The Stolen Marriage

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By Leanne on 11-01-17

Not what I expected... in a GOOD way!

I had this book in my wishlist and listened to the sample about 50 times over a period of months before officially deciding to listen to it. I don't know why it took me so long to decide to, or why I ever debated it, because this book was excellent!!

I normally go for Mysteries/Thrillers, or Psychological thriller books, just because they keep me hooked and on edge. Not only was this book a mystery, but it was also a love story, which was very refreshing to me. The author and the narrator did a fantastic job!


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By Anonymous User on 11-26-17

This is the best book I have ever listened to!!!

This is the first book review I have written. I listen to at least 3 books a month. This book is so good I couldn’t not leave a review. If you’re on the fence, get this book. If your read a bad review, get this book. If you’re not sure if you would like this book, get this book. The narrator is amazing and the book is amazing also. I hate going to the store or having to go into town but I would just so I could listen to this book. You won’t regret it. From the beginning to then end, it’s so good.

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By Amanda K. Koopman on 10-08-17

Loved every moment!!

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this book! I loved every second of it and never wanted to take a break! It had everything that Diane always includes in her writing; Intriguing characters, along with a storyline that immediately pulled me in. There were of course twists and turns like Diane so masterfully creates. I love the depth of the historical research that was done! The only thing I didn't like about this is the fact I now have to wait for another book release before I'll have another Chamberlain book to read.
Job well done Diane!!

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By Scott on 10-27-17

Another fantastic book!!

I loved this story and the narration was perfect. Totally worth your time and credit:)

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By Wendi on 10-12-17

Sorrowful Yet Positively Beautiful

Diane Chamberlain has pulled at my heart strings a few times, but 'The Stolen Marriage' brought those strings to knots. I listened to this beautifully narrated book (narration was best I have ever heard by far and perfect for this book!) every second I had available.

Chamberlain takes us to the non-fictional town in Hickory during WWII where Tess has made a horrible mistake and she becomes stuck in a loveless marriage. Her new husband's family is very wealthy and insists she does things her way. She is miserable, and worst of all she left behind the man of her dreams.

Something seems very odd with her new husband but she can't figure out what. In the meantime, Hickory, North Carolina opens a polio hospital for paralyzed children and Tess starts working as a nurse at the hospital. Things change tremendously and the secrets to her new family start to unravel.

The story is tough to read because it's very depressing in parts. However, I savoured every second of her beautiful prose and I loved the characters. I won't forget this book for a long time. 5 big stars!


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By Roxanne Gross on 10-26-17


This is one story that you don't have to say "its worth the wait" or "it had a great ending". This book keeps you interested and wanting more from the first sentence to the last. Diane Chamberlain has a wonderful talent of constantly moving the story forward with no low or dry spots for chapters on end. She does not over exaggerate detail to fill space, or drone on about things that have no relevance to the story. Her stories are full and interesting. I could not wait to jump in my car each day to hear this book. I have read a lot of her books and this one is the best by far. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to lose themselves in a book. To top it off Susan Bennett is a wonderful narrator and she brings the story to life and portrays each character so well. She is a gem on her own. What a wonderful team these two talented women are. Thanks for a good read/listen!

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