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2 out of 5 stars
By Croda on 04-11-18

Book 2.5 at best

So, I enjoyed the first 2 books quite a bit. Yes, a lot of it was somewhat predictable and the characters were a bit dense, but the writing was enjoyable and it seemed to be going somewhere. The writing wasn't going to break any records as far as plot and believable characters went, but they were in good fun and enjoyable to read. This book however seemed to lose a lot of the charm that had made the first couple books so interesting and really didn't go anywhere. Nick Podehl did a great job as always, but I really have no idea why this book is so highly rated.

First off, essentially none of the characters from the previous books save Rezkin have any screentime or character development. Frisha is upset that Rezkin doesn't match her image of the perfect man anymore. She's not willing to spend time with him to try to find out anything more about him or to examine her feelings in any depth, but she's unhappy.

Malcius blames Rezkin for his brother's death. He's not going to do anything at all, but gosh darnit, he's not happy either.

Reaylin existed. As did a couple other formerly important characters. Can't really say anything else about them because they were essentially non-existant as far as the story goes.

Not to worry though, we've got a new princess to add to the fold, pretty much so that Tam has a new love interest. Luckily the new princess has no hangups with regards to station.

Magic gets more messy. Rezkin's abilities are still unexplained even in the least little bit, but he can still use it to solve almost any problem that comes his way, in ways that all mages agree is impossible. I'm sorry, but by book 3, we should be getting at least an idea of the scope of his powers, rather than having them expand constantly to meet every possible otherwise insolvable problem.

Demons and fey are introduced and seem likely to become a major plot point, in spite of no one knowing that they actually existed in the books prior. Oh goody.

To sum up the book briefly, Rezkin gets a base of opperations and has to fight mysterious force. Everyone conforms to his will and we essentially see zero character development. Main plot (defeat evil king) gets postponed and by statements in this book, we can likely conclude that it's going to be postponed at least one more book so that Rezkin can make other countries leave his country alone with threats and blackmail. No character developement, no plot development; I really don't see how this counts as the next book in the series.

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3 out of 5 stars
By dylan on 04-04-18

Better luck next time..

Nick Phodehl is my absolute favorite narrator hands down but I was completely thrown out of this story with the cowboy western accent. It didn’t fit in the story. I have purchased many books just because Nick is the narrator. I still think you’re amazing Nick but this one you were off your game.

The the first half of the book sounded like Kel Kade didn’t have a strong vision of what he wanted to write about. It finished off better but nothing like the first two books. I would suggest taking your time on the fourth one. I wish you well. I’m looking forward to a comeback in your performance. I believe in you and Nick.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 02-28-18

Let down

I was riveted to the story in books 1 and 2. I eagerly waited for book 3. How was Reskin going to take down the usurper? How would he handle being King, or would he hand it over to another after rescuing the country? What were the circumstances that had led to Reskin's unique upbringing that merited the lives of the strikers and the costly seclusion and secrecy?

In stead I feel the author completely lost his way. There was no character development in the book. In fact the quality of character of the leads in the story was eroded. Many main characters from the previous books were mostly ignored and even Reskin was not the same character as before.

I felt the last several chapters devolved more and more. I got to the point that for me the original story was lost. This third book destroyed for me all that the first two books had created and I don't plan to read any more of the series. I'm really disappointed because my hopes were so high.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Terra on 03-01-18

Hope it turns back around...

Loved the first two books, was totally hooked, but this book was all over the place. I think the magic and everything was unnecessary, the main storyline of the first two books was plenty. Now the storyline is all convoluted and confusing...I really really really hope the fourth book turns back around and follows the first two books...

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1 out of 5 stars
By Jeannie on 02-23-18

What was this

The first two were so good. This was garbage. I am extremely disappointed. The book was over and I thought it was just starting.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Kimberly C. on 12-13-17

Are you kidding me?

Let me say this. The first and second books were absolutely superb. They literally could not have been any better in terms of plot, length or character development. I usually prefer not to read books that seem to drag on for 9 or 10 titles but I was perfectly happy with the idea of Dark Tidings being a long series IF it would have continued along in the same fashion. As others have already said, the absolute worst thing about this particular book is the ending. I was literally listening to the book driving to work and the book...just...stopped. Its like the author literally got tired of writing and decided to end it right the middle of a thought. I have never been so disappointed and for the life of me cannot understand why such a brilliant author would disappoint his readers to such a degree. But that's not all. The author seemed to linger and linger and linger drawing out certain parts of the story that seemed to add no significant importance to the story, The main character is undergoing some sort of mid life crisis whereupon he is unrecognizable even to the characters in the flipping book! At this point introducing new elements to the story (such as demons and elves and the fae) that weren't previously there is just too much and too ambitious even for a writer as talented as Kade. Stick with your main characters and the main story. Rezkin now has 3 personas and trying to add more to that is completely unnecessary when we all know he will have his work cut out for him trying to tie all three plots together while dealing with the main focus of the plot -- which is the mad King in Ashai. Had the author tied all of the unnecessary sequences and tangents together I may have been okay with it but there was literally no plot to this book. It was like a "mini'' novel or side story until the author finished with the main book. No build-up, no climax no conclusion. The narrator -- who is brilliant on all accounts is the only reason I continued listening until the end to be honest. The ONLY reason I decided to give the overall review 4 stars is because I am hoping the author had some sort of excuse for this failing and will redeem himself with book 4. Other wise he will have effectively ruined a very special story and lost an audience of loyal followers.

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