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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 08-24-17

A Painter's Journey

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It was interesting hearing Brian speak about his childhood and growth with relation to art. He has a true passion for all things artistic, there’s no denying that fact after listening to this book. Even in his book he paints the pictures of his life through the different experiences.
I found his explanation of bright and dull colors rather interesting. How the two are needed to create the perfect painting. His overall explanation of colors in general, some of his favorite colors combinations as well as his different color palettes. After listening to his book I have a new understanding of colors and everything they say, do, and mean depending on how they are used.
Overall this was an intriguing exploration of a painter’s life and how his life is influenced by everything he does and everyone he meets. After listening to his book I even found his YouTube channel so I could watch some of his paintings. They were as fascinating to watch as it was to listen to his book. I imagine that most painters would find this book educational and enlightening.

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-31-16

Unbelievable View into the Justice System

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I would highly recommend that everyone either listen to this audio book or read the book to get a glimpse into the Justice System.

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You hear so much about the Justice System and how it’s unfair and biased. You hear the stories of people falsely imprisoned and those that do not get as much time as they deserve. Donato Alfredano addresses these issues and so much more in the audio book version of his book, Real Men Wear Beige.

From the start of the book, Mr. Alfredano gives a frank and honest description of his experience in the Justice System. He paints an incredibly vivid picture of what life is like from the moment his incarceration started until his eventual release years later. There were times during the narrative that I was both stunned and disgusted by the conditions in which Mr. Alfredano lived and the events he viewed before him. He told stories about how other inmates landed behind bars. The stories of people imprisoned and sentenced compared to those set free astounded me more than once. His colorful descriptions of different prison fights, people who took revenge out on other inmates because of things they had said and done, were eye-opening, to say the least. In the case of Mr. Alfredano’s own revenge on a fellow inmate, I laughed.

Throughout the entirety of the audio book, I found myself horrified, disgusted, enlightened, and even amused at some of the events that took place during Mr. Alfredano’s time in the Justice System. Mr. Alfredano showed me how, like all places in society, people earned respect, developed friendships, and depended on one another for survival. For someone new to incarceration, I was impressed with how Mr. Alfredano handled himself and interacted with his fellow detainees and inmates. After listening to the entire audio book, something I did in one day, I hoped that by sharing his experience with the world Mr. Alfredano might start a conversation that would lead to much needed changes to the Justice System.

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