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By Anonymous User on 11-06-17

Think he was trying for a younger audience.

I usually love John Grisham books. This felt like a older mans opinion on how younger men think and act. Seemed forced and a little predictable. Ending wasn’t very satisfying.

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By Amazon Customer on 11-04-17


This book rambles for about 9.5 hours and then very quickly ties up loose ends and quits. As someone who has been binging Grisham's books back to back, the decrease in the quality of his work over his career is stunning.

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By Phil Johnson on 11-08-17

Can't believe this got great reviews

I think this book is a "bus book". In other words, it can be read on the train. When reading text, its possible to skim sections or speed read. Not so with an audio book, unless you like chipmunk voices. Got to chapter 14 of 44. Very slow and dull. Not very good writing. Very unimaginative writing. Gave up. Not a page turner in the audio form.

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By Mel on 11-11-17

Sticking it to the Man

Grisham's skillful consistency is incredible, a writer so creative and talented that you can depend on almost anything he publishes holding you in its clutches in a cold sweat until its conclusion. Before I read this book, I would have omitted the *almost* from the previous sentence. The Rooster Bar is one of those that is interesting... enough. It didn't grab me by the throat, but it does have the Grisham touch of excellence in structure and development, if not in its plot line. The characters around whom the story revolves are difficult to like unless you are one of the thousands that are buried to your elbows in debt from law school tuition. (If will LOVE this). And, even though the author explains the origin of his idea for this plot, it's hard to swallow. The escape plan seemed drafted by Rube Goldberg, each new idea creating a domino effect both impractical and improbable. It's a stretch of imagination born of desperation to even begin to relate to these law school drop outs breaking the law in order to stick it to the man. (Stuff dreams are made of.) The characters and the motivation driving this plot might be too esoteric.

I wonder if this level of civil disobedience would really get so far...and that is exactly the thought that kept interrupting Grisham's hold on me while I listened. I did, however, find the discussion about the cost of a law degree (and many other college degrees) shocking and disgusting, and had to spend time looking up the cost of all the possible professions my kids might choose. It was terrifying and has me clipping coupons and considering coming out of retirement. Grisham fans will still be fans, but for an initiation to this author, or for those only mildly entertained by previous works by this author I have to say...Cock-a-doodle-don't.

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By karinzart on 11-02-17

New Heroes?

I enjoyed this book but it was definitely not my favorite by this author. The characters were pretty good and I was trying to visualize who will be playing them in an upcoming Yes, I can see this book as a movie. Clever and unusual plot.

So I am thinking that these three individuals have become the newest heroes for taking down big banking/rip-offs. I wish them the best with their new endeavors. Worth a credit.

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By Sharon on 11-07-17

Not his best

I'm a huge Grisham fan. A Time to Kill was the first book I read. I definitely enjoy the legal thrillers the most. I honestly just didn't get into this book like I usually do. Maybe because I didn't especially like the main characters.

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