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1 out of 5 stars
By Hazel on 10-31-17

Cant believe this book was ever published

This book was beyond terrible. Was it written by a teenager? This is a taster of the constant drivel you will need to endure if you choose to purchase it; ' l saw a lurking shadow! my heart raced!, l felt sick and could feel my breath quicken!, my panic rose and l tried to calm my breathing, but then l noticed was only the post man. I turned to go back inside but then l heard a noise. The fear in me began to rise! I felt my sweat trickle down my neck! I was sure l was going to pass out with the rising panic! Oh ...its just the cat. OH THE ANGST,!!! The narrator deserves a medal actually getting through this dogs dinner of a book. My ears still hurt and l am completely BAFFLED at the 5 star reviews. Oh and another thing a lot of the words at ends of sentences are clipped. Just bad editing and bad all round.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Ariana on 10-20-17


I persevered with this book only because the narrator was so good, otherwise it was a ridiculous and predictable story with pathetic clichés and phrases like “I knew what I was doing from watching ‘one born every minute’” and “I’d watched enough ‘casualty’ to know I needed to get her to the hospital”. I wouldn’t recommend this book at all. Awful.

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3 out of 5 stars
By kay on 10-17-17

Very disappointing

After all the positive reviews I was expecting much more, it felt like it was too trying hard to be in the same league as other recent thrillers, but failed through having any twists and turns linked together by a weak fairly predictable storyline and with characters that I never grew to care about. I listened almost to the end but gave up during the last hour as I realised I didn’t care what happened and was relieved it was over.

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2 out of 5 stars
By Ann D on 11-01-17

Problem mainly with the structure.

I am usually fine novels moving back and forth between past and present, but it did work here. After the first few chapters, there was no real direction. Rather the book rambled back and forth between apparently disconnected issues. I expect there will be those that tie-up in the end, but I have reached 1 hour before the end and I’m losing the will to go on, having already fast forwarded several times. I also can’t engage with the main protagonist here. I don’t have to like characters to engage with them. Indeed, for me, some of the most engaging characters are pretty awful. However, I find the character of Cat to be just too wingy!

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2 out of 5 stars
By Marjorie Willcox on 10-28-17


The book was well read and began well going back and forth from past to present.However in the middle the plot became very silly with too many unlikely incidents. It could have been riveting but became contrived & unbelievable.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 10-03-17


Absolutely brilliant, can not fault this at all. Great Story, with great twists that I didn't see coming. Really enjoyed it, need more like this.

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