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Another Scalzi "Choose your own narrator"

A few years ago, John Scalzi got halfway through a contemporary sci-fi he was writing when he realized he hadn’t yet committed to the gender of the protagonist. So he decided to just go with it . . . he wrote the book as if the detective in his alternate reality could be any gender. And it worked! Lock In was a great story, both a procedural and a fully developed alternate reality. Here at Audible, we decided to cast the book with both a male narrator and a female narrator. Our listeners loved both versions, but, more importantly, they (and we) still talk about how the story changed—or didn’t—in the voice of Wil Wheaton vs. Amber Benson. (Full disclosure: I prefer the ever-youthful, sardonic-but-sweet performance by Wil Wheaton . . . by a whisker.) Now that there’s a second book in the series, Head On, I have been wondering if would cast two narrators again, and, if so, the same two? The answer is YES! So I am officially, completely, and volubly excited for the upcoming publication of Head On—and you should be, too! —Christina, Audible Editor
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