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By Michael on 12-20-17

fun, but no more significance

Absolutely 0 lore significance, but all four stories were immensely fun and engaging throughout. The performances were of the usual star wars audio book quality.

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By kelly on 01-11-18

Save your money

Any additional comments?

This is just a collection of short stories that, aside from the setting of Canto Bight, have no bearing on the Star Wars Universe whatsoever. There are no notable characters from any of the movies or books. The stories themselves barely even reference the First Order or the Resistance. The characters that DO make up these stories aren't even notable: a traveling salesman, a sommelier, a masseuse and a small time gambler. These are basic stories that could very well have been human characters with stories set on Earth. Save your money. This is a poor effort rushed to press to capitalize on the popularity of The Last Jedi. I give the performance 3 stars because I always enjoy the narration of Jonathan Davis. I couldn't give it 5 because Marc Thompson always over dramatizes.

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By cpmedic on 12-21-17

Do not get

Stories are slow and not Stars Wars worthy. Do not waste the time or money.

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By Warren on 12-07-17

A fantastic Primer on the new Star Wars planet

Amazing short stories in the Star Wars equivalent of Las Vegas! Im generally skeptical of short stories and expected to be disappointed, but was incredibly surprised by how much heart these 4 tales had and how much fun they were to listen to. They help provide a snapshot into the lives of people who visit, work, and live in Canto Bight in an incredibly expressive, vibrant way. if you are a Star Wars fan getting ready to see The Last Jedi, this is a must read!

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By Jessica Jones on 12-06-17

Completely oddball and thoroughly entertaining

This was a very strange—in a fantastic way—collection of Star Wars stories. In short, Canto Bight is the Vegas equivalent in the Star Wars universe. And these stories could easily be dropped into Vegas or any other world, and they’d still be great. Most of them involve some sort of heist. There’s a clear Ocean’s Eleven homage that is confusing at times but, let’s be honest, so was Ocean’s Eleven until th

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By Kevin MF on 01-18-18

It's alright.

Some of it was good some of it not so good. I wanted to learn a little bit more about Canto Bight after seeing the Last Jedi and this gave me some of what I wanted but not as much as I wanted. It seems to be geared towards a younger audience.

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