Infinity Blade: Awakening

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4 out of 5 stars
By Robyn on 01-30-18

It's going to be another good series...

I took a little while to get into this. Perhaps if you're a fan of the game "Infinity Blade" it may come more quickly to you, but I'm not a gamer and therefore probably missed some of the subtleties early on.

I wasn't sure how much of this world was straight from the game and how much was Brandon Sanderson's own world building, so I made my usual visit to Sanderson's website, and I quote: "My challenge was to take things placed into the game because of mechanics, and actually build magic systems, a world, characters, and a story to match them. The game developers had some ideas, but they told me I could do anything at all that I wanted."

Typically, Sanderson's magic system seems properly hinged, and the world and characters he's created are rich. This has the potential to be another epic, although Sanderson suggests it's not going to be his defining series - he's just having some fun with it, (and taking us along for the ride while he does it). It has the usual ingredients of hero with a twist, a couple of swords, some interesting interlopers, and a nice great big twist. At one point, it even felt a little Jo Abercrombie-ish.

Unfortunately, this is only 4 hours long so just as it was getting interesting, it all came to an abrupt end! (=minus one star). I have book 2 on pre-order, and I may actually have to download the game in the interim (not something I thought I would ever hear myself saying).

Narration was fine.

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4 out of 5 stars
By Simon on 02-01-18

Sanderson Having a bit of Fun

This is another side to one of my favourite authors. Having recently completed the mammoth Oathbringer and read a couple of his short stories this near-novella format surprised me. Of course Robyn has the full SP in her review and I think while this is decent writing and has lots of nice ideas in it the brevity stops it from being fully developed. Of course it is just the first in a series and so it could get fleshed out but this very much felt like a diet version of Sanderson to me.

On the other hand the clever mix of technological awareness is well done creating both a sci-fi and fantasy feel within the book and Samuel Roukin does a good job with the narration so it is worth a listen. It's just not really up there with the best in the two genres.

I certainly wouldn't recommend it as one to judge Sanderson's overall awesomeness by even though especially in the combat scenes there is some very inventive trickery going on which gives a flavour of this author.

As Robyn says, even Brandon likes to just have a little fun sometimes.

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3 out of 5 stars
By oisin on 02-17-18

good but

it too short. ending bit weak. but I love the idea. Just want more meat to get into it

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5 out of 5 stars
By Matthew on 01-26-18

Good but to short

This was a good read bot you can tell it’s been coped down to this length. It would have made an exiting full
Length book

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