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5 out of 5 stars
By Myles Drake on 02-02-18

absolutely incredible book!

absolutely loved this book, I have listened to it three times already just because I cannot get enough of it!. John has an amazing way to tell personal stories, stories from very successful places like Harvard and all of the different companies he's worked for, and all of his advice is highly data-driven which is something that I really appreciate. Definitely worth the listen! Highly recommend

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2 out of 5 stars
By SF Dev on 03-20-18

Complacency and Mediocrity Handbook

It's telling that many of the companies cited as good examples in this book have historically under-performed in their industries (Zappos, Jet Blue): flashy but ineffectual. It is also telling that the main metaphor binding the book together -- that lightening bugs mate more successfully when glowing in unison rather than individually -- pertains to insects. The sort of work place this book promotes is that of the hive-mind, that of the simplistic r-strategist that is here today and gone tomorrow. This book does not promote a workplace suitable K-strategists, which are what humans are; this book will not lead to real dynamism and lasting performance.

This book advocates workplace policies that will always succeed by their own metrics but will fail by any metric that matters. Shawn Achor has probably built his career on the fact that the main product he supposedly delivers, happiness, is ephemeral and easy to prime people to perceive at the time you collect your surveys and metrics for justifying whatever grant or budget funds a happiness initiative. When it comes to measurements that matter, such as stock prices or inflation, this book shows an outright revulsion to these more fact based measures. At one point Achor even daydreams about a device that filters out all bad or negative news stories. This was dumbfounding; does Achor have some sort of problem with facts, or reality? Rose-tinted glasses lead to the impression of success in the near term but a harsh collision with reality down the line.

I couldn't give this book a wholly negative score because there are some good points about distributing agency and empowering all workers, self-care, and so forth. But in the whole I've worked with enough people that drink the positive psychology kool-aid to tell you that their belief systems aren't what hold a company or a livelihood together. Enduring this book felt like being under the pall of sedatives and significantly reorganizing around the recommendations here would be wasteful and dangerous.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Carolyn Wiezorek on 02-11-18

Inspiring and empowering!

Thank you! Inspiring and empowering! I have already recommended it to several people. The book was based on research without being too technical.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Anthony Jenkins on 04-07-18

Awesome book with great strategies!

Really love the concept of being a star in a constellation! Great strategies for remaining positive and shining light on those around you! Shawn does an exceptional job of simplifying concepts and providing concrete ways to improve your relationships and organizations!

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5 out of 5 stars
By Pacita on 03-29-18

Very well done, the power of positive thinking,

This book came to my attention while listening to a favorite business podcast. The author, whom was interviewed on the program, has innumerable suggestions for positive ways to approach different problems: some seemingly obvious, but others hardly intuitive.

There are several ‘ah-ha’ moments, as he opens Pandora’s box on some simple research psychology, as well as expanding on other more complex thought processes. The authors’s gifted ability to create the manuscript is parallel by his natural ability to narrate the production, as well.

Special thanks to the author for taking the time to create the audible version of his book, as life is so hurried I would not likely have the opportunity to read the book otherwise.

Disclosures: None. I have no financial connections with the author, publisher, or any of their respective affiliates, nor do I have any family, friends, or acquaintances affiliated with this publication, nor did I receive a free copy of the book, or compensation for reviewing the book.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Logan on 03-29-18

Shawn Achor does it again!

This book is refreshing and uplifting, filled with great nuggets to implement to be happier and achieve more in life.

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