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3 out of 5 stars
By Zachary on 08-09-17

Good story. Recommend it.

Excellent story, loved it even. Strong world building and lots of grey characters that feel real. Except the main character. He almost ruined it for me. He has the problem that arises, at least to me and that occurs a lot in recently written books by many authors, and it is that he's afraid or remorseful of taking life, inexplicably so. I understand the need to be human and good... But there was a scene, and spoiler's, where he took bullets from some gang members instead of shooting back because he didn't want to see death... that in itself I can understand. But his wife was with him and she nearly died. That I don't. You protect those you care about, not die for a belief that will injure others. Happens again and again through the story. Stupid mistakes he makes that get others hurt.. and all he can complain about is how much this place sucks and how he can't be a good guy. And then he feels bad because others got hurt. What!! The author probably had his reasons... it was too weird for me. Cannot stand cowardly or saintly main characters... the reader has to be off like mind to enjoy it. And that's not me. It was hard for me to connect with him, couldn't really feel sorry for him at all, which was opposite of what was intended. But other than that.. loved the book. Probably will buy book #2.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Tim V. on 09-15-17

Could not stop listening

Like a mix of Token and Goodkind. Awesome read.. I highly recommend it.. can not wait for book 2..

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5 out of 5 stars
By Ron on 08-13-17

Great Epic Story, worth the credit.

This is an epic story that is well written. The world building is pretty good and the characters are interesting. I will definitely get the next installment.

The narrator gave life to the story and the characters. Simon Vance is always a sure bet.

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3 out of 5 stars
By Amazon Customer on 11-29-17

All tell, no show

I enjoyed the story, but the writing fell short - too many info dumps. I have 5 hours more and am forcing myself to finish, but I doubt I’ll continue the series

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4 out of 5 stars
By Sailfish on 04-21-18

An interesting take on Multiverse Fantasy

The author has taken an interesting twist on what, so far, is mostly an epic fantasy story. The primary realm is similar to what would be found in magical realms and includes many typical characters like wizards, fae, elves, dwarfs but also vampiers. death witches, pirates and necromancers.

The primary thing that sets this off from other works is that the 3 primary adult protagonists were pulled into this realm after being raised in a sleepy mundane Washington State beach town in the US. The story then focuses on their ability to adjust to the incomprehensibility of their surrounding and trials and travails thrust upon them.

JD Franx writing is very good and Simon Vance gives a typically excellent narrating performance.

Fair Warning: There is an over-abundance of brutal and goreish sections, some particularly sadistic, however, the rest of the novel was highly entertaining.

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5 out of 5 stars
By Clifford Wooden Jr on 11-13-17

Very strong and interesting characters!!!!

The book had me hooked after 15 minutes. you become quickly invested in the characters and their personalities.

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