Ruby keeps firing nurses and Levi meets Jake the paramedic. There are immediate sparks, they have the first date then... we meet Jake's boyfriend.
Then the story slows down. It's still interesting but mostly about the two men becoming friends and fighting their attraction and budding feelings. For those of you adverse to cheating in romance don't be alarmed. There is none here.
I loved the characters, Levi is funny and Angelo his new hire is sexy and also a wild character. I admit I rooted for them to hook up.. I hope I see Angelo sometimes in the future! The story has many funny elements, such as Levi's drunken night. I laughed until I cried. Levi's silliness makes a great contrast to the angst in the story as well. I also thought it was romantic, though don't expect steamy bedroom scenes.
I liked the narration as well. Jason Frazier has a soft, easy to listen to voice and his snort-laugh really was awesome! I recommend this if you are looking for a sweet, funny romance.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-13-18

I fell for Casanova!

I love this cover and title. The book itself had ups and downs for me.
Tristan is one of my favorite ups, as well as several secondary characters, Nick, Lily, and Bruno the tough cousin. Later in the book we get cute kids, Tristan's daughter and Joy's two sons which is always sweet, then we have not one but two cute dogs another up. The more Nick and Lily appeared the more I wanted their story. I fell in Tristan as soon as he appeared and the farther the book went on the more I loved him. Who wouldn't? He is a sexy cop on leave, he treats joy with respect and goes out of his way to win her heart ( and to be honest by mid-book if I had been Tristan I would have washed my hands of her) which brings me to one of my downs. Joy. In the beginning, I was unsure if I liked her. She shows up in her hometown after a messy divorce (though two years later) hasn't told her parents and doesn't have her kids. My first thoughts were why two years later and why would she leave her kids. There is a custody battle but if its been two years wouldn't this be settled? as the story progresses it felt like I was watching a tennis match as one minute she was all over Tristan then boom wanting space.
The story itself is pretty good, dealing with two parents, their life after divorce and starting life over. Another of my downs of the book was the sex. There is a lot of it. That isn't my issue as much as the cheesy wording, the light BDSM ( I felt this was just unnecessary fluff as the chemistry between Tristan and Joy was hot enough.)
The Narrator I liked. I give him props for taking on a story that is mostly in a woman's view and pulling it off.
To sum it up, this is a very good story of a second chance at life, moving on from hurt, starting over, coming home, and an allover good romance. It is fairly erotic so keep this in mind if a lot of sex is not your cup of tea.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-30-18

A great second chance with some mystery /suspense

Gage was once military now has his own security business. he is called to protect the one man he thought he would never see and the one that broke his heart.
Forge is in the middle of a nasty divorce when he finds his husband dead and his husband's office ransacked. His Lawyer and friend call on Gage's agency to protect him. Forge is shocked to see Gage and wonders why he never answered his letters.
I loved both men. the characters are well developed and the storyline is good. The suspense keeps you on your toes and there are a few twists.
Dorian Bane is a great narrator and I love how he brings his characters to life and keeps the story moving. I listened to this in one afternoon!

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-27-18

Day and Knight

Day and Knight is a good mystery suspense story.
Knight has secrets in his past and doesn't do field work and linger but his boss forces him back into the field with a new partner and new agent.
Day finally gets to go into the field but is saddled with a difficult partner and they have to go undercover on a gay cruise.

The characters are well developed, and the premise of the ga cruise is interesting. The job is also interesting though I would have liked just a little more action.
The narration is good. I like the voices for each character and pacing.
the sex is pretty hot once they get to it.
I really liked this story.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-23-18

a good finale

Hell Hath No Fury is the third installment of the Hell on Heels series. This book starts out back in time and really confused me then it skips to Elle now working in a hospital married and with a child. She only demon hunts part-time with her husband. That is until demon steps too far. I can't say much without giving away spoilers. I will say the action is fabulous as well as the love story portion.
My only issue with this book and series is that I think it would have been very good fleshed out into a full book. I also Liked this narrator much better than the last two.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-23-18

Hybrid angels and demon hunters

Dark Deliverance picks up five years from the first book. Elle is working in a preschool and still demon hunting as well. She meets a handsome man and finds out he is a fallen angel. Tagas puts them together until Peter's home is ready. There is a lot of women dying and Peter and Elle need to find out what demon is behind it.

This story is pretty good but still a bit short. We know nothing of what happened to Elle in the five years and not much about Peter. I think this story would have been so much better as a more developed full-length book. there is lots of potential.

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3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-23-18

Series buildup

When I read this blurb I was intrigued. the story had a lot of potentials, though I will admit when I saw the time of the audio I was dubious. I was right on both points.
The story does have potential but this is felt like a prologue. We meet Elle as a seventeen-year-old girl. We find out a little about her past then find out there is a deep dark secret she had no way of knowing that changes her life forever. The end is a little sad and leads us into the next book.
so if you like short, twists and demon hunters you will like this. all three books can be listened to in one afternoon.

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-23-18

An enjoyable story

Devlin has lost his bandmate and best friend and is still mourning the loss. He has quit the band, and ignores his bandmates calls, refusing to see them. He wants nothing more to do with music and is looking for a new career by going back to school and studying archaeology. He finds his professor the most fun thing about the class and loves getting under his skin though he would like to get the man under the covers.
Jack is surprised annoyed but intrigued by the new older student until he catches a glimpse of skin and knows right away who the man is. Lead singer of Negative Impressions, one of his favorite bands.
Fight it as he may they become friends since Jack refuses to get involved with a student. Plus Jack has a couple of secrets.

Banded together is beautifully written story of two men both with regrets. There is some angst and sadness as Devlin mourns his loss. The story is interesting and the buildup between the men slow. Its a story of life, change as they mature, loss and love.
If you love professors, punk band singers, more mature men, a little May/December (Devlin is older than Jack) a slow build with a tiny twist you will like this.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-21-18

Unique Characters and intriguing story

The Foxling Soldati is book two in the series but I think you could read it first, there is enough backstory to fill you in. However its good enough to read in order!
The Foxling Soldati is a unique shife book set in another world. There are kings, princes, wars, servants, romance, drama and all you could want.. I love all the characters. Chalie Cochet has a knack for developing interesting shifter characters and unique worlds.
Toka has served the king for centuries now he serves the prince, Riley. Foxlings are born into servitude and servants and Soldati are not allowed to mate. Raynor a Soldati warrior cannot help his feelings for Toka. The king of the bear shifters comes threatening what Toka and Rayner have.

The characters are amazing, the story intriguing, full of action, tensions and a touch of humor and sweetness with Rayner and Toka. Of course, there is some hot man-sex as well.

Manuel Pombo has a fabulous voice with a unique accent. He gives a very historical, foreign feel to each character's voice. He does a fabulous job narrating and voice acting this story

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