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By shelley on 11-15-17

Keep 'em Coming!

This is a really good action packed series. I've enjoyed David Baldacci for many years and think he's getting better with each new book he writes.
In this one Will Robie and Jessica Reel's handler Blue Man (Roger Walton) has disappeared. He was on a trip to a back woods town in Colorado where he was from. Off go Will and Jessica to find him. While there they meet Blue Man's old flame from him youth and her children, they also come in contact with a radical right wing organization who isn't who they appear to be and some viscous skin heads rumored to be dealing in drugs, weapons and human trafficking. A few gun fights and a few murders later and Robie and Reel are no closer then when they first arrived on the scene.
There are 100s of bad guys and minimal law enforcement officers and it looks like the bad guys are winning! That is until Robie and Reel get involved.
Along the way they meet some interesting characters. A man who builds doomsday condos in unused government silos he purchased and one of his wealthy spoiled buyers. But, Blue Man is still missing.
Meanwhile Jessica reveals personal secrets to Will that throw him for a loop. Will they be able to stay partners?
Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy do a fantastic job narrating.
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By Didi on 11-22-17

Worst Baldacci ever!

It took a lot of patience to listen to this entire book. The two main characters are sniping at each other throughout the whole book. The storyline was very convoluted. Hoping the next Baldacci book is better

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By Amazon Customer on 11-28-17


Can hardly believe Baldacci actually wrote this book. The conversations were often were boring and childish. The action in some sequences simply impossible.

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By Mary on 11-21-17

Big Baldacci fan, but...

I am a big fan of David Baldacci overall and like the Will Robie/Jessica Reel story line. I ordered this audio book as soon as it was available. I was so disappointed! The book seemed to drag on and on and was choppy. I also got tired of Jessica. When did she become a whiner? There were too many characters and some of them did not benefit the story. I listened to all of it, waiting for it to improve and it didn't happen.

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By Wayne on 11-15-17

Excellent, but not up to Baldacci's usual standard

There are 37 David Baldacci books in my Audible library; I'm a huge fan of his writing. I have rated the four prior novels in the Will Robie series as well as the short story Bullseye 5 stars. End Game is an excellent story that stretches credibility too far with its over the top descriptions of Will Robie's and Jessica Reel's heroics. Combined the two kill a very large number of bad guys; I did not count but their combined number of kills must be greater than 50.

Just off major different difficult operations Robie and Reel are called in to CIA offices and told the their handler code named Blue Man is missing since he did not return from his fishing vacation in the area of Colorado where he grew up. Their job is to find him and return him if he is alive. The relentless action and suspense begins soon after their arrival. Narration by Kyf Brewer and Orlagh Cassidy is outstanding although I still appreciate the combination of Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy more.

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By nate on 11-24-17


Compared to his last number of books.. something has changed. Over explanation of things and events. Feels like he's trying to creat emotion.. and does it poorly

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